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LAST UPDATED: April 11th, 2023
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Not a solar installation company.

Sunlight Financial is a financing company specializing in funding home solar installation projects. While this company has partnered with several reputable solar installers, Sunlight Financial does not employ designers, technicians, or installers; it only provides backing for solar projects.


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Sunlight Financial serves both customers and home-improvement companies with its easy-to-use financial technology and services. Sunlight specializes in partnering with solar companies, accelerating the purchase, sale, and installation of solar projects between solar companies and customers. 

The financial company offers flexible payment options, top-industry technology, solar financial and operations training, top-notch customer service, and impressive credit expertise. Sunlight’s technology is accessible to customers and homeowners on point-of-sale tablets, phones, and computers. 

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The Good

  • Innovative and Intuitive Products
  • Well-Established Company
  • Impressive Staff

Innovative and Intuitive Products

Sunlight Financial prides itself on its intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces. The company strives to streamline solar and home-improvement projects by providing innovative, yet simple financing solutions to its partners. Sunlight Financial’s Orange platform enables solar companies to create the most efficient experiences for their clients. The point-of-sale product is easy to use, provides flexible sales options, and excludes messy financial experiences. 

Well-Established Company

Sunlight Financial is a well-established financing company. Since its opening seven years ago, the company has partnered with over 15,000 solar professionals and funded over 100,000 solar systems. Sunlight Financial’s growth and numbers are continually impressive. 

The company also has a large media following on both the company’s website and social accounts. The impressive number of followers and media interactions are evidence of the company’s credibility and success. 

Impressive Staff

Sunlight Financial’s corporate leaders have impressive backgrounds and expertise. Top management employees are leaders in their respective industries — finance, legal, operations, etc. The company seems stable in its management and as a whole. Sunlight is credible in its management, expertise, and operations. 


The Bad

  • No Verified Sunlight Financial Reviews
  • Sunlight Financial Lawsuit

No Verified Sunlight Financial Reviews

As of April 2023, no verified Sunlight Financial reviews have been posted to Best Company. Additionally, Sunlight Financial’s website doesn’t show client or company testimonials. However, the company’s social media show mixed reviews. Most of the viewable recommendation posts are one out of five stars. Past clients aren’t convincing future clients of the company’s quality service.

However, many of the Sunlight bad reviews could be confused with the client’s actual solar installation company. Sunlight Financial offers training and technology to companies. The bad reviews might be reflective of Sunlight Financial or one of Sunlight’s partner companies.

If Sunlight Financial participated in providing funds for your solar build, we encourage you to share your experience below. Information about the application process, the approval time, the disbursement of funds, and overall customer support are especially helpful for potential customers looking for financing partners for their solar project.

Sunlight Financial Lawsuit

In early 2023, Sunlight Financial Holdings Inc. (NYSE: SUNL) was the subject of a class action lawsuit filed by one of its shareholders alleging the company had trouble with its financial reporting and keeping track of money it was owed but had not yet received.

The company went public in July 2021, and in September 2022 announced it would have to record a $30 – 33 million loss due to bad debt. This caused the stock price to drop by more than 57 percent. The lawsuit alleges that the company did not disclose it had issues with evaluating risk, monitoring debt, and reporting non-cash advances during the time when people could invest in the company.

While this lawsuit may have little bearing on a homeowners ability to secure a solar loan from Sunlight Financial, it may inhibit access to some of the company’s offered financial products.


The Bottom Line

Sunlight Financial offers home-improvement companies financial training and intuitive point-of-sale systems. Sunlight streamlines all financial and purchasing interactions by providing easy-to-use technology. Homeowners are then able to customize loan plans for their home projects.

Sunlight specializes in solar financing, partnering with hundreds of solar companies throughout the nation. The company has proved its credibility with its success, longevity, and impressive staff.

However, Sunlight Financial’s social media shows several negative reviews and bad recommendations. These reviews might reflect Sunlight Financial or the actual solar company. Additionally, the lawsuit may have had a negative impact on the company’s reputation. Homeowners interested in solar are encouraged to compare Sunlight Financial’s financing products with other lenders.

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