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LAST UPDATED: September 2nd, 2020

SunGrid Solar is a premium solar panel and backup battery storage installer that has been serving Southern California residents and business owners since 2017. With more than 1,300 solar panel systems installed, the company offers top industry warranties on both the equipment as well as the workmanship of its technicians.

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The Good

  • All Financing Options Available
  • Free Consultation, Fast Installation
  • Top-Rated Solar Panels and Inverters

All Financing Options Available

SunGrid Solar is one of the few solar installation companies that offers all four types of payment options. While each option certainly comes with its disadvantages and tradeoffs, offering all four shows a versatility and breadth that most solar renewable energy companies do not share:

  • Outright purchase — provides the fastest return on investment for the solar power system, along with access to the solar tax credit
  • Solar loan — an alternative path to ownership brokered by a third-party lender that reduces monthly electricity payments and still allows customers to access to tax incentives
  • Solar lease — the “rent” option of solar where payments are often lower than a monthly electric bill
  • Power purchase agreement (PPA) — customers do not own the system, but will pay for the solar energy it produces rather than paying a traditional utility bill

Free Consultation, Fast Installation

Regardless of the selected payment option, SunGrid Solar provides a free initial consultation on every solar project. The company will then engineer a custom design and pull relevant city and HOA permits to ensure the solar energy systems are up to code and up to customer satisfaction.

Once the design has been approved, the company’s state-licensed technicians will install the solar power cells typically within one to two days. Following installation, the last step is to activate the system on the grid. The entire process can take as little as five days.

Top-Rated Solar Panels and Inverters

SunGrid Solar offers four high-efficiency solar panel modules to residential and commercial customers alike:

Solar Module Efficiency Cost per Watt
LG NeON® 2 LG355N1C-V5 19.6 percent* $2.93*
Panasonic N335 HIT 20 percent* $3.14*
Hanwha Q CELLS Q.Peak DUO BLK G6+340 19 percent* $2.64*
CANADIAN SOLAR HiDM CS1H-345MS 20.5 percent** Unknown

*Data per EnergySage
**Data per Canadian Solar

Each of the company’s solar panel modules fall well within the mid- to upper-efficiency level and are competitively priced. In addition to quality solar panels, SunGrid Solar also installs a premium solar inverter from SolarEdge. SolarEdge micro inverters regulate and translate the power from your solar panels into electricity for your home, and rank among the most efficient on the market. To learn more about solar panel efficiency and solar inverters, visit our solar home page.


The Bad

  • California-Exclusive Installer
  • No Known Industry Certifications

California-Exclusive Installer

Like many solar installation providers, SunGrid Solar installs panels exclusively in the state of California. While this practice is fairly common in the solar industry, it also makes for a crowded and competitive marketplace. Outside of expanding its service areas to other states, SunGrid Solar can separate itself from competitors through verified reviews from actual customers.

No Known Industry Certifications

SunGrid Solar does not appear to possess any certifications or industry recognition from top solar organizations such as the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners or the Solar Energy Industries Association. These certifications not only set companies and their employees apart from other industry players, but also provide additional assurance and peace of mind to customers that they’re working with a company that adheres to high industry standards and best practices.


The Bottom Line

Despite only being in business since 2017, SunGrid Solar has certainly made an impression, installing more than 1,300 solar panel systems throughout Southern California. The company is transparent about the equipment it uses, and actively helps customers calculate and navigate the costs associated with going solar. Save for its one-state availability and unproven industry recognition, SunGrid Solar may be a good choice for residents within its service area. That said, homeowners should do their homework and investigate top solar companies before making a final decision.

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