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LAST UPDATED: April 29th, 2021

There may not be a better place to put solar panels on your roof than in the state of Arizona. That's why Sundrop Solar opened its doors there in 2014, and has since expanded to service California and New Mexico. Though the company is still young, the reviews for Sundrop are very positive and customers seem to like its products and services. Sundrop Solar offers standard installation of panels and inverters.

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The Good

  • Payment Options
  • Positive Customer Reviews

Payment Options

Sundrop Solar offers its customers payment options that result in solar ownership for the homeowner, including outright purchases and loans. This means that customers have the ability to choose a payment option that best fits their needs and interests. For example, a customer who has cash on hand and would like to see high financial returns might be interested in an outright purchase. A customer who would like to own their panels and take advantage of federal and state incentives without paying out of pocket may want to look into financing with a loan.

Positive Customer Reviews

Sundrop Solar relies heavily on its customer base. The company thrives on good reviews and likes to make sure that all of its customers are satisfied. This is reflected on Sundrop's website. Reviews from clients stating how much they enjoyed their experience are plastered on every page. This is also showcased on the company's Facebook and Twitter pages, which is pretty solid considering the fact that it's only been around for two years.


The Bad

  • System Monitoring Not Available to Customers
  • Lack of Information on Website

System Monitoring Not Available to Customers

Sundrop Solar doesn't have a system monitoring program in place for its customers to use; however, the company has stated that it does monitor each system on its end. While it's helpful that Sundrop will monitor your system for you, the fact that you can't get on and check your system's performance on your own can be frustrating for some customers. For example, if something has gone wrong and your system is underproducing, you most likely won't know it until one of Sundrop's technicians has caught the issue and alerted you.

Lack of Information on Website

Sundrop Solar's website could use some work. While it's aesthetically pleasing, it doesn't offer much helpful information. For example, if you'd like to learn more about Sundrop's solar services, installations, payment options, or warranties, you will have to either request a quote, call the company, or visit the office in Tempe. This can be inconvenient for customers who would like to find out more without having to take the time to reach out to the company.


The Bottom Line

Sundrop Solar may be somewhat new to the solar game, but several positive customer reviews lead us to believe that the company has started out strong. While Sundrop does not offer system monitoring, it does offer a couple of different payment options for customers to choose from. If you live in Arizona, California, or New Mexico, you might want to consider Sundrop Solar. However, if you live in a different state, you'll have to check out other solar companies.

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Ruth Parson Mesa, AZ

I met Sundrop Solar while at the home and garden show. They had a gentleman come to my home and explain to me how solar works and the benefits. Being retired and on a fixed income cost was a concern . I do believe in the environmental benefits as well. I liked the idea of saving some money which was why I decided to have solar installed. The start of everything seemed to move very quickly than it felt like there was a little break. I was told they were waiting on approvals. It took about 3 months to finish the job and it m glad I did it. I’m savage by about $50 month and even received a check from Sundrop Solar when my friend went solar. Bedsides a few times i tried to call and didn’t hear back until the next day , I’m happy with my decision and happy with Sundrop Solar.

4 years ago

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Jonathan Allen Mesa, AZ

We started looking into solar when we moved to Arizona last year. After speaking with a few companies we were comfortable with moving forward with Sundrop Solar. The gentleman who came to our home explained all the benefits and savings in complete detail and easy for my wife and I to understand. It took about 2 1/2 months to complete the job and get our system turned on. The entire process was very easy and at turn on, their install manager was here along with the electric company and once it was on, our electric meter was actually spinning backwards. My wife and I are happy with Sundrop Solar and would recommend others to give them a call.

5 years ago

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Thomas Young Phoenix, AZ

Going solar is great and using Sundrop was a great choice. When we started looking at going solar we met with a few different companies. First, we didnt want to lease. Second, we wanted a company that did their own work. Third, the company needed to be local. Sundrop hit all the marks. Thanks guys.

4 years ago

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juju Phoenix, AZ

Customer service is EXCELLENT (thanks Bo & Justa)!!! Products are of the highest quality. They installation team was on-time and finished ahead of schedule. I can''t wait to see the results my panel has on my monthly electric bill, as well as the tax advantage I will see on my 2016 tax return. Thank you so much for making this process so easy.

6 years ago

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Barbara Mesa, AZ

When we were sold the solar I asked specifically if the amount of panels would cover my electricity including winter heater for my pool and Jason said oh yes. Now I have the solar in and it does not even cover 25% of my electricity bill. Also when he first gave me a price for the solar it was lower then when he came back in December he said the pool heater would cost $9,500 and would increase the bill. He said you only put in the best heaters for salt water pools. I have yet to see that expensive heater. He also told me that the electricity over the solar would be billed at .55 cents per kW but that was incorrect also. See bill. Only the first 3 kW is billed at that price. the next 7kW is at .98 and the last is $1.60. The solar is hardly helping my electric bill. The 12 panels they sold me does not even cover 25% of my electricity. I am paying a loan to you equal to my electric bill. How is that possible? I am receiving almost the same inefficiency as I was last year without your solar. They put in a demand meter and my house is hotter during the day by 6 to 7 degrees than last year and yet I do not see a difference on the bill. I have paid the bill for the solar since January and the work is still not complete. They have received their money but the work is not completed. How fair is that????

5 years ago

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Jack Stayton Belen, NM

I signed up in April 2016. One half of the financed cost ($44,000) was drawn from GreenSky immediately. The design was finally agreed to in June. They advertised that installation would begin within 120 days. However it is now December 30 and no installation has even started yet. I have emailed them many times and talked to the manager in Phoenix a couple of times. They have stopped replying to my emails and won't answer the phone at all now. In fact they have lied to me for months (while they were even responding to me). They refused to admit they have a problem or even offered an explanation of what the detail is. Go somewhere else for your Solar system.

6 years ago

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Dave Mittner Mesa, AZ

Withdrew all financed money even before installation. Switched the agreed upon panels with inferior ones. Terrible customer service. Promises broken and no communication. Had to and still have to correct installation errors. You don't get what you paid for. Buyers beware!!! It has been over 2 months since promises were made to correct the mistakes that were made by Sundrop Solar with the installation of our solar system. Tony, the salesperson, was the only employee who followed through with what he said he would do to make the sale. Once the process began it became one problem after another. 1: Poor design of panel positioning prompted an email from me with a redesign that would work better which they ended up using. 2: Had to indicate multiple times that there was no HOA to deal with which caused delays. 3: ALL financed money was withdrawn by Sundrop Solar from GreenSky Finance BEFORE any installation was even performed and was told that it was an accounting error. 4: On the day of installation, it was me who noticed that the panels being installed were not the ones that were agreed upon, which were clearly indicated on the schematics for this job. They were supposed to be 265w Kyocera panels but they installed 260w Hyundai panels. Less productive and less expensive. 5: Schematics also indicated the panels were to be tilted toward the west to catch more of the late afternoon/evening sun. They were installed flat. 6: Code requirements indicate a 1/2" clearance between any conduit and the roof surface. There were two areas where the conduit laid on the roof. This was rectified only after I sent pictures to Sundrop. 7: Poor customer service. Promises were made, but no action taken. Excuses were given for all the mistakes made and was told by a manager that the panels would be REPLACED within 2 WEEKS of Sept 7th. Was also told to send Sundrop our August SRP bill and that they will pay it, which was nice......but it is now November 29th and after weekly unanswered emails nothing has been done. Not even any acknowledgements of receiving these emails. Just poor customer service and shady business practices.

6 years ago

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Dan Klingberg Tucson, AZ

We have been waiting for 204 days for our system to be installed. Sundrop has taken all the payments from the loan company and we have nothing with no install date. Our electric company approval expires in 3 1/2 weeks. After that we lose the grandfathered electric rate. They will not return phone calls and I have been trying to get an installation date for 3 months. Tony the salesman has been the only one who had returned calls but he has also stopped.

6 years ago

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Michelle Mesa, AZ

Very glad we went with Sundrop Solar. Very professional, courteous and finished ahead of schedule . No

5 years ago

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Christina Kimbrel Tucson, AZ

We signed up with Sundrop 16 months ago. Since then they took their time putting up the panels and still are not done! Calls to them are never answered. We have reported them to BBB and their answer was a lie. DON'T EVER USE THEIS GUYS!

5 years ago