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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Sundial Solar Power offers residential solar solutions to homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint while also maximizing utility savings through clean energy sources. With Sundial Solar Power, clients no longer have to deal with the ever increasing energy utility rates as solar energy offers a standard level of protection from these pricing hikes. 

Most solar clients who use Sundial Solar Power will have the system paid off shortly after the 20-year mark (if utilizing a financing option) and then savings increase at that point. Clients that purchase the system outright will see savings sooner.

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The Good

  • Detailed Process
  • Free Estimate

Detailed Process

Each stage of the Sundial Solar Power process is clearly detailed and publicly provided to interested solar customers. The process is broken down into eight clear steps with projected timelines for completion:

  • Welcome — secure final price point and contract distributed
  • Site survey — all measurements taken, clients do not need to be home
  • Design — engineering department drafts plans, takes 7–10 days to complete
  • Permitting — all paperwork is properly filled out and submitted, generally takes 1–2 weeks
  • Utility approval —utility company requires approval prior to installation, can take up to 2 weeks
  • Installation — installation date is set generally 2 weeks after all permitting is completed, installation takes 1–2 days to complete
  • Final inspection — local AHJ comes out for final inspection of installation, generally occurs 7–10 days after installation
  • Permission to operate — utility company issues permission to operate and system is turned on, generally takes place 2 weeks after installation

Not many solar installation companies disclose specific time limits for the entire process, but Sundial Solar Power believes in being transparent about timelines. 

Free Estimate

Prior to getting started, Sundial Solar Power will provide interested customers with a free estimate and consultation. During this process, prospective clients can have any questions or concerns addressed while clarifying key data points that contribute to a final purchasing decision.

While many solar installation companies offer a free estimate to provide clients with a more detailed price analysis, Sundial Solar Power will also include equipment needs and sizes to better inform prospective customers. 


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Equipment Information
  • Unknown Warranty Details
  • Limited Service Area
  • Lacking Certification

Undisclosed Equipment Information

Many solar installation companies partner with solar equipment manufacturers as a majority of installation operations do not produce their own solar technology. Despite claiming to install top-of-the-line solar equipment, Sundial Solar Power does not publicly disclose manufacturers it has partnered with or what brands are available to clients. This makes it difficult for prospective clients to make an informed choice as solar equipment and technology play a role in the purchasing decision. 

Unknown Warranty Details

Warranties are standard within the solar industry. Due to the initial investment that clients are making, warranties are put in place to protect that financial investment. Most solar installation companies offer both an equipment and workmanship warranty. Generally, the equipment warranty is covered by the manufacturer and lasts 25 years on average. The workmanship warranty is then covered by the solar installation company itself and lasts an average of 10 years.

There is no mention of Sundial Solar Power offering either of these warranties despite a vast majority of solar installation companies offering these forms of protection to clients. 

Limited Service Area

It is not uncommon for solar installation companies to only service a single state or a select few cities within a state. However, it is rare to find a company that only serves one city area like Sundial Solar Power does. The company currently services residential clients in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas. Outside of this service area, prospective solar clients will have to look elsewhere for solar installation services. 

Lacking Certification

Many solar installation companies have at least one NABCEP-certified individual on staff, particularly in the installation projects. If there is not a NABCEP-certified installer, there is typically a licensed electrician or contractor that leads the installation portion of the projects. There are no NABCEP-certified individuals on the in-house team for Sundial Solar Power and there is no mention of licensed electricians or contractors involved in solar installation projects. 


The Bottom Line

Sundial Solar Power provides residential solar system installation. Each client that decides to use the company for its installation services will follow a strict process and timeline as the system becomes operational. Those still on the fence about whether or not a solar system is the right decision can take advantage of the free estimate provided by Sundial Solar Power. 

Information that most solar installation companies typically provide publicly is simply not available with Sundial Solar Power. Despite claims of installing high-level solar technology, no equipment partnerships or manufacturers are explicitly named. There is no mention of warranties offered, even though it’s an industry standard. The service area is restricted to the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area.The company is not NABCEP certified and makes no mention of having trained electricians on staff.

There is simply not enough information about what Sundial Solar Power provides and the level of service clients receive to make a recommendation regarding the service. Clients interested in using Sundial Solar Power should take advantage of the free estimate and ensure that all questions and concerns are addressed prior to making a final purchasing decision. 

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