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LAST UPDATED: February 28th, 2022

Sunder Energy helps homeowners realize the dream of solar energy from start to finish. As a residential solar sales company, Sunder Energy wants to educate its solar customers and maximize the energy efficiency of solar households. 

In 2019 Sunder Energy partnered with Freedom Forever, a leader in the residential solar installation industry. This partnership has created a dynamic approach for homeowners looking to install the best solar systems on the market while also understanding how to reduce the carbon footprint. The Sunder Energy team is responsible for guiding the customer through the sales and education process. After that, Freedom Forever will take over to design and install a highly efficient solar system. Once the system is operational, Sunder Energy will help answer any remaining questions.

Sunder Energy representatives are well-trained and equipped to handle the solar process for nearly any residential property. While Sunder Energy only handles the sales side of the solar process, prospective clients can rest assured that a licensed contractor will handle the installation of the solar system.


The Good

  • 25-Year Production Guarantee 
  • Property Value
  • Education Focused 
  • Solar Process
  • Service Area

25-Year Production Guarantee 

Sunder Energy’s partnered contractor, Freedom Forever, offers a unique 25-year Production Guarantee. This guarantee ensures that your solar system will produce the amount of power stated in the terms of conditions of your solar agreement. 

If your system ever breaks or even underproduces, Freedom Forever will fix the system and also compensate you for the lost power production which demonstrates the company’s commitment to stand by its product.

In comparison, most solar companies offer a warranty on the equipment and on the installation. Very few actually guarantee the production of the solar product. This sets the Sunder Energy product apart from the rest of the solar industry as its customers can rest assured that the solar system on their property is virtually guaranteed to operate at a certain level for a period of 25 years. 

Property Value

It’s no secret that a solar system can increase the value of a home. Who wouldn’t want a home that comes equipped with its own energy source? This is also the case for Sunder Energy customers. On average, a solar system increases the home’s value by $15,000. That being said, due to the Sunder Energy and Freedom Forever “production guarantee”, the selling point of having a highly efficient solar system guaranteed to operate at a certain level will undoubtedly raise the value of a residential property. 

Education Focused 

Sunder Energy representatives are trained to empower customers and not pressure them into making a decision. At Best Company, we’re all about education and empowerment, so this promise is a good sign of trustworthiness. 

The company will walk prospective customers through the following information: 

  • How much solar energy you need
  • How to maximize your home investment 
  • Best options for buying or leasing your system 
  • Tax credits and incentives 

Solar Process

The process from sale to installation to operational through Sunder Energy is relatively simple and straightforward. Many solar companies tend to drag out the entire process, taking long periods of time to obtain permits and start installation. That is not the case with Sunder Energy. Prospective clients can expect the following:

  • Call or schedule an online appointment — Sunder Energy customers can call or use the online tool to set up an appointment with a representative. In this appointment, the Sunder Energy representative will assist with any questions and provide feedback on how solar can cut costs while increasing property value. 
  • Design and install — After the sale portion goes through, Freedom Forever will design and install a highly efficient solar system.
  • Save money and energy — As soon as the switch is flipped and the system is operational, Sunder Energy customers can start cutting energy costs and utilizing clean energy.

Service Area

A vast majority of solar companies are locally operated enterprises, meaning oftentimes the company only services a select few cities or a state. Then there are a few solar providers that manage to operate in more than one state, installing solar systems across state borders. Sunder Energy services 15 states and the nation’s capital. To date, Sunder Energy operates in the following states:

  • Utah
  • Colorado
  • Nevada
  • California
  • Arizona
  • Texas
  • Illinois
  • Florida
  • Massachusetts
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • Delaware
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin
  • New Jersey
  • Washington, D.C.

The Bad

  • Separate Sales and Installation Companies
  • Potential for Excessive Marketing Calls 

Separate Sales and Installation Companies

One of the aspects that makes Sunder Energy so unique is also one of the biggest pauses for concern for some solar customers. Typically, a solar company that sells a system also installs it and gets that system up and running. That is simply not the case with Sunder Energy. The company handles the sales aspect of the solar process and then uses a trusted and backed partner for installation.

Potential for Excessive Marketing Calls  

Sunder makes it easy to contact a representative for more information via an online form. However, you should be aware that by submitting your information you are authorizing Sunder Energy, Freedom Forever, and any of their affiliates and independent dealers to contact you via phone or text message. 


The Bottom Line

Sunder Energy offers a distinctive solar service, utilizing an education-focused sales force to help homeowners through the solar installation process. With a backing from Freedom Forever, Sunder Energy basically guarantees elite equipment and installation services to its customers.

Additionally, Sunder Energy operates out of 15 states and Washington, D.C. allowing for more homeowners to access the benefits of solar.

While Sunder Energy does not handle the installation aspect of solar, prospective solar clients can rest assured that the company will see to it that a highly efficient system is designed, installed, and operational. Homeowners that live in the Sunder Energy service area should consider the company for their solar needs.

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