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LAST UPDATED: May 15th, 2023

SunVena Solar provides end-to-end solar solutions to clients looking for a reputable solar contractor with quality equipment partnerships. The SunVena Solar team has been recognized for its professional efforts within the solar industry for both its design and installation work.

Founded in 2019, SunVena Solar has helped hundreds of homeowners achieve more energy independence with the implementation of robust solar products as well as the installation of quality battery backup solutions.

To date, SunVena has earned a number of performance awards for the ability to provide invaluable solar services. The company was recognized as a top installer by Solar Reviews two years in a row (2021 and 2022), was named an Elite Service Provider and Top Rated Solar Installation Company by HomeAdvisor, and received Elite and Verified Status by EnergySage. 

SunVena Solar has worked to streamline the solar process and provide a more transparent service than its competition. The company claims to offer competitive pricing, bolstered warranty protections, and attentive customer service to clients. 

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The Good

  • Tesla Solar Roofs and Panels
  • Battery Backup Solutions
  • Comprehensive Warranty
  • 24/7 Online Monitoring

Tesla Solar Roofs and Panels

A unique aspect of the SunVena Solar platform is the fact that the company is a fully certified Tesla installer. When Tesla first got into the solar industry, interested customers were clamoring for the manufacturer's products but locating an installer that was qualified to design and install the equipment was scarce. 

SunVena Solar has proven to be uniquely qualified to install not just the Tesla Powerwall (something many solar contractors are able to do) but the company can also install Tesla solar panels and the impressive Tesla Solar Roof. Not many installers have this level of certification to install the later Tesla solar products. 

Battery Backup Solutions

Battery backup solutions are becoming increasingly popular with Florida residents due to the challenges caused by inclement weather conditions. Power outages occur regularly with 30 percent being attributed to lightning strikes. Additionally, millions of homeowners have experienced prolonged outages as a result of catastrophic hurricanes. 

To combat this issue, SunVena Solar provides high quality solar battery backup solutions. These systems provide benefits that traditional generators simply cannot. Through SunVena Solar, clients can choose between highly rated Enphase battery systems and the Tesla Powerwall. Both are qualified to continue to provide sustainable energy even during these complex outages. Not all companies offer these solar alternatives. 

Comprehensive Warranty

Warranties play a big role for many prospective clients in the purchasing decision. Since Solar is a financial investment, clients want to ensure that equipment will function as designed throughout the lifetime of the system. One way to provide peace of mind in this area is through warranties.

Generally, solar companies will offer simple equipment and workmanship warranties. SunVena goes above and beyond covering the following aspects of the project for a full 25 years:

  • Production guarantee
  • Labor guarantee
  • Solar panel and inverter warranty
  • Roof penetration warranty

Virtually every contributing aspect of the solar system’s functionality is covered in one form or another through SunVena Solar. That is not the case with many solar contractors. 

24/7 Online Monitoring

To ensure that all equipment is functioning properly, SunVena provides clients with 24/7 online monitoring capabilities. A common complaint of current solar clients is the inability to know exactly when a solar system is in decline. With online monitoring, this is no longer an issue. 

Not all companies or solar equipment provide online monitoring platforms. SunVena Solar clients will have the unique ability to track energy production at any time from virtually anywhere. 


The Bad

  • Limited Service Area
  • Undisclosed Financing Options

Limited Service Area

Many solar contractors that handle projects from start to finish are considered to be local providers. This is because the company will service a particular area in a state or a select few of the more populated cities and counties. This label applies to SunVena Solar as the company services Central Florida.

As a Central Florida provider, SunVena Solar is geographically limited in certain capacities to provide installation solutions. This differs from solar sales or outsourcing companies that can service a number of states or even reach clients on a national level. 

Undisclosed Financing Options

The professional staff at SunVena Solar works tirelessly to help clients qualify for certain tax incentives and other programs designated to offset the costs of solar installation. While this can reduce the overall cost of having a solar system installed, it will likely not eliminate it entirely. This is where many homeowners will turn to alternative solar financing options. These generally include loans, leaves, and power purchase agreements.

There is no public indication stating whether or not alternative Solar financing options are available to SunVena Solar clients. These options may exist but it is not made known until clients start the consultation process. Most companies provide this information upfront as financing determines whether or not a potential customer can move forward with the solar process.


The Bottom Line

SunVena Solar has demonstrated it can provide quality and competitive services to clients looking to benefit from solar energy. The company is a certified Tesla installer and provides some of the manufacturer's latest solar technology, equipment, and advancements to its clients.

Considering the weather conditions in Florida, it makes sense that SunVena offers quality battery backup solutions to homeowners routinely experiencing outages. The warranty offered through SunVena Solar is one of the more competitive forms of protection on the market. Lastly, clients can take advantage of 24/7 online monitoring of the solar system. 

Despite offering a quality service with reputable solar solutions, there are downsides to what SunVena Solar offers. Its geographical service area is limited meaning only a finite number of homeowners can access the company’s services. Additionally, it is unclear what financing solutions are available to clients looking for alternative ways to access solar energy. 

Considering all that is known about SunVena Solar, homeowners looking to have quality Tesla solar products installed by a streamlined and certified provider will likely benefit from what the company has to offer. 

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Paul Howser Naperville, IL

My neighbor and I both got solar at the same time. After getting four quotes for a 20kw solar system in the Orlando area, I went with SunVena. Their quote wasn't the cheapest, but you really get what you pay for. From consultation to installation, SunVena's service and communication were top notch. They had my system installed in less than two months, and so far, I haven't had an electric bill. My neighbor went with the lowest quote (literally only like $2.3k difference), and it took them 6 months to install, and his panels are producing 60% less! I seriously couldn't be happier or had a better experience with SunVena, and I highly recommend them.

1 year ago