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LAST UPDATED: January 25th, 2023

Sun Energy is a full-service solar company that is dedicated to customer satisfaction. The company puts a great emphasis on teaching homeowners the benefits of solar energy and provides consumers with clear, concise information about its process.

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The Good

  • Clear Design, Installation, and Maintenance Process
  • Knowledgeable Staff
  • 30-Year Production Warranty

Clear Design, Installation, and Maintenance Process

Sun Energy is a full-service solar company that handles everything from design to installation to maintenance and upkeep. In addition, Sun Energy provides its exact process upfront, leaving homeowners with very few questions. 

Sun Energy provides a lot of details that many other solar companies leave out. For example, after your consultation, Sun Energy clarifies that homeowners will receive a comprehensive proposal packet that goes into detail about the scope of work, pricing, systems specifications, and performance projections. This packet also comes with a solar agreement so that you can go over the fine print. 

Additionally, Sun Energy goes into detail about the day of installation. The company discloses that it may take one or two days to complete the project (depending on the size of the solar system). You don’t have to worry about anything as Sun Energy’s installers will mount the hardware, set nails, and secure all panels. After that’s done, an electrician will be on-site to ensure everything is installed correctly. 

We appreciate the level of detail that Sun Energy provides for consumers. While many homeowners are tempted to look into solar, the process can seem a bit overwhelming and may discourage you from doing any further research. The fact that Sun Energy takes time to go into the details and disclose its process shows us that this company is dedicated to making consumers feel comfortable with the idea of solar energy. 

Knowledgeable Staff

Sun Energy’s website has a reasonably specific Frequently Asked Questions page. Here consumers can learn more about the benefits of solar energy, how it will impact their property value, what happens if they move, and more. If the FAQ page doesn’t answer all your questions, Sun Energy’s staff is happy to help. You can call the company directly for more information. 

30-Year Production Warranty

Sun Energy offers a 30-year production warranty covering your entire system (not just the panels). There is also a 25-year warranty on inverters.


The Bad

  • NABCEP Certification
  • Limited Information on Financing Options
  • Unclear Service Area

NABCEP Certification

Nowhere on Sun Energy’s website does it state whether or not the company (or any of its staff members) are NABCEP certified. While being NABCEP certified is not required of solar companies, it indicates that the company can take on more complex projects and be willing to go above and beyond customer expectations. 

Limited Information on Financing Options

Sun Energy does a relatively good job of teaching its consumers about solar and providing detailed information about what homeowners should expect when working with this company. However, we felt that Sun Energy did not provide enough information when it came to financing.

It is unclear whether or not Sun Energy is working with a third-party bank or financial institution to help homeowners fund their new solar system. A brand new system isn’t cheap and many homeowners rely on financing to help with the upfront costs of installation. While Sun Energy isn’t required to provide consumers with financing options, it would be helpful to know whether or not clients need to worry about handling this themselves or if Sun Energy will provide some assistance. 

Unclear Service Area

Sun Energy doesn’t even disclose which states it operates in on the website. We had to look up the company’s business license number just to find out that it is licensed in California. 

You can fill out a small application form on the website that tells you whether or not you’re in the service area, but this is a little frustrating. We would prefer to see Sun Energy provide consumers with a specific service area — this would allow consumers to know right away whether or not this is a company they should consider working with. 


The Bottom Line

We appreciate Sun Energy’s dedication to customer satisfaction as a full-service solar company. The company puts a great emphasis on teaching its clients and helping them recognize the benefits of solar energy. A few minor things are a bit frustrating to consumers, the first being that the service area is so unclear and the second is the lack of information regarding financing. But those can quickly be solved with a quick phone call. 

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Vanda Minea

Sun energy was thorough . Answered all Questions . Compleated project on time.

1 week ago