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LAST UPDATED: July 22nd, 2021

Sun City has over 75 years of combined experience. The two main founders started working in the solar industry in 1981. Since then, they've educated, informed and built a strong solar energy company. They also claim to have 35 years of solar repair experience, so you're in good hands. All the parts of their systems have fairly extensive warranties on them (up to 30 years) so you know you're in good hands when it comes to quality of the products. They offer a variety of purchasing options, perfect for people who want to buy or lease.

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The Good

  • End-to-End Service
  • Equipment Warranty
  • Solar Repairs

End-to-End Service

Sun City Solar does not outsource its installations to third-party contractors, meaning the initial consultation, system design, and installation are all conducted in-house. This continuity in service ensures better consistency throughout the process, as well as minimizes potential errors common to companies that piecemeal the process (such as installing the wrong system, or installing the system poorly).

Equipment Warranty

When it comes to powering a solar system, Sun City Solar has one concern: Making sure your system performs. They do this not only by offering their extensive amount of experience, but giving you the peace of mind with excellent warranties. They offer warranties on separate components: Solar panels, the batteries, power inverters, and the mounting system. Solar panels come with a full warranty of 25 to 30 years. The warranty guarantees that the panels will operate at a minimum of 80% of their original peak power output in that amount of time. Plus, there is a 10-year, 90% power output warranty. The batteries have a 10-year warranty, power inverters come with a 10 to 15-year warranty, and the mounting systems a variety of warranty options. Mounting systems are typically rated to withstands winds up to 120 MPH and are certified for any kind of weather. Inverters are tricky and can be one of the most expensive parts of your home. They convert the electricity from the panels to useable electricity, so Sun City puts a lot of emphasis into doing this right.

Solar Repairs

Sun City prides itself on having technicians who are some of the best in the industry. Whether you bought your system from them or another company, they will come out and give you a solar repair quote. Most people wouldn't consider this something to throw into a review, but when you consider how competitive the solar industry is, it's a rarity they offer this service.


The Bad

  • Limited Financing Options
  • Limited Workmanship Warranty

 Limited Financing Options

Unlike many leading solar companies, Sun City Solar Energy only provides one financing options to help consumers go solar, and that's financing the system through a loan. Customers interested in purchasing their system outright, or operating the system through a lease or PPA will need to look elsewhere.

Limited Workmanship Warranty

While Sun City Solar Energy features a robust, 30-year equipment warranty (one of the longest warranties in the industry), its workmanship warranty is only good for up to five years. This means any problems with the system caused by poor workmanship or installation must be addressed within the first five years of the system being installed. Other companies provide such warranties for up to 25 years.


The Bottom Line

Sun City Energy is one of the best, most efficient companies we have looked at for the region. And it's not just because they have decades of experience in the solar industry, but the affordability and warranty they offer are superior to many other companies. By purchasing through Sun City, rest assured they are taking care of you from head to toe. There isn't much to say as far as what we'd like to see, minus the limited financing options and workmanship warranty. Overall, if you live in the Southeast U.S., check Sun City Energy out.

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Pete K Russellville, AR

Zack and the crew were on time and The install went like clockwork. The system has been in for 2 years now, and has produced as advertised. Sun City Solar was 27% less money for the same product, and same warranty as 4 other solar install companies in the Arkansas / Missouri area. I couldn't be happier with our system. I've recommended them to everyone and I know of 3 people that have had systems installed by Sun City Solar and are very happy.

1 year ago