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LAST UPDATED: April 27th, 2022

Streamline Solar provides solar installation services in Phoenix, Tucson, and Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Since its founding, Streamline Solar has installed hundreds of solar systems across the state of Arizona in hopes of helping clients save drastically on utility bills over the lifetime of the PV system. 

Streamline Solar is an employee-owned company, meaning everyone including the sales team and installation professionals have a vested interest in providing a high level of service to clients. Each system installed is custom designed to tailor the electricity needs of each property. Since Streamline Solar is not a preferred partner of any equipment manufacturer, clients can shop around and determine what technology would be a best fit. 

Currently, Streamline Solar is not a NABCEP certified company nor does it employ certified professionals on staff. However, Streamline Solar has been in the solar installation business longer than most companies founded in the last decade. 

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The Good

  • Solar Storage Solutions
  • Lease and Incentives
  • Service Assistance

Solar Storage Solutions

In recent years, the importance and value behind solar storage has become increasingly popular. Whether a client lives somewhere with adverse weather conditions or for whatever reason the traditional electricity provider is simply unreliable, solar storage solutions eliminate those problems entirely.

Streamline Solar offers solar storage solutions with the installation of the Tesla Powerwall. This means that Streamline Solar can create customized solar storage solutions for clients that allow them to access power even when the sun isn’t shining or the power has gone out. Streamline Solar is a certified installer of the Tesla Powerwall, so the company is able to provide affordable solar storage options to prospective clients. 

Lease and Incentives

While the national average cost of a solar system hovers around $15,000, most Arizona property owners pay somewhere between $5,000 to $20,000 for a solar system and its subsequent installation. Rarely are property owners able to dish out this kind of cash in full for a complete solar service.

While the state of Arizona offers financial incentives, it is not nearly enough to cover the cost of the system and installation. To help combat the high costs of solar products, Streamline Solar offers its own Streamline Solar Plan as well as a variety of lease options. Per watt, Streamline Solar charges anywhere from $1.90 to $2.60. In comparison, the industry average hovers around $2.90 to $3.50 per watt. 

Service Assistance 

For a variety of reasons, sometimes a solar system will quit working properly. Whether inclement weather causes damage or poor installation practices lead to inefficiencies, some clients find themselves in need of maintenance and solar troubleshooting work.

This is where Streamline Solar can help. Former clients or any solar client in general, can submit a repair request online and a Streamline Solar team member will contact them in just one business day. Many solar installation companies do not offer maintenance repairs and not very many are as responsive as Streamline Solar is in this area. 


The Bad

  • Service Area
  • Installation Time
  • Equipment Partnerships

Service Area

It is not odd for a solar installation company to only service one state or a select few populated cities within a state. In fact, a majority of solar installation companies are geographically restricted in this way and have been unable or do not desire to expand services.

Unfortunately, this drastically reduces the number of clients a single solar installation company can help. Streamline Solar is one of these companies, only servicing a number of cities within the state of Arizona. Currently, the company offers installation solutions to clients located in Phoenix, Tucson, and Lake Havasu City.

Outside of these areas, Streamline Solar will not be able to install a system. A select few of the elite solar installation companies have overcome these geographical limitations, offering services in a number of states or regions around the country. 

Installation Time

For most companies, the design process and permit approval is the longest part of the solar process. Professionals have to travel out to the site and make an in-depth plan for each installation, taking time to come up with the perfect design. On the permit side of things, there are other governing bodies with red tape to navigate which holds up the process. Once these steps are completed, most solar installation companies can immediately get to work on the installation.

On average, most solar installation companies can complete the entire installation process within one business day. However, Streamline Solar has reported that its average installation time lasts anywhere from two to three days. This leaves opportunity for error which can cause problems down the road and impact system efficiency. 

Equipment Partnerships

Most solar installation companies create and maintain relationships and partnerships with solar manufacturing companies. These partnerships allow for solar installation companies to provide high level equipment at an affordable rate.

Unfortunately, Streamline Solar does not have these partnership agreements in place. Instead, the company will shop around and pick and choose equipment for each client. This means that a client could end up paying more for their system than if they went with an authorized dealer or preferred partner. 


The Bottom Line

Streamline Solar offers solar installation and storage solutions to residential and commercial property owners across the state of Arizona. Clients in need of financial assistance or flexibility will likely find an option that works with their budget with lease and power plan options. Streamline Solar also offers maintenance and service work on solar systems to ensure that each system is maximizing solar energy efficiency. 

While Streamline Solar has a lot to offer prospective clients, there are limitations to the company as well. For starters, the Streamline Solar service is geographically limited and has a slower average installation time than most solar companies. Additionally, the company does not have equipment partnerships or agreements with solar manufacturers. 

Considering all the known information, clients looking to use Streamline Solar for solar installation services should conduct thorough research prior to making an agreement with the company. There are too many concerns for the Streamline Solar service to be highly recommended. 

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