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LAST UPDATED: February 24th, 2022

Starry Solar System started in 2019 and operates in Oklahoma. It features home solar installations, small home and RV solar kits, and portable solar kits for tents or small cars. 

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The Good

  • Solar Kits
  • Portable Solar Kits
  • Free Estimates Using Satellite 
  • Awards and Certifications
  • Videos

Solar Kits

Unlike other solar companies, Starry Solar System offers complete solar kits available for purchase. These kits have a fixed price visible to the customer and are suitable for small cars or homes. Other portable options are also available. The transparency and fixed price of these solar kits is unique and extremely valuable for customers at Starry Solar System.

Portable Solar Kits

Similar to Starry Solar System’s solar kits, the company also offers portable solar panels/kits that allow for power in small tents or RVs. These products are helpful and beneficial to customers who want to be more sustainable while traveling or camping, or who want an alternative solution to traditional energy usage.

Free Estimate Using Satellite

The best estimates in the industry are made using satellites, and that’s exactly what Starry Solar System uses to provide customers with a free quote and estimate for their solar panel needs.

Awards and Certifications

Starry Solar System has several notable awards and certifications (including screenings) from HomeAdvisor by Angi. It is also rated as a top solar company in Oklahoma. 


Starry Solar System provides a gallery of videos on its website ranging from the formal benefits of going solar to more humorous demonstrations of how solar panels hold up in a hailstorm (featuring a fast-ball pitch with a solar panel umpire). These videos are carefully curated and provide customers with detailed information about the panels and the benefits of a solar system.


The Bad

  • Lack of Information
  • Few Years in Business

Lack of Information

It is unknown what payment methods are available for customers when working with Starry Solar System. The kits and portable solar kits have fixed flat rate prices listed, however it is unknown if there are payment plans for them or if they are the only solar options Starry Solar System offers. 

Also, Starry Solar System currently only shows solar kits on its website. These solar kits are ideal for very small homes, cars, or RVs, but not for large homes or businesses. The company’s photo gallery does showcase large homes with solar panels, pointing to the fact that Starry Solar System does likely install large solar systems. However, more information on panels, inverters, and batteries used is necessary.

Few Years in Business

Starry Solar System has only been in business for two years, making it a very new solar company in the industry. While many new solar companies do quite well, it can mean that customers will have difficulty later on if the solar company goes under before warranties (if any exist) are up.


The Bottom Line

Starry Solar System offers solar installation for homes, and provides small solar kits at a flat rate for RV’s, small cars, or small homes. The company is certified by HomeAdvisor in several areas and has been in businesses for two years. It also provides customers with a wide variety of training videos (some even humorous) to help communicate the benefits of going solar. 

While Starry Solar System offers solar options, the company lacks a majority of information on its website and is relatively new. While being a new company is not inherently a red flag, coupled with the stark lack of information like pricing, warranties, and more than just mentioning solar panels are available for homes or businesses, customers may have better luck looking elsewhere for solar needs.

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