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LAST UPDATED: June 16th, 2023

Southwest Electric has provided solar installation services on behalf of solar dealers since 1998. The process by which Southwest Electric operates allows for both residential and commercial clients to benefit from solar systems and reduced utility charges. The Southwest Electric team utilizes top tier solar equipment and provides a high-quality service on an individual basis backed by performance warranties. 

Former customers have expressed their pleasures of working with Southwest Electric. To date, the company has helped over 5,000 clients take advantage of the positive benefits associated with solar energy. Southwest Electric has been an accredited business since 2019.

Southwest Electric has done a masterful job of aligning its services with some of the best manufacturers and processes in the solar industry. Its ability to offer high-quality design, installation, and meticulous system crafting services is on par with some of the best providers in the nation. 

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The Good

  • Equipment Products
  • Financing Partners
  • Custom Designs
  • Service Area

Equipment Products

Utilizing the best solar equipment in its installations is a big focus for Southwest Electric. To ensure that clients have access to tier-1 solar brands, the company has partnered with the following manufacturers for its equipment:

  • Panels: Peimar (Italian Photovoltaic Modules)
  • Inverters: SolarEdge (world leader in smart energy)
  • Battery/Backup: Electriq Power Powerpod (protects against blackouts) and LG Chem ESS (optimal energy solution)

These equipment partnerships are some of the more reliable and highest performing relationships found in the solar industry. 

Financing Partners

Having a solar system installed is an investment. It is one that can pay off in dividends over the years, but the upfront costs are still intimidating for many prospective clients. With most residential solar systems costing anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000 to have installed, the number of people that can pay for the system upfront and in cash is sparse.

To combat the affordability and accessibility issue, Southwest Electric has partnered with a number of reputable institutions to provide quality solar loans. These partners include the following organizations:

  • Sunlight Financial: 1.49% APR loans
  • LoanPal: fast, tech-enabled financing
  • Energy Loan Network: Lowest monthly payments with no prepayment penalties

These alternative financing solutions allow clients that typically would be unable to access solar the ability to have a system installed. Generally, solar providers will partner with one financing institution, but Southwest Electric has partnered with three to ensure its clients find a solution that best suits their individual needs. 

Custom Designs

The actual system designs play a critical role in the overall efficiency of a solar system. Depending on a number of factors, the design will be crucial to maximizing potential energy bill savings. 

To create the best possible scenario for clients, Southwest Electric professionals offer custom designs. These designs take into consideration the following factors:

  • Current electric usage
  • Financial needs
  • Future plans
  • Engineering factors

By taking into account all of the listed factors, Southwest Electric provides its clients with a perfectly tailored solar solution, something not all solar installers can guarantee.

Service Area

The business model of Southwest Electric allows for a geographical service area not commonly found in the solar installation business. Typically, solar installation companies offer a localized service, only providing solutions to clients within a particular state or select cities/counties. This limits who can request the services of a particular installer. 

With the dealership model by which Southwest Electric operates alongside, the company is able to service clients on a national level. That means its geographical service area will not eliminate potential clients from potential work.


The Bad

  • Third-Party Involvement
  • Workmanship Warranty

Third-Party Involvement

While it is nice to find companies that offer a nationwide service, that does come at a cost. Due to the setup of the Southwest Electric business model, the potential of working with a third party provider is almost guaranteed.

Southwest Electric works in conjunction with solar dealers. These dealers will typically sell the client on a system and then Southwest Electric comes in and does the work. This third party involvement can lead to potential miscommunication and hold up the installation process in some rare circumstances. 

Workmanship Warranty

Despite being primarily a solar installer, Southwest Electric does not publicly disclose any information regarding a workmanship warranty. This could potentially mean that the company does not offer this feature as part of its service. 

Generally, solar installers will offer a workmanship warranty as it protects different aspects of the solar system than an equipment warranty. The workmanship warranty protects any issues that can be traced back to the craftsmanship or installation work. These warranties are generally 10 years in length. Unfortunately, it does not appear like Southwest Electric offers this as part of its service. 


The Bottom Line

Southwest Electric provides high quality design and installation services for residential and commercial clients looking to have a photovoltaic solar system put on the property. With Southwest Electric, clients can expect to have high quality equipment parts and products installed due to the company’s relationships with solar manufacturers.

Southwest Electric has also partnered with a number of reputable financing partners to provide alternative solutions to make solar more affordable and accessible. With Southwest Electric, customers can expect to receive completely customized solar solutions designed particularly with the client’s energy usage and needs in mind. The Southwest Electric platform, due to its setup, allows for a national reach allowing anyone essentially to access its services.

While there are a number of reasons to consider Southwest Electric for solar installation services, there are drawbacks prospective clients should be aware of. For starters, there is the likelihood of dealing with a third-party solar dealer which can lead to slowed installation times and miscommunications. Additionally, there is no mention of a workmanship warranty backed by Southwest Electric itself. 

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Karen Price Phoenix, AZ

Eddie was very helpful in communicating and coordinating services! The installation crew left a residue on the panels. Eddie sent David out to clean. David spent 15 minutes wiping tiny spots. The panels are dusty and not clean.

1 year ago


Verified Customer


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Robert Kissler Surprise, AZ

I have no complaints. If there is a problem, Dayne answers the phone and helps solve the problem. It has been a good experience. Customer service has been excellent.

1 year ago


Review Source

star star star star star

Darlene Shaw Mesa, AZ

The team was very professional and thorough when I had my solar panels installed.

11 months ago


Verified Customer


Review Source

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Adam Boutin

Dayne is fantastic! Friendly, knowledgeable, and really cares about his customers.

1 year ago