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LAST UPDATED: July 29th, 2020

Founded in 2009, Southern View Energy is located in Gainesville, Georgia and services most of the state. Southern View Energy provides solar panels, solar generators, and electric vehicle charging stations. The company believes in educating consumers over selling to them and will talk to each customer through the solar process to find out if it’s right for them. Southern View Energy is fully trade licensed, bonded and insured.

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The Good

  • No Sub-Contractors
  • Finding the Best Solar System
  • Locally Owned
  • Examples on the Website
  • Tax Credits
  • Financing Information

No Sub-Contractors

When a customer trusts Southern View Energy with their solar needs, all design, installation, and other work is done by employees of Southern View Energy. Many companies subcontract their labor to other companies for solar installation, but Southern View Energy keeps all its services in house. This ensures that the company is aware of the quality of work performed and all employees are held responsible for their work. 

Finding the Best Solar System

With Southern View Energy’s goal of educating above selling, a homeowner can be assured that they will get the proper system for their needs. Southern View Energy’s website contains information about the four different ways solar energy can be used for a home. Customers who are interested in learning about solar panel systems can find more information on the website and be prepared to talk with a sales representative.

Southern View Energy promises that if solar panels aren’t right for your home, they will tell you. This can alleviate a lot of anxiety when talking to a sales representative because customers can feel confident that they won’t be sold a system that will be a waste of their money. Southern View Energy will give a potential customer all the information they need to then make an informed decision for their specific situation. 

Another good resource on Southern View Energy’s website is an informational video that explains the process of evaluating and purchasing a solar panel system. This video talks about all the questions that a sales representative will ask and goes through the steps required to install and finish the solar panel system. 

Locally Owned

Some people may like working with large-scale corporations, while others prefer small, locally owned businesses for their customer service. Southern View Energy promises that small business feel when they work with each customer. Rather than only talking to sales representatives, customers will receive information and service from the head of the company. 

Examples on the Website

Rather than just showing pictures of past projects like most other company websites, Southern View Energy goes the extra mile to show photos of past projects with details about the type of system installed, production, and approximate yearly savings. This can give great concrete examples of solar systems for customers to see. 

Tax Credits

Because Southern View Energy strives to educate people over selling to them, the staff will help commercial solar customers take advantage of tax credits and other incentives. Customers can find information about available tax credits and loans on the website and Southern View Solar promises to help file all required paperwork to receive these credits.

Financing Information

Southern View Energy has information about several different financing options on its website, including information about net metering and other opportunities to reduce the cost of solar panels. This information is available for any customer who wants to learn more about available financing options. 


The Bad

  • 2-Year Warranty

2-Year Warranty

Compared to other companies in the industry, a two-year warranty is very low. Other companies offer warranties of 15–25 years on solar panel systems. These warranties may have stipulations, such as being only for manufacturing errors or mistakes during installation, but it’s still a long warranty. The two-year warranty from Southern View Energy is a “bumper-to-bumper” warranty, meaning that it should cover all problems that happen within those two years, but that’s a short time compared to other companies.


The Bottom Line

Southern View Energy has a great business model of educating above selling. This can assure potential customers that they’re not being sold a solar system that will be a waste of their money. The locally owned feel of Southern View Energy will put customers at ease as they get the information they need to make an informed decision about purchasing. The company doesn’t subcontract any of its work and has many examples of its work on its website. The website also has information about financing, as well as how to go about purchasing a solar panel system. The only downfall is that Southern View Energy only offers a two-year warranty, which is much lower than other companies in the industry. 

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