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LAST UPDATED: April 17th, 2023

Since its founding in 2007, South Texas Solar Systems has installed more than 900 solar projects across the state of Texas on both residential and commercial properties. Not only does the company install renewable energy systems, but South Texas Solar Systems also distributes small wind, solar thermal, and solar water pumping products and systems. 

In addition to providing commercial and residential solar installation services, South Texas Solar systems also has experience in managing and dealing with off grid solar panels and systems. South Texas Solar Systems is an elite installer of Panasonic Solar equipment and has maintained an A+ grade with the BBB. The installation team is certified with the NABCEP as well. 

South Texas Solar Systems continues to help homeowners find unique ways to save in an era where homeownership costs are rising. Additionally, the company offers a referral program to clients looking to reduce the cost of their own installation and system purchase. 

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The Good

  • Equipment Partnerships
  • Off-Grid Mounting Solutions
  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting Services
  • A La Carte Products
  • Military Discounts

Equipment Partnerships

While South Texas Solar Systems is an elite installer of Panasonic equipment, the company still maintains top tier partnerships with the biggest names in the solar manufacturing industry. These partnerships benefit clients as each client receives a customized system specifically tailored to the property’s needs. Many “certified” installers of specific equipment can only install that brand of equipment. Those restrictions do not apply to South Texas Solar Systems and the client benefits in the end. 

  • Solar Modules — The most popular solar modules that South Texas Solar Systems installs comes from Panasonic and is backed by a 25-year equipment warranty. However, the company also installs LG, Mission Solar, and Axitec panels.
  • Inverters — For traditional residential clients, most inverters come from SMA. However, South Texas Solar Systems also offers installation of Enphase, SolarEdge, and Sol-Ark products. South Texas Solar Systems clients can get Sol-Ark inverters at a reduced cost.
  • Batteries — For clients interested in battery and solar storage solutions, South Texas Solar Systems in a certified installer of the Tesla Powerwall, the GoalZero lightweight battery system, and the EverVolt by Panasonic. 

Off-Grid Mounting Solutions

Solar installation companies almost always offer residential and commercial solar installation services. That is not a proprietary service. However, South Texas Solar Systems has gone above and beyond offering off-grid solar solutions to clients. For those looking to live “off the grid” or for clients that endure adverse weather conditions, a custom designed off-grid solar system could be the ideal solution. South Texas Solar Systems installs the following off-grid systems:

  • Roof Mount — Contrary to popular belief, an “off-grid” system can still be installed on the roof of a property. These system panels are mounted to the roof utilizing an aluminum racking system.
  • Ground Mount — For solar projects where a ground mount makes more sense, South Texas Solar Systems will drill poles into the ground to support the racking system. 

These off-grid solutions provide energy alternatives where they would otherwise not be available, servicing a need many Texans currently have. 

Maintenance and Troubleshooting Services 

After a solar installation company installs a system on the roof, service typically ends there. Once the system is in operation, many clients will never hear from their solar installation company again.

That is not the case with South Texas Solar Systems. The company offers solar maintenance work to solar customers regardless of what company installed the system. If inclement weather damages the system, South Texas Solar Systems can replace the panels. If the system is not functioning at a level it should, the company will troubleshoot the cause. This maintenance service helps clients that are left with a partially operational system in need of solar expertise. 

A La Carte Products

Typically, solar installation companies will solely use manufacturer partnerships to order systems and have them installed on various properties. South Texas Solar Systems has found a new way to utilize these partnerships, allowing clients to purchase individual products in an “a la carte'' method.

Entirely online and through secure payment methods, clients can purchase additional solar panels, portable solar generators, goal zero products, solar security lights, 360 intelligent solar LED lights, solar LED lights, and solar backpacks. For products that require some form of installation, South Texas Solar Systems will do it for a minimal charge. Otherwise, clients can enjoy solar products that are not generally made available to them. Additionally, the solar provider installs solar water heating and solar pool heating solutions.

Military Discounts

South Texas Solar Systems is committed to serving military and first responder communities in the Lone Star State. As a result, the solar installer provides special discounts and financing options for active military personnel, veterans, and first responders. The company has also completed solar installations on a number of military and government facilities throughout the region.



The Bad

  • Limited Financing Options
  • Restricted Service Area
  • Limited South Texas Solar System Reviews

Limited Financing Options

Most solar installation companies offer some sort of financing option to clients. On average, a solar system will cost a residential property owner in the United States anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000 for installation and equipment costs. Traditionally, solar installation companies will provide some sort of loan, PPA, or other lease agreement to clients that are not able to finance the entire system upfront and outright from the get go.

While South Texas Solar Systems offers a sort of “delayed” payment option, it is not really a financing option. Clients do not have to put any money down initially, can take advantage of the 26 percent federal tax credit, and then do not need to make payments for two months after installation. However, after that initial agreement, clients will need to come up with the rest of the money which could create a financial strain on many homeowners. 

Restricted Service Area

A vast majority of solar installation companies only provide services in one state or a select few cities. A few solar installation companies have been able to break the mold and offer services in multiple states or cover a region of the country. However, that is not the norm and not all companies are able to justify these expansions.

South Texas Solar Systems has expanded over time, but still remains solely serviceable in the state of Texas. More specifically, the company offers installation services in the following cities:

  • Austin
  • San Antonio
  • El Paso
  • Laredo
  • Corpus Christi
  • McAllen
  • Brownsville
  • Eagle Pass

This service area drastically reduces the number of prospective clients South Texas Solar Systems is able to help.

Limited South Texas Solar Systems Reviews

Few verified South Texas Solar Systems reviews have been published on Best Company, and these reviews are mixed. Individual reviewers cited issues with transferring the financing paperwork they obtained through South Texas Solar Systems when selling their home, while another reviewer mentioned issues at every step of the installation process, ranging from the company ordering and installing the wrong parts and multiple lapses in communication.

Granted, these are isolated incidents that the company has yet to respond to, and may or may not accurately reflect the company as a whole. Having more verified reviews on the company’s profile would help put these reviews in context and provide a more accurate picture.


The Bottom Line

Prospective clients that decide to utilize South Texas Solar Systems will have access to the company’s top tier equipment partnerships and expertise in installing that same high tech equipment. Additionally, South Texas Solar Systems offers ground mounting solutions for stand alone solar projects or for properties where the traditional roof mount is simply not feasible. Professionals on the South Texas Solar Systems team are dedicated to providing maintenance and troubleshooting services to solar customers, regardless of who the original installer of the equipment was. 

While there are a number of reasons to use South Texas Solar Systems for solar installation services, there are limitations prospective customers should be aware of. For instance, South Texas Solar Systems does not offer the traditional financing options and eventually clients will need to pay for the system in full. The company also strictly services certain Texas cities and services are not available to all Texas residents or property owners.

After taking into consideration its limitations, prospective clients should still be confident in the services South Texas Solar Systems can provide to residential and commercial property owners. The team is well-equipped to manage virtually any solar project and will provide maintenance services should any issue arise.

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Briana Midgett San Antonio, TX

Most fraudulent and incapable company I've ever dealt with... I paid full and up front and they can't figure out how to finish the system, couldn't get any parts right or ordered because they didn't know they needed it, put the wrong stuff on the system that wasn't in the contract, can't make a single appointment, not timely at all and I have no power 100% due to their incompetence and lies

2 years ago


Review Source

star star star star star

Tomas Tovias El Paso, TX

I liked the program did see some saving i didn't like the lease had problems when selling my house

11 months ago