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LAST UPDATED: January 16th, 2022

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, SolarX Solutions is a residential solar panel installer with the mission of providing affordable, clean energy to homeowners across five states. With locations in California, Colorado, Nevada, Texas, and Utah, the company has established a wide-reaching client base built on high customer satisfaction levels.

Although the total number of SolarX Solutions’ reviews is small, the reviews show a pattern of happy customers across nearly every state the company is represented in.

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The Good

  • Top-Level Equipment
  • Full-Service Installer
  • 30-Day Installation Guarantee

Top-Level Equipment

SolarX Solutions has partnered with some of the most well-regarded names in solar product manufacturing to deliver solar panel systems that are both efficient and affordable. This includes solar modules from leading providers like Panasonic, Q Cells, and LG — all of which rank among the top five manufacturers for energy-efficient solar panels and industry-leading product warranties.

Consequently, all SolarX Solutions solar energy systems come with a 25-year equipment warranty, meaning the system’s physical components are covered against defects or other flaws for the essential lifetime of the system.

As for solar inverters, SolarX Solutions primarily uses products from Enphase and SolarEdge, both considered to be the best in solar inverter technology. These products also come with a 20- to 25-year extended warranty.

Full-Service Installer

SolarX Solutions is a full-service solar installer, meaning the company is the direct point of contact for the homeowner at every step of the solar installation process, which the company describes as follows:

  • Energy savings analysis — Free to homeowners, the energy savings analysis is designed to answer any questions customers may have about installing a system on their roof. SolarX Solutions provides a thorough audit of the home’s energy usage, potential solar output, and overall costs.
  • Survey and design — If the home is determined to be a good candidate for solar, SolarX Solutions will survey the site (either virtually or in-person) to determine the specific design needed to maximize the home’s solar potential.
  • Permitting and installation prep — SolarX Solutions works closely with the municipality or homeowner’s association to secure all the paperwork and permits required to proceed.
  • Installation — With permits in place, the company’s solar installation team will set to work on building the physical system.
  • Power on and savings — Following an inspection from the jurisdiction and utility provider, SolarX is clear to install the system’s energy meter and connect the system to the utility grid. This allows homeowners to monitor their energy savings in real time.

30-Day Installation Guarantee

SolarX Solutions guarantees that once the proper permits have been secured, your solar power system will be on your roof within 30 days — and will be generating power within 60 days. This type of guarantee is unique in the industry and demonstrates the company’s commitment to a fast installation and activation window.


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Workmanship Warranty
  • Undisclosed Financing Options
  • Unclear NABCEP Status

Undisclosed Workmanship Warranty

While the equipment warranty is useful for system components that are defective and need service or replacement, the workmanship warranty, which is usually provided by the installing company, covers any unforeseen damage caused to the system or home during the installation process or on maintenance visits.

SolarX Solutions has not as yet disclosed the terms of its workmanship warranty. Most companies warranty their work for five to ten years, with leading companies guaranteeing their workmanship for 25 years or more.

Undisclosed Financing Options

In most cases, homeowners have the option to purchase their solar panel systems directly from the installing company; however, some companies offer alternative financing paths for homeowners who may lack the necessary capital to make the purchase upfront.

Financing options like solar loans, power purchase agreements, and solar leases all have their own inherent advantages and drawbacks and can be catered to almost any budget. As yet, SolarX Solutions has not disclosed whether it provides any of these financing alternatives.

Unclear NABCEP Status

One way to distinguish good solar companies from great ones is by their industry certifications. Companies that employ technicians certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) demonstrate their commitment to excellence not just on the job site, but throughout the solar adoption experience.

The lack of NABCEP certification is no indictment against any given solar company; however, its presence can be a factor for homeowners considering multiple companies. SolarX Solutions’ status with the NABCEP is currently unclear.


The Bottom Line

Although SolarX Solutions is relatively new to the solar market, the company is doing a lot right. Its status as a full-service solar provider means customers have a single, reliable point of contact throughout the entire process, and don’t need to worry about having their contracts bought and sold among third-party providers. The 30-day installation guarantee provides added peace of mind that systems will be up and running on an agreed-upon timeline.

SolarX Solutions could provide more information on its policies, financing options, and industry certifications or awards as ways of further distinguishing itself from the competition; in lieu of that information, customers are encouraged to obtain a free quote from the company and compare it with industry leaders to see if SolarX Solutions is the best candidate for their home upgrade project.

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