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LAST UPDATED: April 25th, 2023

Solarview appears to no longer be in business.

Solarview officially closed its doors in 2019 and is no longer in business. We recommend researching other top solar companies in your area.

Solarview started in 2014, and is currently headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Founded by Frank McGovern, the company installs solar systems around Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio. Solarview aims to replace carbon emitting generators with affordable solar power that does not release emissions. The solar company is fully insured and boasts having 3 times the amount of insurance that is required by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. The website lacks in providing a lot of key information, like state availability and costs.

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The Good

  • 24/7 System Monitoring
  • The Process
  • Well Certified
  • Social Media Presence

24/7 System Monitoring

System monitoring allows customers to track their solar system from their cell phone, tablet or computer. The monitoring is 24/7, and the website does not specify if it tracks production or usage.

The Process

Solarview takes care of clients from start to finish, and handles everything from design, installation, permits and paperwork. People can choose to sign up for a free solar analysis right from the website. The process goes as follows: After customer fill out the form for a free solar analysis, they will then be contacted by a representative. The rep will review the analysis information and create a virtual solar system with modeling software. Once the customer has viewed the virtual system, they will set up a home visit where a Solarview consultant will evaluate their roof and structures. Before installation, a licensed electrician will look over all of the home's existing electrical panels. After everything is all approved, the design phase begins, and the installation starts.

Well Certified

The company is a member of SEIA (Solar Energy Industries Association), and is licensed as an electrical contractor by the Texas Department of Licensing and Registration. In fact, Solarview has more than 3 times the amount of insurance that the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation requires.

Social Media Presence

Solarview has a Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Twitter page. Since the company is relatively new to the industry, the pages are not completely well-known yet. Their Facebook page has less than 1,000 likes, and their Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus page all have minimal followings. As far as interaction goes, they do not really respond to customer inquiries on Facebook.


The Bad

  • Missing State Availability Information
  • Lack of Warranty Information
  • No Talk of Dollar Signs
  • Newly Established
  • No Verified Solarview Reviews

Missing State Availability Information

The company claims to mostly install systems in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio. In a video on their website, Solarview states that they service hundreds of thousands of customers in 12 states, however, they do not say what those 12 states are. The company also does not elaborate on what determines eligibility for the states.

Lack of Warranty Information

While most companies display their warranty information right on their website, Solarview does not. Solarview doesn't say if they offer a workmanship, or inverter warranty. The Texas-based company does provide a 25-year solar panel warranty, according to an explanatory video on their website. Solarview does not provide in information on their Residential solar solution, or what the specific process entails. Additionally, they don't provide in-depth information on any of their services.

No Talk of Dollar Signs

The company's website doesn't include information on solar costs. Solarview does not say if they offer financing options, or anything on the subject. Many companies in the industry provide at least basic information on financing options, and a cost breakdown. This is essential information customers need to make a decision on which solar company to go with.

Newly Established

Because the company was founded in 2014, they are still getting their start. Some customers may want to go for a company who has been in the industry for a longer period of time.

No Verified Solarview Reviews

No verified reviews about Solarview have been posted to Best Company. Verified reviews have been thoroughly vetted for authenticity, and provide crucial insights into a solar installer’s customer service, installation quality, and post-installation monitoring and support.

The presence of verified Solarview reviews goes a long way toward corroborating the solar company’s advertised claims about its sales and installation process. If you are a current or former customer of Solarview and would like to post a review, we invite you to share your experience below.


The Bottom Line

Solarview is well-insured and certified. The company offers a free solar analysis and completely lays out their process. The Texas-based company conveniently offers 24/7 monitoring for their solar systems that customers can check from their mobile phones and tablets. However, Solarview is not as transparent as some companies when it comes to their website. Solarview's web page does not provide any information on workmanship or inverter warranties, financing or costs. The website also doesn't include a lot of information on state eligibility. We recommend looking into other more established companies, that are more transparent with their information.

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