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LAST UPDATED: April 24th, 2024

SolarQuote is a Fresno-based solar company that has been serving residential and commercial customers in Fresno County and throughout The Central Valley since 2016. With a commitment to providing comprehensive solutions and a focus on customer satisfaction, SolarQuote aims to contribute to the clean energy transformation in the Central Valley.

The company has expanded its services beyond solar panel installation, offering a range of additional services such as roofing, electrical, windows, insulation, and painting. 

SolarQuote offers homeowners the easiest, fastest, most convenient way to obtain information about solar companies, so they can feel comfortable when making a buying decision. 

Homeowners can shop and compare with confidence after getting fast quotes via the company’s website, phone call, or in person. 

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The Good

  • Provides Fast and Free Solar Quotes
  • Solar Plus Additional Home Services
  • Installation and Equipment Partnerships
  • Solar Financing Options
  • Spanish-Speaking Team 
  • Testimonials and Solar Work Gallery

Provides Fast and Free Solar Quotes

SolarQuote prides itself on providing homeowners with the information they need to feel comfortable when making an investment decision. 

SolarQuote emphasizes a customer-friendly approach by providing 100% free quotes. This transparency in pricing allows potential clients to assess the feasibility of solar solutions without financial commitment.

Solar Plus Additional Home Services

SolarQuote stands out by offering a variety of services beyond solar, including roofing, electrical, windows, insulation, and painting. 

This one-stop-shop approach can simplify the process for customers looking to address multiple home improvement needs simultaneously.

Installation and Equipment Partnerships

SolarQuote is not a contractor, but the company works with some of the best local solar companies and guarantees consumers a professional installation. SolarQuote further explains that its partnerships allow the company to offer the lowest prices and best installations in the Central Valley. 

Additionally, SolarQuote is partnered with the following solar equipment manufacturers:

  • Solar Edge
  • Enphase Solar
  • Hero Program
  • Canadian Solar
  • LG Solar
  • Q Cells
  • Solar World
  • Trinity Solar
  • SunRun
  • Ygrene

Solar Financing Options

SolarQuote addresses the upfront cost barrier by offering solar financing options. This ensures that even customers who may not be able to invest in solar panels outright can benefit from cost-efficiency and eco-friendliness.

Central Valley residents can pay for their solar installation by cash, lease, or financing. When speaking with the company, a SolarQuote representative will explain and offer all solutions to the consumer. Consumers can then make an informed decision and choose how they would like to pay. 

Consumers who choose to pay with cash can generally expect this to be the most inexpensive option — as bank fees and interest aren’t a part of the process. 

SolarQuote only offers one lease type — the company believes it is the best lease option available. The lease is $0 down with a fixed payment that doesn’t go up.

SolarQuote offers many different types of loans and all can be as little as $0 down. Loans can range from 18 months to 240 months, so clients can choose how long they’d like to take to pay off their solar investment.

Spanish-Speaking Team 

Recognizing the diversity of its customer base, SolarQuote takes pride in having a Spanish-speaking team. This enhances accessibility for Spanish-speaking customers and promotes inclusivity in communication.

Testimonials and Solar Work Gallery

The inclusion of customer testimonials and a gallery showcasing completed solar installations provides prospective clients with tangible evidence of the company's expertise and customer satisfaction.


The Bad

  • No Information on Warranties 
  • Limited Information on Additional Services
  • Limited Service Area
  • Needs Verified SolarQuote Reviews 

No Information on Warranties 

The company website lacks information about warranties on solar installations. Including details about product and workmanship warranties would enhance transparency and build trust with potential clients.

Limited Information on Additional Services

While SolarQuote mentions that it offers services such as roofing, electrical, windows, insulation, and painting, detailed information about these services, including certifications or specific expertise in each area, is not provided. More information would help potential customers assess the company's competence in these additional services.

Limited Service Area

The company serves a wide range of areas in Fresno, California, and its surrounding areas, demonstrating a commitment to making solar energy accessible to various communities in the region.

SolarQuote serves the following areas:

  • Fresno
  • Tulare
  • Merced
  • Atwater
  • Dinuba
  • Bakersfield
  • Los Banos

However, this local-only approach means the company does not have a larger regional presence. Prospective customers outside of this service area will need to find a different solar company. 

Needs Verified SolarQuote Reviews

While SolarQuote features testimonials on its website, additional, verified reviews on third-party websites like would further enhance its credibility and reputation. If you’ve worked with SolarQuote, please consider leaving a review below.  


The Bottom Line

SolarQuote presents itself as a reputable solar company in Fresno, addressing various customer needs beyond solar installations. The company's commitment to transparency, inclusivity, and a customer-centric approach is evident. 

To further enhance its appeal, SolarQuote could provide more detailed information about additional services, technical aspects of solar installations, verified third-party review sources, and details about warranties offered. 

Overall, SolarQuote appears to be a reliable option for those seeking solar solutions in the Fresno area.

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Solar Quote was able to install my system over my tile roof without the need for sheeting . Another company wanted to charge 9000.00 more for the same job . they were also able to hide all conduit and only added one power box next to my power meter . a very clean look

1 month ago