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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

SolarPod is an innovator in the solar industry, responsible for several solar innovations and patents. Since 2009, SolarPod has worked to simplify the solar installations process and make green energy more accessible to the masses.

SolarPod is responsible for the invention of the Z-Rack, a new way to mount and install solar systems on homes and commercial properties. The company is responsible for providing solar products in 48 states and has been involved in over 1,000 installations spanning 40 states. 

SolarPod has licensed building contractors in Minnesota and PV installers that are NABCEP certified. Additionally, SolarPod is part of the Trustwave Trusted Commerce Group, is UL Listed, and was a finalist for the Inter Solar Award. 

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The Good

  • Z-Rack Installation
  • DIY Installation
  • Shop Wide Range of Solar Products
  • Service Area

Z-Rack Installation

The Z-Rack system is a revolutionary no-roof-holes gable roof system that can be installed on any roofing material and roof angle. Installation with Z-Rack is simple which allows for a drastic reduction in labor cost and installation time. For flat roofs, there is the Z-Lite no-roof-holes solution. It is all lightweight and easy to install, eliminating 90%–95% of ballasts that conventional flat roof racking requires.

Most solar installation companies have to drill holes to set up solar systems, but with the Z-Rack and Z-Lite systems, SolarPod clients can bypass that structural work.

DIY Installation

With the SolarPod solar plug and play system almost anyone can install their own solar panels. SolarPod offers a range of products that can be installed without the help of a licensed contractor, the homeowner themselves can manage it. These systems are modular and integrate completely into the existing electrical system.

By offering DIY options, homeowners can cut out the expensive costs of hiring a PV installer to put in a system. Using a DIY system through SolarPod, potential solar customers can eliminate installation costs and access green energy at a decreased rate.

Shop Wide Range of Solar Products

SolarPod customers have access to a wide range of solar panels, inverters, batteries, and mounting types/systems. Basically, anyone who wants access to solar can find a solution through SolarPod’s equipment offerings. Most solar companies are partnered with a solar manufacturer and only install a few brands and products. That is not the case for SolarPod customers who can find tailored solar solutions to any property type.

Service Area

A vast majority of solar companies are locally focused, meaning the service area is rather limited. Many companies service one state or a select few cities within a state. A select few companies offer installation services in more than one state or a small region. This is where SolarPod sets itself apart from the rest of the industry. Through SolarPod, customers can simply order the equipment they want installed, install it on their own or use a licensed contractor, and take advantage of the unique installation mounts.


The Bad

  • Hire Out for Professional Install
  • Workmanship Warranty

Hire Out for Professional Install

While SolarPod does offer professional installation services, it is not the main service offering of SolarPod. SolarPod customers can order solar panels, inverters, and batteries from the company and then hire an independent contractor or PV installer or have SolarPod installers take on the project.

Typically, solar companies are contracted with solar manufacturers and then offer installation services. SolarPod offers the products and then has installation services as a side service rather than its main offering. 

Workmanship Warranty

Since many of the SolarPod offerings are DIY, no workmanship warranty is offered to clients. There is also no information on workmanship warranties on systems installed by SolarPod PV installation experts. A vast majority of solar installation companies offer at least a 10-year workmanship warranty to its clients, but SolarPod does not.


The Bottom Line

SolarPod offers a wide range of solar solutions to customers looking to take advantage of clean energy on residential, commercial, and off-grid properties. With the SolarPod innovations to installation, clients have the option of conducting the installation on their own or utilizing the help of a contracted professional. Those looking to cut back on solar installation costs and take advantage of the SolarPod innovations will find what the company has to offer to be beneficial. 

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