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LAST UPDATED: May 24th, 2023

SolarEx is a leading solar company dedicated to revolutionizing the way people harness renewable energy. Committed to sustainability and a passion for delivering high-quality solar solutions, SolarEx has established itself as a trusted name in the industry. 

The company employs an in-house team that specializes in designing, installing, and maintaining solar systems for residential and commercial clients.

SolarEx understands that every project is unique, which is why the company strives to provide personalized solutions tailored to meet the specific energy needs and budgets of its clients.

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The Good

  • Does Not Outsource 
  • Financing Options

Does Not Outsource

SolarEx has an in-house team of solar consultants, engineers, contractors, and customer service representatives.  

By keeping operations in-house, SolarEx ensures that its products and services are being held to the highest standards. 

Through our research, we find that most customers prefer to work with one singular company as it generally makes the process go as smoothly as possible. 

Financing Options

SolarEx offers several financing solutions to help consumers fund the installation and purchase of their solar system. SolarEx allows customers to pay with cash. This is the simplest option as once you pay the system is yours, but it requires that initial lump sum payment. 

SolarEx offers a variety of financing options, including a zero-down option. Depending on your current financial situation, multiple options may work for you. Still, it’s best to consult with SolarExs’ team to make sure you’re getting the best deal. 

Additionally, SolarEx offers leasing options. Many solar companies won’t offer to lease a solar system, but it is a great option for consumers who want savings from solar, but don’t necessarily want full responsibility of maintenance and upkeep. We appreciate SolarEx providing this financing option for consumers. 


The Bad

  • Vague Information

Vague Information

When it comes to providing the nitty gritty details, consumers will be disappointed with SolarExs’ site. For example, SolarEx states that it “Carries only top quality equipment manufactured by companies with the best warranties in the industry.” 

However, the company does not disclose any information regarding the manufacturers and brands it prefers to work with. 

Additionally, we have no information about the company’s employees. The website states that SolarEx has a team of engineers, consultants, customer service representatives, etc. but there is no mention of what kind of training or years of experience they have.

It’s also not stated whether the company is a certified installer for a specific manufacturer or if the company is NABCEP certified. 


The Bottom Line

SolarExs’ strong commitment to sustainability and passion for innovation means the company takes pride in every project it takes on. SolarEx is dedicated to designing, installing, and maintaining high-quality solar systems tailored to meet each customer's unique energy needs. 

From initial consultation to final installation, the company promises a seamless and hassle-free experience, providing expert guidance, top-tier products, and exceptional customer service. 

The one thing that SolarEx could improve on is transparency. It would be nice for consumers to have all the details before they have to meet with a team member. If the company would provide which manufacturers and brands it prefers to install, then consumers could look up the warranties that are promised to them. It’s a small thing that makes a big difference. 

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