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LAST UPDATED: May 13th, 2021

Solareum Home & Renewables (SHR) was founded with an essential but simple proposition: to connect the world with renewable resources at the touch of a button. The company offers a number of solar electric, solar heating, and battery backup products.

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The Good

  • Variety of Products
  • Free Quotes
  • Commercial Solar Option

Variety of Products

Solareum Home & Renewables offers several renewable energy products, including solar electricity, solar heating, and solar battery equipment. The company’s solar heating product, Solareum SHS Max, is a unique, patent-pending technology that can produce up to 10,000 BTUs. Battery selection includes the Sonnen solar battery.

Free Quotes

While Solareum Home & Renewables has solar products available for purchase on its website, the company will answer questions and provide system recommendations and free quotes for potential customers who reach out.

Commercial Solar Option

Solareum Home & Renewables offers a commercial solar program for those who would like to take advantage of the benefits of solar energy but are currently renting or do not have the roof space necessary for panels. According to the company’s website, Solareum Home & Renewables is rolling this program out across the United States.


The Bad

  • Installs through Partner Network

Installs through Partner Network

Solareum Home & Renewables maintains a nationwide network of contracted installers to help fulfil customers' orders for solar panel systems, solar batteries, or solar heating units. While the solar company many not conduct the literal solar installation, SHR does oversee financing, materials, and other project management duties to ensure quality is maintained. That said, some homeowners may prefer to work with a fully integrated solar provider as this limits points of contact and forwards brand consistency throughout the entire process.


The Bottom Line

Solareum Home & Renewables offers a variety of solar products and is also moving into the commercial solar space. However, the company does not appear to offer solar installation services, but contracts this portion of the process to a network of trusted installers. If you want to work with a company that provides transparent pricing and is available almost anywhere, Solareum Home & Renewables could be the right choice. Read up on verified Solareum Home & Renewables reviews to see if this company is right for you.

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Bruce Wertz Kennesaw, GA

Solareum (formally America Green Solar) was a huge disappointment. I would never use them again and would NOT recommend any homeowner to use them. They may be better in dealing with commercial installations. Solareum communication was horrendous. After they received the first payment it was like pulling teeth to get a response from anyone in the company. I sent many emails and voicemails with weeks and weeks of no response at every step in the process. Solareum missed every milestone they established. Only because I had a contact with someone in a separate company who had a direct line to the Solareum ownership, did any progress occur. If you decide to work with Solareum, I recommend adding language to the Purchase Agreement requiring reimbursement of all payments if the Project is not successfully completed in a defined reasonable timeframe following any permit approvals. It took them over 60 days to obtain required equipment following permit approvals and receipt of final payment. Numerous promised equipment delivery dates were missed. The equipment delivered was not what was discussed, but of equivalent specification. Other solar installers were able to obtain similar equipment within 10 days. They held up the completion of the Project by no less than four months (excluding any COVID 19 impacts)! Solareum is a middle man party – I would recommend finding a reputable solar company in your area to design, permit and install your project.

3 years ago