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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Solar Side Up is a solar company proud to offer superior products and services to Colorado homeowners and businesses seeking eco-friendly and money-saving solutions. Its goal is to ensure lasting customer satisfaction, and that’s why Solar Side wants to address all of your questions and concerns before you ever sign a contract or submit a payment. Solar Side Up is Energy Sage Verified, NABCEP Certified, and an Enphase Gold Installer.

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The Good

  • Experience
  • Professional Installation
  • High Quality Solar Equipment
  • Industry Certifications


When it comes to installation of solar, an experienced contractor is less likely to cut corners. Poor workmanship can cause issues such as electrical shorts, roof leaks and power losses after the installation. You will want to use the service of a well-trained experienced solar contractor. Solar Side Up is very experienced; it has been around for over a decade and has a strong portfolio of residential and commercial installs. 

Professional Installation

Solar Side Up keeps its employees up to date on training on solar products. In order to receive the best service possible, you will want to go with a contractor that keeps its staff continuously educated on the industry. An experienced local contractor will have a grasp on the small details about solar installation in the area. Solar Side Up is local and well-known in its area. 

High Quality Solar Equipment

It's important to look into the equipment and manufacturer offered by a solar contractor. You wouldn’t want to make an investment of this price without knowing the details involved, which should include the make and model of the solar components. Be aware of companies that offer cheap prices using out of date products and services. Solar Side Up uses quality well-known solar brands and is open about its products on its website and blog. 

Industry Certifications

Solar Side Up is Energy Sage Verified and NABCEP Certified, as well as being an Enphase Gold Installer. The company has demonstrated the required level of experience and knowledge to carry these important certifications. Certifications help consumers feel more confident in the company’s promises.


The Bad

  • Limited Availability
  • Monitoring

Limited Availability

Solar Side Up is only located in the Greater Denver area. 


Solar Side Up doesn’t mention what platform it offers its customers to monitor their solar system. Solar Side Up’s website states that it monitors the usage for customers to make sure systems are working properly; however, it's important for the customer to be able to monitor the energy production and usage as well.


The Bottom Line

Solar Side Up is a trusted and experienced company. If you live in the Denver area, this would be a great company to get a quote from.

One thing to be aware of is that Solar Side Up doesn’t advertise a workmanship warranty. It's important to find out what a company’s policy is on its work and how any problems will be resolved. From its reputation, customers seem to approve of Solar Side Ups customer service but asking for specifics can help you receive the best quality service. 

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John Zug Woodland Park, CO

Solar Side Up installed my 32 panels and they have been working perfectly for almost 10 years. They were installed on a 10 year old roof and now it's time to replace our 20 year old shingles. I've contacted them several times but they are avoiding me. I was promised free removal and reinstall but I don't see that happening so beware of their promises. I would be willing to negotiate a fair price, even hire them to replace the shingles.

1 year ago