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LAST UPDATED: April 6th, 2022

Solar Sale USA is an installer of solar energy systems that not only generate energy from the run, but also keep cash in customers' pockets. Both commercial and residential property owners have found that turning to Solar Sale USA for solar panel needs leads to high energy savings while reducing the overall carbon footprint. 

Both commercial and residential property owners have taken advantage of the cost effective and on-time installation promises available with Solar Sale USA. For additional savings, Solar Sale USA offers the Hyper Package where customers can gain up to 25 percent more power over traditional solar systems. 

Solar Sale USA has been in business since 2010 and has expanded into six states providing more property owners with the ability to access green, renewable energy. The company strives to provide overall quality solar power services. 

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The Good

  • Financial Relief
  • Solar Lighting Services
  • Service Area
  • Commercial Projects

Financial Relief

While Solar Sale USA does not necessarily offer its own financing program, the company does help clients access local, state, and federal incentives and rebates. Most solar installation companies can help clients access federal and state incentives, but Solar Sale USA helps its clients utilize more local rebates.

For instance, utility providers in Georgia like Jackson EMC will give solar customers substantial rebates to qualifying homeowners. This helps offset the steep costs of solar systems and solar installation. 

Solar Lighting Services

The most unique service offered by Solar Sale USA is the company’s ability to install solar lighting. Solar installation companies focus so heavily on solar system installation, but Solar Sale USA has expanded into a new solar market — solar lighting. Customers can illuminate their entire property while also saving money in the process. Benefits of solar lighting include:

  • Extra security — Motion detecting incredalight solar modules provide superior brightness for more than 12 hours per night, providing security and lighting up the property. 
  • Lowered power bills — Security and floodlighting increase power bills over time. High-efficiency incredalight solar modules provide customers with self-sustaining light, eliminating the power cost. 
  • Bright and long lasting — Users can set the lighting to turn on at dusk, and continue through the night for 12 continuous hours. All weather modules withstand elements year round. 

Solar lighting provides additional security and lighting all for a reduced or eliminated electricity cost. Solar Sale USA is one of the only solar installation companies that installs solar lighting products. 

Service Area

Few solar installation companies offer solar installation services in more than one state. Even fewer companies have the ability to service six states, and Solar Sale USA is one of them.

Currently, Solar Sale USA operates out of the following states:

  • Georgia
  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Illinois
  • Texas

By servicing so many states, Solar Sale USA has the ability to help more residential and commercial property owners realize the benefits of solar energy. 

Commercial Projects

One of the main focuses of the Solar Sale USA team is on commercial projects. Solar energy can drastically reduce energy costs for residential property owners. The savings for commercial property owners is tenfold.

As the rise in demand for electric power continues to skyrocket, so do utility bills. A renewable energy source allows commercial customers to become more energy independent and positively impact business with lower monthly bills.

The expats at Solar Sale USA can design and install any size solar system. No project is too big for this team. Some solar installation companies have building size and solar production limits. Solar Sale USA is not one of those companies. Any commercial customer interested in solar will benefit from what Solar Sale USA has to offer.


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Equipment Information
  • Undisclosed Warranty Information

Undisclosed Equipment Information

Solar installation companies typically align their service offerings with a solar manufacturer. The companies that actually produce the solar equipment, are not the ones installing and selling it to the actual consumers. Most solar companies are proud of these relationships and make them known to potential customers.

Solar Sale USA has not made any information regarding equipment partnerships available for prospective solar clients. There is no way to know if clients are receiving tier-1 solar panels, inverters, or batteries because none of the equipment information is disclosed publicly. 

Undisclosed Warranty Information

Warranties are standard in the solar industry. Typically, solar manufacturers will offer some sort of equipment warranty. These warranties typically last 25 years or what is believed to be the lifespan of the average solar system. The solar installation company itself will also offer a workmanship warranty protecting against any issues that result as a result of installation or efficiency performance. These warranties are 10 years on average.

Solar Sale USA has not made any sort of public declaration of customer warranties. Additionally, since there is no information on the actual equipment/brand Solar Sale USA uses during installation, there is no way to check if an equipment warranty is in place either. 


The Bottom Line

Solar Sale USA provides solar system and solar lighting installation services on residential and commercial properties. The company helps clients access eligible rebates and incentives to purchase solar panels and start saving on energy. Solar Sale USA is available to customers in six different states across the country.

Despite its growth in recent years, Solar Sale USA has failed to disclose pertinent information to prospective solar clients. There is no information about brand or equipment partnerships nor warranty specifics on the systems and installation.

While Solar Sale USA runs an experienced operation, the undisclosed information regarding key elements of the overall solar product are cause for concern. Prospective solar customers should conduct additional research prior to hiring Solar Sale USA for installation services. 

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