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LAST UPDATED: April 28th, 2023

Solar Pro Roofing provides solar installation and roofing repair/replacement work to homeowners looking to increase the energy efficiency of their home. The professional staff at Solar Pro Roofing will walk each individual client through the entire process, whether it be for roofing or solar services, and maintain a high level of communication throughout the project.

Owner and founder of Solar Pro Roofing, Jarret Sherrard, had previous experience in both the roofing and solar industries. After learning the ins and outs of the business, Jarret decided to venture out on his own, providing transparent solar solutions to clients looking to have a solar system installed.

To differentiate his operation from other providers, Jarret leaned into the transparency element providing price integrity instead of pushy and shady sales tactics commonly found in the market. 

As a local service provider, Solar Pro Roofing provides a more personal touch and can help design the perfectly crafted custom solar solution. Prospective clients looking to maximize energy production while also searching for a provider that is upfront about contract and specific details, Solar Pro Roofing may be a viable option. 

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The Good

  • End-to-End Solar Solutions
  • Financing Flexibility
  • Roofing Services

End-to-End Solar Solutions

A shift is taking place within the solar industry where some companies are taking over the sales and design portion of the solar process but then outsourcing the installation and operations side of the project. This has led to miscommunications and poor streamlining efforts, upsetting a number of solar clients along the way.

Solar Pro Roofing is an end-to-end provider meaning the in-house team will handle every step of the project from start to finish. There is no third-party involvement when homeowners work with Solar Pro Roofing. 

Financing Flexibility

One main concern of those who decide to have a solar system placed on their roof is the possibility of needing to sell or move before the loan or lease terms are up. Some providers will require clients to pay out or purchase the remainder of what is owed before selling or moving from the residence.

With Solar Pro Roofing, clients that utilize a financing option will also have the ability to transfer their loan or lease to the new owner without any penalties or additional costs. This flexibility benefits clients who are unsure about potential moves in the future. 

Roofing Services

In addition to offering robust solar installation solutions, Solar Pro Roofing also offers roofing services. Because roofs will generally wear out before a solar system will, it is beneficial to work with a company that knows roofs well. Professionals can make repairs or offer suggestions that will benefit the solar system in the long run.

Solar Pro Roofing offers repair and replacement services to help with energy usage throughout the year. Not all solar companies have expertise in the roofing side of things, but Solar Pro Roofing does. 


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Equipment Partners
  • Workmanship Warranty
  • Service Area

Undisclosed Equipment Partners

Companies that offer “customized” solar solutions typically have access to a wide range of solar manufacturers. This allows those companies to truly pick and choose the best pieces of equipment to design the perfectly tailored solution for a particular home. 

Typically, when solar companies offer customized solar systems, equipment partners are named and publicly disclosed. This allows prospective clients the opportunity to compare and contrast equipment availability and determine quality. Solar Pro Roofing has not publicly disclosed any of its equipment partners or whether or not the company works with tier-1 manufacturers. 

Workmanship Warranty

Through the equipment manufacturers, Solar Pro Roofing offers a 25 year equipment and production warranty. This is relatively standard within the solar industry. To offer additional protection and peace of mind, many solar installation providers also offer a workmanship warranty.

Workmanship warranties are designed to protect clients in the event that any issue stemmed from the craftsmanship or install/connectivity work. Unfortunately for Solar Pro Roofing clients, this type of warranty is not offered. 

Limited Service Area

May solar providers offer a more localized service, meaning the company helps clients in certain states or more populated cities. Solar Pro Roofing operates in a similar way providing solar and roofing solutions to the select cities in New York. 

Other competitors in the market offer larger service areas which allows those companies to help more interested clients. 


The Bottom Line

Solar Pro Roofing brings a high level of solar knowledge and roofing experience to the table. Clients that utilize Solar Pro Roofing will receive complete end-to-end care meaning that the professional staff at Solar Pro Roofing will manage each step of the project from start to finish.

Additionally, Solar Pro Roofing offers multiple financing options to its clients and even offers transfer capabilities if the homeowner decides to sell and move to another home.

Lastly, Solar Pro Roofing offers high quality roofing repair and replacement services which can also benefit solar clients looking to create a more energy efficient home. 

Despite offering a high level of transparency and elements of flexibility, there are limitations to what Solar Pro Roofing offers its clients. For starters, it is unclear exactly what solar manufacturers the company works with when designing and installing systems.

And while there are equipment and production warranties, Solar Pro Roofing itself does not back its work with a workmanship warranty. Services offered by Solar Pro Roofing are limited to a specific region in New York.

Interested solar clients looking for an end-to-end provider with local knowledge of the business will likely benefit from what Solar Pro Roofing provides. However, those interested in equipment specifics may want to consider alternatives providers. 

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