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LAST UPDATED: August 30th, 2022

Solar 1 USA is a solar and battery storage installation provider servicing residential clients. The company is owned and operated by U.S. veterans and offers a complete start-to-finish solar product without outsourcing components of the project. The company was founded in 2022 and has hired solar professionals to execute and manage each stage of the solar system installation process. 

The Solar 1 USA team is well-versed in helping clients utilize the Solar Investment Tax Credit to harness renewable energy as an alternative to traditional electricity. With the ITC and financial returns, Solar 1 USA believes it can help many residential property owners make the switch over to solar power without breaking the bank.

In addition to saving on monthly utility bills, residential home owners can expect a potential added overall value to the home and potential for net metering programs to sell back unused energy. 

Solar 1 USA is still relatively new to the solar industry. While the leadership and installation team are comprised of experts that have been involved in the solar industry for quite some time, the company is still very much in its infancy. 

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The Good

  • Wide Range of Solar Services
  • Mounting Solutions
  • Expanding Service Area

Wide Range of Solar Services

For a new solar installation provider, Solar 1 USA offers comprehensive solar solutions to its clients covering features not always made available through more experienced installation companies. Solar services included in the Solar 1 USA platform include:

  • Traditional solar system installation
  • Solar energy and battery storage installation and connection
  • Net metering connections
  • Grid tied systems
  • Off grid solutions

It is not common for companies to offer net metering, grid tied, and completely off grid solar solutions to clients. More traditional providers solely offer grid tied solutions, but Solar 1 USA has expanded its offering to allow for varying degrees of energy independence.

With net metering, clients can sell unused energy back to the utility provider for a credit or profit. Off grid solutions mean the system is not dependent on a utility company at all and will draw power from the battery or storage solution as needed. 

Mounting Solutions

Many solar installation companies solely offer roof mounting solutions to clients. In situations where the residence will not allow for roof mounting, due to sun exposure limitations or structural difficulties, these companies will have to pass on the project.

That is not the case for Solar 1 USA clients as the company also offers ground mounting solutions. Following the initial consultation, Solar 1 USA professionals, along with clinet input, will determine  whether or not a ground mount solution is preferable. 

Expanding Service Area

A vast majority of solar installation companies solely offer installation service in one state or a select few cities or counties within a particular state. It is rare to find a company that offers start to finish solar installation services in multiple states. It is also uncommon to find new solar installation providers that start operations in more than one state. Solar 1 USA is able to service Tennessee, Kentucky, and has plans to expland into Florida.

Solar 1 USA will provide solar installation services all across the state in all three instances, not just in particular cities or counties. This service area is comparatively large when examining the solar installation industry as a whole.


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Panel Information
  • No Warranty Details
  • Lack of Purchasing Options

Undisclosed Panel Information

Many prospective solar clients have a vested interest in what brand or manufacturer is used during their home’s solar installation. Typically, solar installation companies partner with one or more tier-1 solar equipment providers and offer those products to clients. Solar 1 USA's website reports the company uses Sol-Ark inverterns and batteries from Fortress Power and Franklin Power.

Sol-Ark is a tier-1 solar provider, but the battery solutions available through Solar 1 USA are not currently classified as “tier-1." Solar panel equipment information has not been disclosed, so those in the research phase of the solar process will not have access to that information until the consultation step with Solar 1 USA. Most solar installation companies make it a point to publicly disclose panel information. 

No Warranty Details

Solar 1 USA publicly claims to offer the best warranties in the business. However, the company leaves the warranty information at just that, providing no further details. It is unclear exactly what warranties are available through Solar 1 USA, how long those warranties last, and what equipment or services are actually covered. Typically, solar installation companies will offer and provide specific information on the warranties for equipment, workmanship, and production.

Unfortunately, interested customers will have to consult with the company directly in order to obtain specifics regarding warranty information. 

Lack of Purchasing Options

Despite helping clients access tax incentive programs, Solar 1 USA does not offer alternative financing options nor has the company partnered with financial organizations to offer these services. Typically, solar installation companies will offer one of the following purchasing options to finance the solar project:

  • Solar loans
  • Solar leases
  • Power purchase agreement

Solar systems are expensive and while the tax incentives can help, they will not cover all costs. Many solar clients need additional financing in order to make solar work. 


The Bottom Line

Solar 1 USA provides comprehensive solar services and solutions to residential homeowners. In addition to installing traditional solar systems and battery solutions, Solar 1 USA also provides a number of mounting services, net metering options, grid tied and off grid systems, and energy consultations.

Solar 1 USA clients can take advantage of both ground and roof mounted installation options to maximize sun exposure. Lastly, Solar 1 USA services Kentucky, Tennessee, and will soon be available throughout the state of Florida. 

While there are a number of reasons to consider Solar 1 USA for solar system installation services, there is valuable information that remains unknown about what the company specifically offers to its clients. There is no information on what solar panels are used during installation and there are no tier-1 solar battery solutions available through Solar 1 USA.

The company claims to offer industry leading warranties and guarantees but fails to specify what those cover and for how long. And there are no alternative financing options available through Solar 1 USA.

Taking into consideration what is known and the missing details, those considering Solar 1 USA for installation services should consult with the company and take advantage of the free quote solution prior to making a final purchasing decision. 

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Erin Morris Kings Mountain, NC

I have met with several solar companies and they were the most through and I understood that I would still have a bill but reduced. I asked questions and each one was answered and not avoided.

1 month ago