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LAST UPDATED: September 17th, 2021

Solar.IQ is a residential and commercial solar company that installs top-quality solar panels in Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming. 

Solar.IQ prides itself on offering various solar services and helping consumers with all aspects of their solar project — starting with design, equipment selection, financing, and installation. 

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The Good

  • Free Consultation
  • Recent Projects Portfolio

Free Consultation

Solar.IQ offers all new clients a free consultation. The consultation should take about 45 to 60 minutes, and during this time, you’ll go over measurements, electrical usage patterns, roof type, and potential savings. 

The consultation is a good way to get a feel for the company and whether or not you would like to work with Solar.IQ. We encourage you to ask any questions you may have or discuss possible concerns. The company representative should answer all your questions and provide you with information relevant to your situation. 

Recent Projects Portfolio

If you’re interested in seeing what Solar.IQ can do, we recommend checking out the company’s recent projects page. Here you can see where the panels are located, what panels were used, and more. 


The Bad

  • Incomplete Website
  • Missing Important Details

Incomplete Website

Although Solar.IQ's website allows you to view the company's most recent solar installations, this page is not fully complete as the project description is just filler text (also known as lorem ipsum). 

While we are sure the company means to put the details and descriptions about each project, it is frustrating that the information is not there. We understand that this is probably a temporary issue and once Solar.IQ’s website is complete, all information will be provided. 

Missing Important Details

Solar.IQ’s website is disappointingly vague. There is some general information about the benefits of going solar and how it can save you money. But there is a lack of information about the company and its solar operations specifically. 

For example, Solar.IQ mentions that it provides financing for clients. The company states that most clients pay zero down and make low monthly payments. However, there is no information on whether it works with a solar-specific loan company or if a lease or PPA option is available. We’d like to see Solar.IQ provide more information regarding its financing, so consumers know exactly what their options are. 

Additionally, the information regarding the company’s offered warranties is a bit underwhelming. In the frequently asked questions, Solar.IQ does disclose that it provides a 25-year on its panels (which is standard throughout most of the industry). That said, there is no information on a workmanship warranty.

A workmanship warranty is important because it gives clients coverage and protection should there be an issue with the workmanship or installation. Not disclosing any information about the workmanship warranty may cause potential clients to look elsewhere. 

Lastly, the company’s service area could be a bit more detailed. Currently, Solar.IQ operates in five states: Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming. However, there is no specific service area mentioned for any of these states. It’s unclear if Solar.IQ services the whole state or just certain counties/cities. For more information on this, you’ll have to call the company directly. 


The Bottom Line

For those looking for a one-stop-shop solar company, Solar.IQ just might be the answer. The company is a NABCEP-certified solar installer founded in 2018 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Solar.IQ’s services are available to residential and commercial customers, and the company prides itself on using quality equipment and providing top-notch installation services. 

That said, our research team did come across a few things that we feel are important for consumers to know about.The company doesn’t disclose a lot of details about what type of equipment it uses (it only says it’s high-quality, but there’s nothing there for us to verify that statement).

There is also a lack of information on a workmanship warranty. We understand that consumers want to know they are protected if something is wrong with the workmanship or there was an issue with the installation. Choosing not to disclose this information will cause many consumers to look at other solar companies that promise coverage in these events.

There is also a lack of information regarding Solar.IQ's financing options. It is unclear whether the company offers leases or PPAs. 

Overall, we recommend that consumers interested in working with Solar.IQ take their time and ask lots of questions (whether on the phone or during the free consultation). That way, you can trust that this company is right for you and your home.

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