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LAST UPDATED: August 10th, 2023

Since 2015, Solar Five has provided commercial and residential properties in the state of Massachusetts with solar installation services. The company prides itself on finding the perfect clean energy solution for every home or office, allowing customers to save and utilize renewable electricity. 

Solar Five has partnered with Revise Energy and GreenNewton to provide efficient and reliable energy solutions to Massachusetts residents. As a trusted partner, Solar Five has developed relationships with those in the community to advance the clean energy movement. 

Prospective customers can request a solar evaluation and quote online. A Solar Five team member will provide personal and professional service as you work towards achieving clean energy sources.

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The Good

  • Preferred Manufacturing Partners
  • 6 Financing Options
  • Extended Warranty
  • High Five Program
  • Community Outreach

Preferred Manufacturing Partners

Solar Five has partnered with numerous solar product manufacturers known for their high-quality solar equipment. The company sources solar panels from the likes of LG, Solaria, and Silfab, who all consistently rank among the best in the world for solar panel efficiency, warranty, and durability.

Additionally, Solar Five installs solar inverters from Enphase and SMA, as well as solar energy storage solutions from Tesla, Sonnen, LG, and Generac. In short, Solar Five has the tools to build highly efficient solar panel systems that are built to last. 

6 Financing Options

Solar Five offers its customers six different financing options to choose from. Some solar companies require customers to purchase the system outright. Others only offer loan options. Solar Five has gone above and beyond to provide the following financing options:

  • Cash — Customers purchase the solar system outright, whether that is through a personal or home equity line of credit as well as full upfront payment. This is the most cost-effective option for homeowners. 
  • Lease — Solar Five partnered with third-party financing groups to provide customers with the option of leasing solar equipment at a reasonable rate.
  • PPA — The Power Purchase Agreement option is similar to a lease in which a contract to purchase the solar power is based on a set rate for the electricity that your solar power system produces. It is different from a lease in that you pay for the power produced.
  • Loan — A traditional solar loan in which homeowners pay for the system over time is offered. Competitive rates are available.
  • Commercial — For businesses, there is a different option. A third-party financing partner will offer competitive financing packages to maximize financial benefits to the organization. 
  • MASS Solar Loan — The Commonwealth of Massachusetts created a $30 million residential Massachusetts Solar Loan program. This is the most affordable way to purchase a solar system in the state. The state is willing to purchase the annual interest rate. 

Extended Warranty

Most solar manufacturers offer a 25-year warranty on panels, inverters, and batteries. Since solar systems are so expensive, an extensive warranty is provided. Most solar providers offer the manufacturer’s warranty as a safety net to their customers. Solar Five has gone the extra mile, offering an additional 20-year warranty on equipment installed, further protecting its customers from expensive repairs. 

System Installation Types

Solar Five offers two different forms of solar installation. Most solar installation companies target rooftop solar installation — regardless if the property is residential or commercial. Solar Five sets its business offerings apart by offering two types of installation, including the following:

  • Rooftop Solar System — The Solar Five team will do a thorough rooftop analysis of each property using LIDAR and shading technologies. If the property qualifies, Solar Five will provide a customized design package for a rooftop solar system. 
  • Ground Mount Solar System — When the rooftop is not a viable option, Solar Five will install a Ground Mount Solar System. Again, the team will conduct an analysis of the land and provide a tailored solar solution.

High Five Program

The High Five program is a referral program for Solar Five customers. Every friend, family member, or neighbor that Solar Five meets with puts $100 in your pocket whether they decide to go with Solar Five or not. And every referral case that chooses to use Solar Five and installs a system puts $500 in your pocket.

There is no limit on how much you can earn when you refer customers to Solar Five. Another way the Solar Five referral program differs from other solar installation companies is the fact that it pays just for meetings. Most companies only pay per installation. 

Community Outreach

Solar Five is involved in several community outreach programs and initiatives focused on promoting renewable energy in the local community. For example, through Solar Five’s partnership with Solar For Good, the solar company has agreed to perform solar installation services for local nonprofits and community organizations for heavily reduced or no cost. 

Solar Five also hosts educational events and workshops aimed at raising awareness of the benefits of renewable energy. These workshops even extend to local schools as a way to promote STEM education. 


The Bad

  • Limited Service Area
  • Lack of Verified Solar Five Reviews

Limited Service Area

For Massachusetts home and business owners, having a local company that knows the ins and outs of the area is very beneficial. However, anyone outside of state lines will not be able to access the Solar Five service offerings. While having a target customer reach based solely on geography is not abnormal in the solar industry, multiple companies offer installation services in several states or an entire region of the country. Solar Five does not, limiting who can access the company’s resources.

Lack of Verified Solar Five Reviews

As of April 2023, no verified Solar Five reviews have been posted to Best Company. Verified reviews provide an added level of authenticity and give potential customers real insights into how a company does business and treats customers. Without verified reviews, readers may have difficulty learning about Solar Five’s solar installation process, customer service, and solar system quality.

If you have worked with Solar Five in the past or are a current customer, share your experience below.


The Bottom Line

Solar Five takes a personalized approach to solar installation services. By offering a wide range of financing options, Solar Five proves its committment to helping every home or business owner realize the clean energy dream. As a result, Massachusetts residents would likely find the Solar Five service offerings to be beneficial. Outside of the state, prospective solar customers will need to look elsewhere. 

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