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LAST UPDATED: April 1st, 2021

Solar Energy Solutions (SES) is a full-service solar company that provides renewable energy options to residential, commercial, agricultural, non-profit, government, and utility institutions. Founded in 2006, SES has become a major solar installer in the midwest with almost one-third of Kentucky’s solar consumers using an SES system. 

As a full-service solar company, SES offers photovoltaic and solar thermal system installations. SES also partners with solar battery companies as an additional service. SES lets you choose from a variety of top-rated solar panel options including SunPower — a highly efficient and innovative panel option. With Solar Energy Solutions, you can personalize your system to fit your budget and electricity goals. 

Headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, Solar Energy Solutions continues to grow its operations to help residential and commercial customers access the power of the sun. SES currently serves six states: Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Illinois, and Tennessee. 

Read on to discover The Good, The Bad, and The Bottom Line about Solar Energy Solutions, as well as view verified Solar Energy Solutions reviews from past and current customers.

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The Good

  • Competitive Certifications
  • Full-Service Installation 
  • Small and Large Scale Capabilities 
  • Tesla Partnership 
  • Accessible Loans
  • Referral Rewards Program 
  • Established Company
  • Solar Rights Activist 

Competitive Certifications

A major difference between Solar Energy Solutions and other solar power companies is its level of certification. Solar Energy Solutions has five NABCEP certified professionals, a competitive number relative to other solar companies. The NABCEP organization provides a rigorous training and examination for solar professionals. This certification has become an industry standard for proper knowledge of the PV systems to carry out design, installation, and maintenance tasks. 

Full-Service Installation

Because of employee certifications, Solar Energy Solutions does not have to hire third-party contractors for installation or maintenance. Each installation job has a highly qualified electrician on-site to overlook the solar project. Installation teams are made up of additional solar experts who are dedicated to detailed results. With Solar Energy Solutions, you can feel confident that you are receiving the quality service promised to you at the time of purchase. 

When choosing a solar energy company, we suggest finding a provider that can install the system without the use of third-party contractors. This will ensure the quality of your system and installation. You will also be able to contact the original installer if any problems arise. This will limit the need for third-party warranties. 

Small and Large Scale Capabilities 

Solar Energy Solutions serves a wide range of customers in the midwest. SES can perform a residential solar panel installation as well commercial size installations for schools, churches, malls etc. If you are a business owner, use SES cut energy costs and reduce your environmental footprint. 

This capability illustrates the company’s expertise in the solar industry. If you want to see for yourself, you can review past projects on Solar Energy Solutions main website to see how projects big and small are already producing positive results. 

Tesla Partnership  

Solar Energy Solutions partners with Tesla to offer Tesla Powerwall Installations. This unique certification allows SES customers to set up their solar panel and battery system through the same company. This streamlines the process to provide customers a full-service installation. No need to go through two companies to find solar panels and solar batteries. If you live in Kentucky, SES is the only solar company to be Tesla Powerwall certified in the area. 

Tesla Powerwalls are high performance solar batteries that reduce your reliance on local utility companies. During low energy production periods, customers can use the Tesla Powerwall to power their home. Tesla’s Power Pack is also available for commercial and government use. 

Accessible Loans 

Partnered with Medallion Bank, Solar Energy Solutions offers loan financing for solar energy installations. Customers can receive 100 percent financing with a variety of different interest rates on a 15-year note. 

Medallion bank also supplies same-as-cash loans for up to 26 percent of the total system cost. This solar financing option is based on the 26 percent federal tax credit you will receive within the first year. This means you can pay back your 26 percent of the loan without any interest. Keep in mind that you will usually have 12 to 18 months to pay this portion back before the interest is applied. 

Medallion Bank makes securing a financial loan straightforward and quick. You will receive your loan agreement within 15 minutes or less. This is a great option for individuals or businesses seeking to approve a solar installation on a strict time schedule. 

Referral Program

Solar Energy Solutions provides a referral program for solar energy customers. As an SES customer, you can recommend SES to your personal network and relieve cash rewards. Customers are awarded up to $300 per referral if their family or friend installs a solar system or battery storage system. 

Customers who refer small businesses and/or farms to SES can earn $750. These non-residential installations must be at least 25kW or greater to earn $750, otherwise you will earn the set $300. The SES referral program shows the confidence SES has in its products and services. 

Established Company

Solar Energy Solutions has been operating for almost fifteen years, which is a long time in the solar industry. This company has established its reputation through working with both residential and large commercial corporations. Over the years, SES has improved its efficiency and cost effectiveness to bring consumers affordable PV systems. 

Solar Rights Activist 

Government organizations often propose changes to solar energy programs and incentives. Solar Energy Solutions actively opposes changes that will increase the cost of solar energy. SES works to promote cash incentives such as net metering to keep solar an accessible energy option.

For example, SES regularly posts about the state government’s opposition to the net metering incentive and ways that consumers can get involved. You can learn more about current initiatives that SES supports by following the company on Facebook.


The Bad

  • Limited Financing Alternatives
  • High Interest Rates
  • States Serviced

Limited Financing Alternatives

Solar Energy Solutions offers limited financing alternatives compared to its competitors. For example, SES does not offer power purchase agreements (PPAs) or leasing options. 

A power purchase agreement is a deal between the developer (or a third-party individual) and the homeowner. The developer funds the entire system at little or no cost to the customer. The customer benefits from the lower utility prices and pays the developer for the energy used from the grid. The developer also reaps the rewards of any solar incentives. At the end of the agreement, the customer can either extend the PPA, remove the system, or buy it from the developer. 

Leasing is another common financing alternative for solar. Leasing is similar to a PPA with no initial upfront cost for the customer. The major difference is you will pay a fixed monthly fee for the solar equipment instead of a variable rate dependent on energy consumption. 

Limited financing alternatives is a great disadvantage for individuals who are trying to avoid debt or cannot afford the initial cost of the system. 

High Interest Rates 

As mentioned above, Solar Energy Solutions provides loans through Medallion Bank for customers who need help financing their solar purchase. Typical interest rates for Medallion Bank vary between 8.99 percent to 6.99 percent based on the bank’s discretion. These rates are significantly higher than the industry average offered at other solar companies. If a loan is your only financing option, you should consider choosing another solar company in the area.

States Serviced

One downside to Solar Energy Solutions is the limited number of states served. Currently, SES only offers service in six states. Companies who operate in more states have an advantage over SES in accessibility and growth. 


The Bottom Line

Solar Energy solutions is a recommended option for customers living in the midwest region. SES is a well-established company offering a full-service installation to meet your specific solar needs. SES stands behind its business mission of offering solutions that will better the environment. This company seeks to protect the solar consumer by staying active in local policy changes affecting solar incentives. 

Solar Energy Solutions may not be the right solar provider for everyone.  If you are looking for a low-commitment solar experience, you should consider other options with more financing alternatives.

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