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LAST UPDATED: October 4th, 2019

Solar 360 gives the residents of Southern California strong reason to get into solar energy. They offer standard services such as mounting and solar panel installation but it seems where they excel is with their customer service. Solar 360 has installed over 10,000 solar panels, have thousands of man hours of installation, and offer customer short and long-term buying options. A company like Solar 360 obviously has a lot to offer, but it's too bad it's only offered to residents of California. If you live in any of the areas Solar 360 is in, read our review, jump on their site and read all the other customer reviews, and decide for yourself if they are right for you.

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The Good

  • Buy, Loan, Lease, Power Purchasing Agreement
  • Warranty for the Long Road

Buy, Loan, Lease, Power Purchasing Agreement

As with most companies you can lease, purchase, or loan the solar equipment through Solar 360. The benefits begin to stack up if you purchase your equipment right up front. Buying makes you eligible for a federal and state tax credit, you gain asset value on the home, and there are many states that offer instant rebates. The downside is you must repair and maintain the panels and other equipment yourself. If you choose to lease or do a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), you miss out on the tax breaks but this is better for those of you who can't afford a down payment. Both are considered leases and all the maintenance is covered by the leasing company and generally requires $0 up front and has a term agreement of around 20 to 25 years, depending on the bank/leasing company. Again, many companies require you at least clean the panels so you aren't dinged with any penalties. The PPA requires almost no money down depending on your credit and the maintenance falls to the leasing company. Unlike leasing, a PPA means you are technically buying the power and not leasing the equipment. A PPA generally has a lower monthly payment but a higher first-year net savings. Payback on the panels and electricity is immediate and since they maintain the panels, they get the tax breaks. A solar loan means you take out a loan to pay for the equipment. The payback time is anywhere from 10 to 20 years but the savings on electricity is nearly immediate. You will pay interest on the loan (like any loan, but even with that you're going to pay less per month than you existing electrical bill. Technically, you own the solar panels so you qualify for the tax benefits and you're also responsible for the maintenance.

Warranty for the Long Road

Solar 360 offers an industry standard 25-year warranty on their products. From what we gathered on the web, this includes the solar panels and the items required to keep them from falling off of your roof. Inverters and other electronics are under a 15-year warranty. Now, we weren't able to find out whether or not this is a full-coverage warranty. Some companies say they offer a warranty, but will find ways to make that warranty void. We recommend asking specifically about this when you contact Solar 360


The Bad

  • No Mobile Monitoring

No Mobile Monitoring

It's a drawback the company hasn't developed a mobile app for energy monitoring, but looking through the reviews it seems most people aren't too angry about it. The company has a reputation of monitoring the services and informing people how the system is performing. But having a mobile app really is the icing on the cake. It benefits customers by giving them to-the-minute updates on energy usage and system issues.


The Bottom Line

Solar 360 is a pretty standard company as far as services and financial options like leasing, loaning, and PPAs. However, the company does not offer mobile monitoring.

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Gerald G Andrews Sr

Solar 360 is the Rolls-Royce of solar companies. We called for an estimate and it was scheduled for the next day.. Don arrived on time, reviewed our usage for the previous 12 months, did an initial site survey and determined how many panels would be required to cover our monthly usage. We purchased our system as it was the best for us. The entire crew stayed in constant communication with us as to who/what/why/when/how when it came to the installation process & dealing with our city owned utility (they have different requirements the PG&E & Edison etc). The complete process went off without a hitch. The warranty is 25 years across the board (installation, panels etc). They completed the process in less time that originally estimated which was great. We highly recommend Solar 360.

4 years ago

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Gary Bruesch Murrieta, CA

Country Kennels in Murrieta Ca. Work completed ahead of schedule. No undisclosed cost, and received discounts/rebates as State and Federal write offs. Responded when we had questions or defects in operating. I couldn't be happier with the service I have received. I have 114 solar panels and am considering an upgrade to Tesla batteries. Guess whom I am going to call? Yep. Tony At 360 Solar.

3 years ago

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We had our system installed by Solar360 two and a half years ago. They fulfilled all of their promises and even exceeded them at times. Excellent company to work with.

4 years ago

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