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LAST UPDATED: November 30th, 2023

Sol-Ark is a veteran-founded company headquartered in Texas. Home of the Sol-Ark inverter, Sol-Ark prides itself on saving its customers significant money by relying more on solar energy and less on traditional grid energy.

The company is rated number one on Energy Sage as a top solar energy customer service provider, offers seven day a week customer service, and is highly sought after for its unique Sol-Ark inverter. 

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The Good

  • Powerful Inverter
  • Excellent Customer Reviews
  • Solar Battery Calculator
  • Design Your System Function

Powerful Inverter

Sol-Ark's unique trademark comes from its all-inclusive inverter. Inverters are important elements in a solar energy system, often making or breaking the amount of money customers save when switching to solar.

Sol-Ark developed a special inverter that carries more wattage ability (12K) than typical inverters, making it one of the best inverters on the market. The inverters are a hybrid inverter model, meaning that the energy each solar panel produces is conditioned before going into storage. This can help increase energy conservation, and Sol-Ark promises a 50 percent reduced cost to customer’s energy bill.

Sol-Ark’s inverter can also be used with or without a battery. Having a battery with the inverter means customers can save energy produced during the day and store it for nighttime or power outages. They can also sell the energy back to the grid for solar credits that will be applied to their future energy bill. With Sol-Ark’s inverter, customers can choose to include or exclude a battery.

If customers choose to include a battery with their inverter, Sol-Ark offers 10 battery partners customers can choose from, although any battery with 48V power will do. All partners have batteries with 48V power and work with Sol-Ark to provide the best possible power saving for your inverter.

Excellent Customer Reviews

Based on hundreds of reviews, Sol-Ark consistently rates as one of the best solar companies for customer service. It is rated as number one on Energy Sage for price transparency, remote monitoring, and its Sol-Ark inverter.  

Solar Battery Calculator

Another unique feature of Sol-Ark is a feature called the Solar Battery Calculator. Located on the company’s website, customers can enter in data about their energy consumption, sunlight hours, average monthly electric bill, and a wide variety of devices and appliances that use energy.

Using this feature can be exceptionally helpful for customers to understand what their energy bill would look like with Sol-Ark. Many companies offer a similar breakdown of costs by scheduling a meeting with an agent, but with Sol-Ark, customers can do it independently as well see what changes would occur if their appliance needs to be changed, etc.

Design Your System Function

Similar to the Solar Battery Calculator, Sol-Ark offers a visual display of a home and solar panels with clickable options to remove or include certain elements of a solar energy system.

Customers can select if they will be using a battery, grid sell-back, PV coupling, Generator, and number of systems.

This is a way that customers can understand how the system will look on their home before purchasing and is a unique feature not typically offered among solar panel companies. 


The Bad

  • Little Payment Information

Little Payment Information

Little information about payment options is found on Sol-Ark’s website. It does, however, list several companies with which customers can finance their solar panels, such as Sunlight Financial, LoanPal, and Mosaic.

These partners likely offer a variety of solar energy payment plans (like loans, leases, or PPAs); however, this information is not easily accessible on Sol-Ark’s website. Customers should be aware of this and make sure to research all payment options before choosing Sol-Ark.


The Bottom Line

Sol-Ark is a leading solar energy brand in the industry, paving the way for easier, more affordable, and more energy-efficient solar energy. With a highly unique Sol-Ark inverter, customers can save up to 50 percent in reduced costs when switching to solar energy with Sol-Ark.

Customers can also have a very independent experience calculating their own quote through Sol-Ark’s Solar Battery Calculator and design calculator, eliminating the need to call for a quote. If assistance is needed, however, the company offers seven day a week excellent customer service via phone.

When choosing to work with Sol-Ark, customers should also make sure to ask about payment methods, as little is mentioned on the website. However with the company's many positive customer reviews, customers can have peace of mind that choosing Sol-Ark is a great option for their solar energy needs.

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Joseph Heisler

Sol Ark used to have great customer service. but now that they have grown, they are too busy to take calls. Can't get technical support in the field anymore. Just another company that doesn't know how to grow and service.

6 months ago

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David Buffalo, NY

This statement is false. “ Sol-Ark currently sells three models of inverter, with names that correspond to the number of kilowatts (kW) of continuous power output. They are called the 5K, 8K, and 12K lines. Sol-Ark plans to begin selling a 15 kW inverter (called the “15K” of course) later in 2022.” I have two 12k EMP sol-ark inverters and after all the money i spent on these pos i come to find out they can only deliver 9kw ea NOT 12kw that everyone believes! I installed a 25kw array and the only way to get it to put out the max of the array is to drain my battery down, then it will produce 23 to 24kw while it is charging the batteries however as soon as the batteries are charged it drops the system back to 18 to 19kw. I have contacted Sol-Ark and these people will not even respond. I sent a certified letter to CEO, no response. I joined linkedin and message him, no response but someone who claims to be owner will look into it and get back to me in a few days, guess what , no further contact from them. That was over 2 weeks ago. I emailed them , no response. This is not a reputable or legitimate company. They claim customer’s are important to them however their actions say that that is false. Ignoring me or any customer is not good practice. I asked them to swap out these falsely advertised inverters for 2 15k inverters.

1 year ago


Review Source

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M. Nielsen South Bend, IN

Quick response to my call, came right out and gave me a very informed estimate with several options that fit what I was looking for, answered all my questions and even some I didn't think of. I would recommend them to all.

1 year ago