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LAST UPDATED: March 1st, 2022

Since 2017, Simple Solar has worked to service southern Missouri helping homeowners and commercial properties obtain access to clean energy. The company is a registered contractor, a top rated company by HomeAdvisor, and NABCEP certified. 

After realizing that the solar market in Southwest Missouri was under-served, CEO Luke Arthur decided to base a solar installation company out of the area. After running one of the largest solar companies in the state of Missouri, Arthur decided that there had to be a way to make solar installations simpler. By combining the market need and the simplification of solar installation, Arthur had a solar company on his hands. 

To date, Simple Solar has been involved in over 250 solar projects in the state of Missouri, installing over 10,000 solar panels and over 5,000,000kWh saved. Simple Solar has also been brought in to assist on other solar projects, including involvement in over 1,000 solar installations in total.

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The Good

  • No Money Down Financing Options
  • NABCEP Certified
  • System Monitoring
  • Average Savings

No Money Down Financing Options

While Simple Solar does allow customers to purchase their system outright and upfront, not everyone can afford that. As a result, Simple Solar has offered its customers two different “no money down” options. These include:

Solar Loan: obtain the money for the solar system now and pay it back over time.

  • Get a fixed monthly payment for the life of the loan (for many customers, the loan payment is less than the equivalent of an electric bill)
  • Take advantage of tax credits and rebates when available
  • Programs for varying levels of credit and income
  • After the loan is paid off, the system is free

PACE Program: a government program that allows homeowners to finance solar installation with property taxes in exchange for higher property taxes to be paid over the next 20 years.

  • Get approved with any credit score
  • Does not depend on income
  • Stays with the property when the home is sold

While some solar installation companies offer “no down payment” options, there are not many in the industry that offer two different options for customers to access. This sets Simple Solar apart from other solar installation companies. 

NABCEP Certified

Certification is something not all solar companies attain. In fact, in order to be certified, a certain standard has to be met and maintained. Instead of going through the rigorous training to become certified, many companies don’t bother. That is not the case with Simple Solar.

The company is NABCEP certified, which means all Simple Solar installations are performed and overseen by a North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners Associate. This certification guarantees the experience and knowledge necessary to maintain the highest possible installation standards in the industry. 

System Monitoring

One of the biggest draws to the Simple Solar service is the system monitoring feature customers have access to. Customers can download the Simple Solar app or access the customer portal online. This access allows customers to see how much money is being saved on utility bills and track the system’s performance over time. Not many solar companies have an app allowing customers to see all of this data and information. 

Average Savings

Anyone who installs a solar system on their home will immediately see the savings. Customers are locked into a utility bill meaning they are no longer subject to inflation and rate increases by the utility companies. Simple Solar is helping its customers realize the thousands of dollars in savings by switching to solar. The average Missouri homeowner will save over $50,000 in electric costs over a lifetime when they switch to solar. This is actually above the national average.


The Bad

  • Service Area
  • Undisclosed Equipment Information

Service Area

Simple Solar claims to have assisted in solar projects in four different states: Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma. The company’s exclusive offerings are mostly geared towards southern Missouri residents and commercial managers. This limited service area closes off the Simple Solar products and services to many looking for solar installation.

Undisclosed Equipment Information

Most solar companies are proud to have partnered with tier 1 solar equipment manufacturers and providers. However, Simple Solar does not appear to have these relationships nor does the company make it public what equipment is used in its solar installations. Most solar installation companies make equipment and manufacturing public for customers during the research process, but Simple Solar has failed to do that. 


The Bottom Line

Simple Solar has worked to remove the complications associated with solar installation. By handling all of the paperwork and permits as well as assisting customers through the financial process, Simple Solar has built a reputation with its customers that is generally positive.

That being said, there is nothing known about the equipment that is used, the techniques/tools used during installation, or how efficient the systems installed are. Residents of southern Missouri may best benefit from Simple Solar services. Outside of that area, prospective clients should look elsewhere.

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