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LAST UPDATED: August 17th, 2021

Set Solar is a solar company based in Minnesota. The company provides quality solar panels for both businesses and homes in Minnesota and strives to deliver high quality solar systems that last for years to come.

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The Good

  • Commercial and Residential Solar 
  • Commercial LED Lights
  • Photo Gallery
  • Electric Car Charging Installations
  • No Leases
  • Educational Resources

Commercial and Residential Solar

While some solar companies only provide one type of solar panel installation, Set Solar provides both residential and commercial solar. 

Commercial LED Lights

Set Solar installs commercial LED lights for places like parking lots, streets, walkways, or LED signs. Few solar companies offer these services coupled with residential or general commercial services, making Set Solar stand out above the rest.

Photo Gallery

Many solar companies provide photo galleries on their websites. Set Solar also does this, providing customers with the ability to visualize their own homes with solar installations.

Electric Car Charging Installations

Set Solar provides and installs electric car charging stations for both homes and businesses. It uses several charging battery brands to provide the best match for customers who want to reduce their carbon footprint by using and charging an electric car.

No Leases

Set Solar doesn’t offer leases on its panels in order to provide the customer the ability to own the solar panels. This is generally good as leases usually require a customer to pay a solar provider for the energy used or for the use of the panels, and these contracts often increase each year.  However, not offering leases can also be a negative feature for customers who are interested in solar but don't not want to pay for panels out of pocket or take out a loan. 

Educational Resources

Set Solar provides a list of resources to learn more about solar and its benefits. Things like the lastest news and updates on solar energy, the benefits of going solar, how to install solar yourself, and deals specific to Minnesota are all mentioned.


The Bad

  • Limited Service Area
  • Undisclosed Contract Length
  • Few Business Details

Limited Service Area

Currently, Set Solar’s services are limited to those living in Minnesota.

Undisclosed Contract Length

Set Solar provides details on what its contract includes, including maintenance and upkeep. Its contracts appear to be good; however, the contract length is undisclosed. The best contracts in the industry are 25 years for both maintenance and panels. Customers can benefit from Set Solar’s great warranties but should be sure to check how long they last.

Few Business Details

Details like length of time in business and outside customer reviews are hard to find on Set Solar. While this doesn’t indicate poor services, it does make it difficult for customers to gain a feel for how Set Solar handles installation, services, or problems. Including this information or having more credibility from other solar installers, review sites, etc. would make Set Solar’s presence much stronger and more trustworthy in the industry.


The Bottom Line

Set Solar is a well-developed solar company with a large list of services. While some companies only offer one or two types of solar services, Set Solar does almost everything and provides residential solar, commercial solar, commercial LED installation, and electric car charging installation. For customers looking to “do it all,” Set Solar can take care of everything at once.

Set Solar offers a unique payment method by insisting that customers own their panels. Because of this, the company does not offer leases, and it is unclear if it offers PPAs. Customers then have the option to loan or buy the solar panels. This can be good or bad for a customer depending on financial ability, but it generally is best to own the panels.

Set Solar provides a list of educational resources and photos of past projects online so customers can become familiar with the benefits of solar, including panels, charging ports, lights, etc. would appear in certain settings. 

The only drawback to working with Set Solar is its small online presence, meaning few reviews or customer experiences can be found regarding its services. While this doesn’t indicate poor experiences, it does make it difficult to know company details such as how long it's been in business, positive (and negative) customer reviews, etc.

Set Solar’s website is robust and includes all the services anyone wanting to go solar would need. With more details on past experiences and company history, customers can move confidently forward using Set Solar.

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