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LAST UPDATED: June 12th, 2023

Saule is taking a new approach to solar sales by eliminating the standard pressure applied by the traditional door-to-door solar salesmen or professional sales force. Instead, Saule has implemented what it refers to as a “frictionless sales” process allowing for virtual communication and no-pressure scenarios for those interested in having solar installed but unsure of all requirements and financial details. 

With Saule, clients can get direct access to financial details, equipment needs, full-scale designs, and connection to a professional solar contractor/installer. This is all facilitated virtually as clients meet with Saule to discuss project specifics. These complementary virtual meetings are complementary give prospective solar clients a direct look into how solar can work for their specific property. 

Using AI technology, the professionals at Saule Solar are able to analyze clients’ roofs in order to create a custom design. This unique solar proposal is completed in just thirty seconds and allows prospective clients the transparency needed to make an informed decision about solar installation. 

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The Good

  • Virtual Solar Sales
  • Full Service Plan
  • Transparent Pricing

Virtual Solar Sales

Saule is working to provide a revolutionary solar experience to property owners looking for a renewable way to power their homes and businesses. Instead of dealing with an overbearing solar salesman working solely on commission, Saule provides a relaxed and transparent solar sales experience.

The main difference between Saule and its competitors is the virtual aspect of its service. Prospective clients can schedule a complimentary virtual session to discuss details and ask questions. 

Full Service Plan

Saule offers a full-service plan to potential buyers. This includes a full-service install by qualified experts which includes the following:

  • 25-year production warranty
  • 10-year workmanship warranty
  • $2.25–$2.50 per watt
  • Premium black-on-black solar panels
  • Enphase microinverters
  • Ironridge racking
  • AI-generated 3D site plan
  • Engineering and permitting handled

Transparent Pricing

The most beneficial feature available through Saule Solar is its transparency. Most solar companies, for a number of reasons, fail to disclose the particulars including the most pressing for clients — the price.

With Saule, clients know up front the potential costs per watt installed. That is publicly stated and details are disclosed in each customer's virtual appointment. Most solar companies do not come close to offering this level of transparency.


The Bad

  • Outsourced Installation
  • Undisclosed Financing Options and Equipment
  • Limited Experience

Outsourced Installation

Many solar providers that offer residential solar services handle all aspects of a solar project. From start-to-finish, one company will manage it all. This includes the initial sale, the design, and even the installation.

Unfortunately with Saule Solar, this is not the case. Saule is not an end-to-end solar provider. Instead, Saule handles the initial steps of the solar process including the sales and design, but outsources the installation part to a trusted building partner. 

Undisclosed Financing Options and Equipment

Despite being transparent with pricing points and processes, there are some unknowns surrounding the Saule Solar platform. For starters, it is unclear whether or not alternative financing is available to prospective clients. There is public mention of potential incentives and net metering programs, but no alternative financing options for those needing assistance with the upfront costs.

Additionally, it is unknown what brand or manufacturer is used for the solar panel portion of Saule projects. There is also no mention of battery or storage system installation. These unknowns may detract prospective clients from wanting to engage with Saule especially since many traditional providers disclose this information. 

Limited Experience

Having officially launched in 2023, Saule is working to change the solar sales game but has limited business experience to back it up. While the Saule professionals may be knowledgeable and experienced within the solar industry, the company as a whole is still in its infancy. 


The Bottom Line

Saule Solar is taking a unique approach to the solar industry allowing clients to purchase solar systems with a virtual consultation. With Saule, there are no intimidation tactics or contracts being pushed.

Instead, prospective clients work with a virtual solar professional from Saule to explore all potential options. In this complimentary meeting, a full service plan will be disclosed including costs, equipment needs, and installation timeliness. This transparency is essentially unmatched in the solar industry. 

While Saule is undoubtedly revolutionizing how solar sales are conducted, there are still limitations to the operation prospective buyers should be aware of. All installation is outsourced to building partners so the entire project is not completed by one company. It is also unclear whether or not Saule offers financing options and what equipment is used for solar panels and batteries. Saule is also brand new to the solar industry, having just been founded in 2023.

Clients looking to explore solar options and conduct thorough research prior to making any final decisions regarding solar may want to utilize the services offered by Saule. However, those looking for an end-to-end solar provider may want to consider a more traditional provider. 

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I am extremely satisfied with the professionalism and expertise of the Saule Solar team. They made the entire solar installation process seamless.

8 months ago Edited June 12, 2023