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LAST UPDATED: October 26th, 2023

Since 1985, Rocket Companies has worked to help millions of people in their pursuit to own their own home. Since founding Rocket Mortgage, the company has expanded to provide other services in the financing industry including mortgage loans, personal loan, real estate services, and auto loans. The technology, software, and service of Rocket Companies have allowed more people to receive the money and approval they need to compete. 

Then in 2022, Rocket Companies launched a new initiative: Rocket Solar. The Rocket Solar platform functions similarly to other Rocket Company entities with a dedicated Rocket Solar Advisor that will be of service throughout every step of the project.

To actually provide solar as a service, Rocket Solar teamed up with solar giant, Palmetto. Together, Rocket Solar and Palmetto help clients navigate the solar process. The goal of this partnership is to make solar more accessible and affordable for those looking to uilitize clean energy sources. 

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The Good

  • Straightforward Solar Financing
  • Service Area

Straightforward Solar Financing

If there is one thing Rocket Companies knows how to do and does well, it is help people quickly get the financing they need. The same goes for the Rocket Solar side of the business.

Rather than go through credit unions or solar installation financing partners, Rocket Solar has streamlined the solar financing business by making the entire process from start to finish fast and effective. A dedicated team of advisors is ready to assist clients through the financing process, including utilizing tax incentives and net metering programs where available. 

Service Area

Due to its reach and solar partnership, Rocket Solar is able to reach prospective solar clients in a way that a vast majority of the industry cannot compete with. To date, Rocket Solar provides solar services in the following states:

  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Massachusetts 
  • Michigan 
  • Missouri
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • North Carolina
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • Washington, D.C.

Interested solar clients would be hard pressed to find a company with a similar type of reach as Rocket Solar.


The Bad

  • Completely Outsourced Service
  • Undisclosed Manufacturer Information
  • Unknown Warranty Details
  • Young Company

Completely Outsourced Service

The entire solar product itself is outsourced with Rocket Solar. Simply put, Rocket Solar offers solar financing and then passes off clients to its trusted partner, Palmetto. Most companies within this industry are actual solar installers/providers. Rocket Solar is just a financing source for those interested in solar.

Once a client utse Rocket Solar for financing, Palmetto will take over and provide the end-to-end service as it relates to the actual measurement, design, and installation portion of the project. Clients should be aware that when doing solar business with Rocket Solar, it will also involve Palmetto. 

Undisclosed Manufacturer Information

It is unclear whether or not Rocket Solar clients have access to the same benefits and features that traditional Palmetto clients have access to. For instance, Palmetto has its own relationships when it comes to manufacturers and solar technology companies. These partnerships allow Palmetto to install tier-1 solar equipment on behalf of its clients. That being said, it is unclear whether or not Rocket Solar clients will have this same direct access to these equipment partnerships. 

Unknown Warranty Details

Just like the equipment portion of the solar product, it is unknown whether or not Rocket Solar clients will receive the same warranties that Palmetto clients receive when they hire the company for solar installation services. It does not appear that Rocket Solar itself offers any sort of warranties on the equipment, production, or workmanship portions of the solar service, so clients would need to get that protection from somewhere.

Most solar companies offer these warranties through their manufacturer partnerships or self-back the craftsmanship. None of this information is known when it comes to the Rocket Solar platform. 

Young Company

Rocket Solar just barely got into the solar financing industry. In fact, the company just started its actual financing service, the only aspect of the solar project it does directly provide, at the start of 2022. The company has yet to build any sort of reputation or trust among solar clients as it is brand new.

Most solar providers have been providing this service for at least a few years, meaning prospective clients can look to the experience of the hundreds or thousands of solar customers that have gone before them. Rocket Solar clients simply do not have this luxury considering how new the platform is.


The Bottom Line

Rocket Solar falls under the umbrella of Rocket Companies. With Rocket Solar, clients can expect straightforwar solar financing solutions at affordable rates that allow for greater returns on the investment. Additionally, Rocket Solar has a further reach than most, servicing states all across the country in conjunction with its solar partner, Palmetto. 

Before diving head first into a financial partnership with Rocket Solar, clients should be aware of a number of limitations. First, Rocket Solar itself does not offer a solar product. The company does not manufacture, design, install, or bring to operation any solar systems. All of that work is outsourced to Palmetto.

It is unclear whether Rocket Solar clients have access to the same features and technology Palmetto offers to its own clients; it is unknown what equipment brands are used and what warranties are available, if any. Lastly, the Rocket Solar platform was just launched in 2022 and does not yet have a track record proving it to be a viable and trusted service.

Clients looking to quickly get approved and receive solar financing may benefit from what Rocket Solar offers. Outside of financing needs, prospective solar clients should look into other platforms prior to getting into business with Rocket Solar. 

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Marshall Seal Douglasville, GA

THE MODERN DAY SNAKE OILS SALESMAN: Please heed my warning Rocket Solar will try to tell you whatever they can to make sure they sell you solar panels. You will hear talk like "It will practically pay for itself." "Now is the time to get solar it works now." And "The government will give you a big check to get solar. You can pay some of it off with." All of the lies they need to say to sell it to you. None of it turned out to be true. It saves about $7.00-$10.00 a month with an entire roof of panels about $49k worth. You can save that by just replacing the light bulbs in your house and not turning on the bathroom light when you use it. So if you are looking for solar do not go with them. All they want is the commission to make the sale. After you have found out it is a lie they cutt all ties and tell you to complain to the solar company installers about it. They will throw anyone under the bus after it is all said in done. Please do not trust anything they say. I have talked with about 7 other people who got sol through them and it's all the same. There is almost a support group for this now. IT IS NOT WORTH IT. RUN.

5 months ago

star star star_border star_border star_border

Robert Kiser Kalamazoo, MI

Friendly, installation was OK, with a couple defects in installation causing a couple months delay of inspection. Production monitoring is anemic with only daily, weekly, monthly production monitoring. No per panel data, no string data, no system status other than works or not. The readout gives, output, temp, and cloud cover data only for entire system. App is Palmetto, but Palmetto doesn't service the app, they refer you to Rocket. Rocket hasn't a clue, as it is not their app. Palmetto will not allow use of the SolarEdge app for one's system. Palmetto has no battery installers in my area. They state if a third party installs a battery on my system, that would immediately void the 25 year warranty. Pros: has not burned down the house, produces electricity. Cons: see above.

1 year ago

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Samori dobson Westland, MI

While I’m still awaiting installation, they have now miss three appointments. One schedule on January 6 but I was given a call the it was canceled on January 5 at 5pm but I had already schedule the day off work. Next appointment was given to me for January 20th in which nobody called or showed up at all and I didn’t receive a call until January 23 at 10am saying the guys could come right at that second and I wasn’t even home. Needless to say they came and done outside work but couldn’t complete it. The current appointment which is today January 28,2023 the guys were to show up between 8-10 am and nine nice again it’s a no call no show. They seem to be very bad for business and I’m wondering now if going with them was truly a mistake.

1 year ago

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Michael Larson Beloit, WI

Over 4 months from start till still waiting...... many promises but so many errors and having to re-sign because of added on expenses that they should have known before the first contract was signed....... don't know if we will continue with their services.

1 year ago