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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Rich Solar has taken clean energy to a new level by manufacturing solar products and equipment for off-grid use. The Rich Solar equipment is specifically designed for RV, agriculture, off-grid housing, marine, light industrial and heavy equipment uses. This is different than the traditional solar provider that works with residential and commercial properties.

Rich Solar supplies the equipment directly, selling solar panels, solar charge controllers, inverters, batteries, and DIY solar kits. This allows customers to design their own solar system catered to their needs.

Rich Solar provides a cost-effective solution to solar needs outside of the traditional residential and commercial offerings. The company will assist customers in identifying the best solar solution for a product or industry.

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The Good

  • Off-Grid Solar Solutions
  • Produces Panels, Kits, Generators, Batteries, and Inverters
  • Guarantees and Warranties
  • Payment Flexibility

Off-Grid Solar Solutions

The most unique aspect of the Rich Solar model is the actual target customer base. The entire solar industry consists of companies trying to install solar panels on residential and commercial properties. Rich Solar provides solar equipment beyond those needs targeting off-grid products and industries that could drastically benefit from clean and cheap energy. The focus of the company’s products include equipment designed for: RV’s, agriculture equipment, off-grid housing, marine equipment, and industrial equipment. 

Produces Panels, Kits, Generators, Batteries, and Inverters

Rich Solar is the leading supplier of solar solutions in the off-grid market. The company supplies any and all solar equipment needed to utilize clean energy in an “off-grid” setting. The following products are sold through Rich Solar:

  • Solar panels (rigid, portable, and flexible panels)
  • Solar kits
  • Solar generators
  • Solar batteries (12V100 AH Lithium and 12V 100 AH AGM)
  • Inverteres
  • Accessories (connectors, wiring cables, mounts, and solar lights)

The wide range of solar products offered through Rich Solar sets the company apart from the rest of the solar industry. An entire solar system can be designed, set up, and installed using only Rich Solar products.

Guarantees and Warranties

There are three different guarantees and warranties offered through Rich Solar. First, there is a 30 -ay money-back guarantee on all of the company’s products. So after a month if a customer is not satisfied with the product or equipment, it can be sent back for a full refund with no questions asked.

There are also warranties on the actual equipment and products supplied through Rich Solar. While there are specifics to each products’ warranty, as a whole a 25-year warranty is offered. As for efficiency with that warranty, it will vary based on what the customer needs. For example, some panels offer a 25-year warranty with 80 percent efficiency. Others offer a 25-year limited power output. While the specifics may differ, the number of protected years remains the same.

Lastly, there is a five-year workmanship warranty as well. This is especially unique considering the fact that Rich Solar does not actually do the install — the customer does. This should ease any concern customer’s have over their own abilities to install the equipment as there is a warranty for installation issues.

Payment Flexibility

Rich Solar does not offer the traditional lease or loan payment options that other solar companies within the industry offer. Since the solar products sold by Rich Solar are more affordable than panels needed for a residential or commercial property, customers will own the equipment outright.

To assist in the initial up-front costs of purchasing solar equipment, Rich Solar does provide customers with a payment plan if needed. Rich Solar customers can take advantage of a four-part, interest-free installment plan instead of paying for all equipment at once.

This sets Rich Solar apart from the rest of the industry as the company not only provides financial flexibility to customers, but all customers will eventually own the equipment outright.


The Bad

  • Self Install Products
  • Only Manufactures Off-Grid Equipment

Self Install Products

A vast majority of solar companies make money on the installation. More often than not, a solar company simply partners with a solar manufacturer so the only way to make money is off the design and installation process.

This is another key difference in the Rich Solar model. All of the company’s products are self-installed, meaning the customer will need to put the equipment on the desired products or vehicles. 

Only Manufactures Off-Grid Equipment

Customers looking for solar solutions for a residential or commercial property will have to find a different supplier. Equipment sold by Rich Solar is not designed for home or office building efficiency, only off-grid solar needs. Most solar companies target residential and commercial needs whereas the target customer base for Rich Solar is entirely different. This is not necessarily a “knock” on the Rich Solar business model, just a heads up for prospective residential solar customers.


The Bottom Line

Anyone looking to cut energy costs on a certain product (e.g., RV or off-grid housing) or within a certain industry (agriculture, industrial, marine equipment) should seek out the services of Rich Solar. Rich Solar supplies all equipment necessary for these types of needs at an affordable rate.

While installation will be up to the customer, Rich Solar has designed equipment that is easily installed and is backed by numerous guarantees and warranties. That being said, the traditional residential and commercial solar customers will need to go elsewhere for their solar needs.

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