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LAST UPDATED: April 17th, 2023

ReVision Energy was founded in 2003 and offers commercial, non-profits, agricultural, multifamily and residential solar services, including solar air-conditioning, solar space heating, solar hot water, electric vehicle charging and solar PV. They service facilities in Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire, and have installed more than 5,000 solar applications.

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The Good

  • Multifaceted Service Provider
  • Trusted Industry Partnerships
  • Community Solar Farms
  • Reputation
  • Solar Trackers
  • Educational Information
  • Warranty Information
  • System Monitoring
  • NABCEP Certified

Multifaceted Service Provider

ReVision Energy is a multifaceted service provider. They are an electrical contractor, plumber and have over 10 years experience as a solar provider with all their work being performed by their in-house solar specialists.

Trusted Industry Partnerships

ReVision Energy has partnered with numerous solar industry manufacturers with proven track records and reliable solar products. For example, the company sources solar panels from LG, solar inverter technology from Enphase and SolarEdge, and solar energy storage solutions from Tesla. 

Community Solar Farms

Community solar farms are becoming more and more popular. ReVision Energy doesn't own a solar farm; however, they are instrumental in organizing and connecting those whose conditions aren't right for a solar application, don't have a roof or simply don't want a solar array installed on their home to find and become members of a solar farm so they can still benefit from using solar energy to reduce their electric bill.


ReVision Energy is North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) certified, a U.S. Green Building Council member, CEI, an Amicus certified member, allEarth Renewables, a Certified B Corporation, top 400 solar contractors and a Diamond Contractor. They are also a member of the Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce, were named Business of the Year by the Exeter Area Chamber of Commerce, have won the North American Copper in Architecture Award and more.

Solar Trackers

ReVision Energy now offers dual-axis solar trackers, which is great because most solar companies don't. A solar tracker uses a motor and a global positioning system (GPS) to turn your solar panels, both from east to west and up and down so that they always follow the sun's elevation. According to their website, solar trackers will allow a system to produce 45% more electricity versus a fixed array of the same size. And there is a page on their website that goes into great detail with information and videos to show you exactly how it all works. This is truly cutting edge technology and something you should take into consideration when trying to decide which solar provider you should choose.

Educational Information

If you are just beginning to consider going solar, the ReVision Energy website has a wealth of information to help you learn and understand how solar works. And, explains in some detail, after you've signed the contract, exactly how the entire process flows from start to finish. So you definitely won't leave their website with many questions, if any.

System Monitoring

ReVision states that all inverters feature some sort of web-based monitoring, which will provide you information about how much energy your system is producing. So obviously they do offer system monitoring, but they don't say whether or not there is any additional cost for that service or whether or not the monitoring is for production, usage or both. Therefore, once you've selected a system, don't forget to ask them that question.

NABCEP Certified

ReVision Energy employs at least six technicians who have been certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). The NABCEP is a nationally recognized organization that provides certification programs for solar professionals. Working with an NABCEP-certified company will assure customers their solar project will be built according to industry standards by experts committed to quality and professionalism.


The Bad

  • Limited Payment Options
  • Limited ReVision Energy Reviews

Limited Payment Options

Many solar companies offer leases and purchase power agreements (PPAs), which are helpful for those who don't qualify for a loan or an outright purchase. ReVision Energy does not offer these options.

Limited ReVision Energy Reviews

As of April 2023, ReVision Energy has earned fewer than five verified reviews on Best Company, and these reviews are mixed at best. On the one hand, ReVision Energy’s team of sales and solar installation experts exceeded a customer’s expectations on all fronts; however, other customers felt the solar installer dropped the ball on post-install maintenance. Both types of reviews, good and bad, appear to be isolated incidents and would be better contextualized if more reviews were available.

If you are a current or former customer of ReVision Energy, we encourage you to share your experience below.


The Bottom Line

ReVision Energy appears to be an average solar energy provider. They make great efforts to educate potential customers with all the inclusive information about going solar and the solar process that can be found on their website. However, the company does not offer leases or PPAs.

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Ray Flaherty Plaistow, NH

After interviewing 4 solar installers there was no doubt that Revision Energy was the company to hire to install our solar system. They were exceptional at keeping us up to date on the timelines and the install. Any and all questions were answered immediately and they were available for consultation online and by phone. Overall we were pleased with their professionalism and their work. We look forward to a long a fruitful solar experience with them as our contact.

6 years ago

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Maya Chicago, IL

ReVision loves to install solar systems for people, but they are missing in action when it comes to servicing the systems they install. We had a mice issue due to them not plugging the ends of the covers for the heat pump piping. The mice chewed the insulation. Wanted to know if it was something we could do ourselves. Got the run around from several employees and then was given three names of other companies to do the repairs. Most other companies do not want to do work on systems they do not install. Frustrated, I called Fujitsu and spoke with an excellent tech who told me what to do to fix the problem - our conversation took less than 15 minutes. Now we need an inside heat pump cover replaced and are getting the same run around. Call, they say they will schedule it, but don't hear back. Call again, they will look into it, and don't hear back. This is not due to Covid as they have the same one person to service heat pumps that they had years ago. Do not have ReVision install your system

3 years ago

star star star star star

Scott Hampton, NH

Informative and friendly salesperson. Excellent and clean installation with attention to detail (better than expected).

5 years ago

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Mark Saunders Madbury, NH

They are crooks and treated me like I was an idiot. They would not give a cost breakdown of the system they tried to sell me. They wanted $30k for a system that when I priced out the parts myself cost $9k (delivered). They want $21k for markup and installation!?

5 years ago