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LAST UPDATED: May 5th, 2023

Locally-owned proSOLAR is a residential and commercial solar supplier based in St. Louis, Missouri. ProSOLAR serves Fenton, St. Louis, and the surrounding areas, helping customers acquire high-quality and budget-friendly solar solutions by working with well-known manufacturers. 

ProSolar’s affiliated company, Home Options Made Easy, has more than 16 years of roofing experience. Combined, these two companies can deliver comprehensive roofing and solar services on your property.

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The Good

  • Variety of Solar Solutions
  • Solar Generators
  • Cleaning and Maintenance 
  • Personalized Financing
  • Roofing Partnership

Variety of Solar Solutions

One major advantage of choosing proSOLAR is the variety of options you have. For solar panels, proSOLAR works with a few different manufacturers. In its PV systems, proSOLAR uses panels from Peimar, Solaria, and LG. 

Aside from solar panels, proSOLAR also installs solar generators. The company sells the Clean Green Solar Machine generator (CGSM) with 12-kilowatt and 24-kilowatt options. This type of generator can be connected with solar systems using its inverter or plugged into an outlet. 

Other services offered by proSOLAR include ground mounted systems, grid-tied and off-grid system installation, solar street light installation, panel removal, repairs, maintenance, panel cleaning, and roofing. 

Solar Generators

As mentioned above, proSOLAR offers solar generators in its product offering. This is a unique perk that many competing solar companies do not offer. 

While not as powerful as a full roof-mounted solar system, solar generators can run your HVAC, refrigerator, lights and other appliances for several days if needed. They are also popular for mobile businesses, such as food trucks. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

ProSOLAR offers solar panel cleaning and maintenance services in addition to installations. Note that the cost of these services is not included with the purchase of a system, but they are nonetheless helpful options for customers concerned about grime buildup and reduced efficiency of dirty panels.  

Personalized Financing

ProSOLAR has options for financing. In partnership with credible lending companies, proSOLAR will work with you to come up with a financing option that will meet your needs. Specifics of this personalized financing are not readily available, but you can contact proSOLAR to get an estimate and discuss financing options for your situation. 

Roofing Partnership

Typically with a residential solar installation, panels are mounted on the roof. Sometimes before getting solar, customers’ homes require repair or maintenance of the roof. If solar panels are installed on a damaged roof, the weight can cause damage to the home structure.

The great news for customers is that proSOLAR’s sister company, Home Options Made Easy, has years of roofing experience. If a customer requires roof replacement or repair prior to solar installation, proSOLAR can take care of the whole project.


The Bad

  • Few Online Reviews
  • Limited Service Coverage 
  • More Details Needed

Few Online Reviews

proSOLAR is a relatively new company. As a result, you will have difficulty reading reviews from past customers online. The good news is, the existing reviews are generally positive — but there are very few. Most of the existing reviews are Google reviews. 

Once we have more proSOLAR customer reviews on our site, we can compare it to other solar companies. Until then, it’s anyone’s guess how proSOLAR approaches customer service, project delays, and other pertinent issues that often come up in solar reviews.

If proSOLAR has performed a solar project for you, please consider leaving a review below to benefit prospective solar customers. 

Limited Service Coverage

With the company headquarters in Fenton, Missouri, proSOLAR provides services in the surrounding St. Louis area. Customers outside of this area will need to find a different company to design and install their residential solar systems. 

That being said, there are advantages to running a small, localized business. The company presumably has a deep understanding of the local climate and solar energy market, so it can provide tailored solutions well-suited for St. Louis residents. 

More Details Needed

While Prosolar's website provides some information about their services and expertise, it may not be as detailed as some customers would prefer. For example, there is no information on pricing or financing options, which could be important factors for customers considering a solar installation.

Additionally, proSOLAR does not appear to have any industry certifications or awards. This may be a concern for customers who are looking for a highly reputable and established solar installer.


The Bottom Line

Because proSOLAR partners with different manufacturers, prices of and warranties on its PV systems may vary. However, these options allow you to pick panels within your budget that are sufficient for your needs. 

If you live in the St. Louis area, this company seems like one worth checking out. With a variety of products and personalized financing, proSOLAR may be the perfect solution to your energy usage problems — but without customer reviews, we can’t make a definitive call. 

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