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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Project Earth Solar was founded to help make solar options for residential and commercial property owners more accessible and mainstream. After realizing the positive impact solar energy is having on the environment in general, Project Earth Solar was created to help people navigate what once was a complicated process. Each solar project taken on by Project Earth Solar will be managed by solar professionals dedicated to reducing or eliminating monthly utility bills in general. 

Project Earth Solar establishes personal relationships with each client, ensuring that all needs and expectations are met. Having a solar system installed is a financial investment, but one that Project Earth Solar believes benefits everyone in the long run. 

With multiple contributing providers, Project Earth Solar has created a seamless process to make solar a reality for as many people as possible. Since its founding, Project Earth Solar has helped clients across the country realize the benefits of solar while eliminating the headache generally associated with the permit and installation process. 

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The Good

  • Timely Process
  • Warranties

Timely Process

Project Earth Solar utilizes a streamlined solar process. Instead of waiting weeks or months for updates on specific project steps, most Project Earth Solar clients have an operational solar system within a matter of weeks. Here is how the company does it:

  • Custom quote — Each client will receive a detailed and accurate quote based on information provided by the property owner.
  • Preparation — Project Earth Solar will start the permitting process and scheduling inspections with required organizations. 
  • Installation — Certified installers are dispatched to the home to connect the system.
  • Follow-up — Project lead will check in with the client to ensure that the system is operating as expected.

By outsourcing elements of the project and divvying up the work, Project Earth Solar is able to cut down on the wait time and get systems operational as quickly as possible. 


Warranties are standard within the solar industry. Since having a solar system installed does require a time and financial commitment, protection from warranties offer peace of mind. Generally in the solar industry, clients will receive a 25-year equipment warranty and a 10-year workmanship warranty.

However, with Project Earth Solar, clients can expect the following warranties and term lengths:

  • Manufacturer Equipment Guarantee — 25 years
  • Labor Guarantee (Workmanship) — 25 years
  • Roof Penetration Guarantee — 25 years
  • Linear Production Warranty — 25 years

With Project Earth Solar, clients will receive one of the strongest and most comprehensive offerings of warranties within the solar industry. 


The Bad

  • Outsourced Installation
  • Undisclosed Equipment Information
  • Unknown Battery Options
  • Financing Channels

Outsourced Installation

With Project Earth Solar, the installation process is outsourced to contractors that are supposedly qualified to handle the work. This is also difficult to determine as each client will work with a different installation provider. There are a number of benefits of working with an end-to-end solar contractor. The communication lines are rarely crossed, and the company that designs the system also installs it.

Undisclosed Equipment Information

For many potential solar clients, the equipment used during installation in an important factor in their decision. As a result, many competitors within the space will make it a point to highlight equipment partnerships or dealership relationships as a way of promoting what equipment is used during installation.

Project Earth Solar doesn't disclose its partnerships, making it difficult to determine the quality of equipment used in Project Earth Solar installations. Most solar companies work with tier-1 solar manufacturers, but it is unknown whether or not Project Earth Solar does. 

Unknown Battery Options

Net metering is available through Project Earth Solar, and the company makes it a point to note just how net metering can benefit clients financially. However, some clients are interested in solar options for increased energy independence. That would mean that a solar battery or storage solution needs to be available. It is not publicly noted whether or not storage or battery solutions are available through Project Earth Solar.

Many solar installation companies are starting to incorporate battery or storage installation as many clients are looking for this source of energy independence. 

Financing Channels

A number of solar companies will solely work with clients who are planning to own the system. A few will only work with customers that purchase the system upfront and outright. However, owning a system is not the possible for all property owners which is why many companies offer leasing options and power purchase agreements.

Unfortunately for Project Earth Solar clients, there are no leasing or PPA options available. There may be options to obtain a solar loan, but it is difficult to determine how aggressive the repayment structure is. This limits who can afford a solar system through Project Earth Solar. 


The Bottom Line

Project Earth Solar was founded on principles of making renewable energy sources easier to access. In turn, both the client and the environment are positively impacted. To make this idea a reality, Project Earth Solar has created a streamlined process to ensure clients understand the design and purchasing process while outsourcing key elements of project management to service a wide range of clients and geographical reach. To protect this financial investment, Project Earth Solar offers a number of comprehensive warranties guaranteeing energy production and efficiency. 

While founded on positive core principles, there are missing elements to the Project Earth Solar platform prospective clients should be aware of. Third parties will be involved in the solar process including the actual installation.

It is not disclosed what equipment is used in Project Earth Solar projects, making it difficult to determine whether or not tier-1 technology is utilized. It is also unclear whether or not battery or storage solutions are available through Project Earth Solar. The company is set on clients owning the system, limiting financial options for interested customers. 

Despite creating a straightforward solar process, it is difficult to recommend Project Earth Solar services simply because there is little known regarding what the company’s actual project management service entails. 

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