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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Power Sync Solar is a family-owned solar company founded in 2018. Its goal is to make going solar the smartest financial choice for homeowners and businesses. Offering its solar services in net-metered states where owners can utilize government incentives to immediately make solar more affordable to install and run properties on solar power. Power Sync Solar focuses on personal interaction and is committed to offering the best price to its customers. 

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The Good

  • Local Company
  • Financial Details
  • 3-Month Bill Pay Incentive
  • Services Offered

Local Company 

Purchasing a solar energy system is very expensive and is a long-term commitment. Customers will work with the company throughout the lifetime of the panels. It’s important to choose a company that can be trusted to be around when things aren’t going right. Many consumers appreciate using a local company for the proximity of customer service.    

Financial Details 

Power Sync Solar wants customers to be able to use solar and save money. The company's website provides some numbers for potential customers to think about. Solar installers charge anywhere from $2.65 to $3.65 per watt. For a 10kW system, it’s going to cost $22,260 after incentives on the low-end to $31,390 after incentives on the high-end.

Power Sync Solar reduces overhead costs to give you the most competitive pricing in the four-state area and guarantees the lowest price. Power Sync Solar advises customers to pay cash for a solar system, but the company understands not everyone can do that and offers lending options.

Net-metering is available as another financial perk for buying solar in the states Power Sync Solar services. This net-meter perk allows system meters to run backward when excess energy is produced. So, grid-tied solar customers get credit for high production months that can be used in low production months. 

3-Month Bill Pay Incentive

Power Sync Solar offers new customers three months of power bills covered after the system is activated. This is Power Sync Solar’s way of saying thank you and welcome to using solar. 

Services Offered

Power Sync Solar offers the following services:

  • Grid-tied solar system services
  • Solar electric/PV system installation
  • Solar EV charging system installation
  • Solar panel installation
  • Ground-mounted system services
  • Solar electric/PV system repair
  • Solar panel cleaning

The Bad

  • Limited Service Area
  • Lack of Product Information

Limited Service Area

Power Sync Solar only services Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma.

Lack of Product Information

Power Sync Solar’s website does not offer any product information about what the company uses on installations. It does state that most of its product choices carry a 25-year manufacturing warranty, which tells us it is using top-tier products. Customers who want to do side-by-side comparisons on solar install companies appreciate having that information readily available. 


The Bottom Line

Power Sync Solar is a new company and hasn’t been around for a long time. We suggest using a company that has been around for at least five years, and Power Sync Solar is just shy of that standard. With that being said, it is a local company that has great customer reviews. If you are located in Power Sync Solar’s service area, we recommend you call for a quote.

Depending on what you value most as a consumer, this company may be a fit for you. Getting some detailed information on the products and specifics on its service warranty would be a place to start when getting a quote from Power Sync Solar. 

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