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LAST UPDATED: January 27th, 2021

Power Production Management (PPM) has been providing solar energy services to residential, commercial, agricultural, governmental, and utility clients across the state of Florida since 2009. The company has installed more than 10,000 kilowatts of renewable energy in the state since its founding, and its residential solar installation projects average about 10 kW in capacity. In Florida, this translates to roughly $1,700 in annual energy savings.

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The Good

  • Full-Service Solar Installer
  • High-Quality Solar Equipment
  • Buy, Loan, Lease, and PPA Options
  • Awards and Certifications

Full-Service Solar Installer

From the initial consultation to final interconnection, PPM provides support to the homeowner at every step of the solar installation process. Its NABCEP-certified technicians work with customers as well as the city to design, install, inspect, and connect each solar panel system, start to finish:

  1. Consultation — PPM will identify the customer’s specific energy usage and energy needs and develop a custom solar package to address them.
  2. Site Survey — Once the contract has been signed, PPM will send a team to the home to evaluate the condition of the roof, identify problem areas, and develop a solution to maximize solar energy output.
  3. Solar System Design — With data pulled from the site survey along with the homeowner’s recent utility bill, PPM’s engineering team will design a custom system using the latest design software and tools.
  4. Permit Pulling — PPM will then work with the city to pull all the necessary electrical and building permits to ensure that the solar PV system is completely up to code.
  5. Panel Installation — Finally, Power Production Management will send its installation team to physically mount the solar panels to your roof.
  6. Solar Array Inspection — A city inspector will review PPM’s work to determine the installation quality. PPM will also walk the homeowner through the ins and outs of the system.
  7. Interconnection — Once the solar array has been approved by the city, it gets connected to the utility grid and customers can begin saving on the monthly electric bill.

High-Quality Solar Equipment

Power Production Management employs some of the best and most energy-efficient solar equipment in the world for its solar PV systems. The solar provider’s packages include components from the following manufacturers:

  • REC Solar — Based in Germany, REC Solar panels offer customers one of the best equipment warranties (25 years) and energy efficiency ratings (21.7 percent) on the market. PPM is a REC Solar Certified Installer, and panels are projected to last anywhere between 30 and 40 years.
  • Enphase — One of the leading solar inverter producers in the world, Enphase attaches a 25-year warranty on all of its products. Enphase inverters not only convert solar energy at a high clip, but they also monitor the performance of individual panels, and provide insights to help optimize their energy output.
  • SnapNrack — SnapNrack offers one of the premier roof-mounting and racking systems available today. Not only do its products mitigate roof leaks, they’re also tested to withstand wind speeds up to 190 mph.

In addition to solar energy systems, PPM can also install the Tesla Powerwall backup battery and Tesla EV solar charging station. The Tesla Powerwall is one of the top solar energy storage solutions on the market, allowing customers to harness their surplus solar energy and use it at night or in the event of a power outage.

Buy, Loan, Lease, and PPA Options

Power Production Management is one of the few Florida-based solar companies to provide four financing options to its residential solar customers:

  • Direct Purchase — By far the fastest way to see a return on your investment, direct purchase of a solar panel system also requires the highest upfront cost. That said, solar panel purchasers can also take advantage of available tax credits at the state and federal levels.
  • Solar Loans — Solar loans also lead to panel ownership and accompanying solar incentives. They often come with zero upfront costs and a payback period as low as seven years.
  • Solar Leases — Solar leases effectively rent the system to the homeowner. All installation and maintenance costs belong to PPM; homeowners just pay for use of the system.
  • Power Purchase Agreement — PPAs work much like solar leases; customers pay a low monthly rate for the solar energy their systems produce — often at a lower rate than the utility bill.

Awards and Certifications

In addition to PPM’s Certified Installer status with REC Solar, the company has also received its certification from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). This certification indicates that the company has taken additional steps to train its technicians on the latest solar installation methods and developments in solar technology. The NABCEP is highly regarded in the solar industry, and companies who have been certified by the NABCEP distinguish themselves as true experts in their field.

Power Production Management was also named one of Solar Power World magazine’s “Top 500 Solar Contractors” every year from 2012 to 2020.


The Bad

  • Only Available in Florida
  • Limited Workmanship Warranty

Only Available in Florida

Power Production Management’s residential solar services only appear to be available in the state of Florida, a highly competitive solar market in which more than 450 individual solar companies, installers, and manufacturers operate. Verified Power Production Management reviews from actual customers can help the company stand out from the competition.

Limited Workmanship Warranty

PPM mentions a “limited workmanship warranty” on its site, but has omitted the terms of this warranty, i.e. the warranty length and covered claims. While all labor fees are waived for the first 12 months, in the event that a customer needs a service visit after the first year, and the problem does not fall within the purview of the limited workmanship warranty, PPM will charge $90 per hour for a one-technician job and $120 per hour for a two-technician job. Enumerating the terms and conditions of the workmanship warranty ahead of time would be a great tool for customers comparing multiple solar installers.


The Bottom Line

Overall, Power Production Management has almost everything a Florida homeowner could possibly ask for: flexible financing options, premier solar equipment, a long track record of quality solar installations, and the certifications to back up its expertise. Customers are encouraged to pursue an initial consultation with the company, and also inquire as to the terms, conditions, and qualifying claims for its limited workmanship warranty.

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