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LAST UPDATED: March 28th, 2022

Poulin Design Center was founded by Tom Poulin in 1983. His original mission was to create a solar installation company that allowed customers to take part in the product selection and design while also trusting the work being done on their property. 

In the early days of solar, the installation process was drawn out and left many clients unhappy. Poulin wanted to change that, streamlining the design and installation process for residents and business owners in the state of New Mexico. 

In addition to providing solar installation services, Poulin Design Center also takes on remodel projects. The experienced team at Poulin Design can help with kitchen, bathroom, and shower/bath system remodels.

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The Good

  • Equipment Partnerships 
  • 25/25/25 Warranty
  • Solar Process
  • Free Estimate and Design

Equipment Partnerships

Equipment partnerships play a key role in a solar installation company’s success. Having the ability to install tier-1 solar equipment allows for customers to efficiently produce clean, renewable energy. While most solar installation companies have one major equipment partnership, Poulin Design Center maintains many, providing its clients with options when designing their solar system. Poulin Design Center equipment partnerships include the following:

SolarEdge: for power optimizers (batteries) and panels

  • Specifically designed to maximize panel efficiency 
  • Up to 25% more energy
  • Superior efficiency (99.5%)

Enphase: for microinverters and panel equipment

  • Continuous power during a daytime outage
  • Rapid shutdown compliance
  • Module-level monitoring 
  • Design flexibility to maximize roof space

LG Pro and Q Cell: for panels

  • 40+ years of solar research
  • Most efficient panels available for maximum production in a limited space
  • Lowest annual degradation

Poulin Design Center solar clients will have their pick when it comes to the design and install of their residential or commercial project. 

25/25/25 Warranty

One of the most unique offerings of the Poulin Design Center solar service is the 25/25/25 warranty. The 25/25/25 warranty covers the product, performance, and labor. For comparison, most solar installation companies will offer a 25-year performance warranty and a 10-year workmanship warranty to clients. Not many solar installation companies in the industry offer warranties on the product, performance, and labor for a full 25 years.

Solar Process

The Poulin Design Center team will walk solar clients through every step of the installation process. The company will handle everything from the initial plans to the permits and paperwork, up until the system is fully operational. Not every solar installation company will streamline the solar process for clients, but Poulin Design Center does. 

Free Estimate and Design

Clients unsure about whether or not to move forward with solar installation will find the Poulin Design Center team to be informative and helpful. Experienced technicians will conduct an initial walkthrough to determine the best design and overall layout for each property.

From there, the Poulin Design Center team will provide the client with their options and allow them to take part in the decision making. Most solar installation companies handle this portion of the solar process behind closed doors, whereas Poulin Design Center allows clients to be a part of it all. 


The Bad

  • Financing Options
  • Limited Service Area

Financing Options

Solar is expensive and the installation fees can be equally pricey. On average, a solar system will cost a homeowner $15,000–$25,000 to get up and running. Not everyone can make an initial investment like that, which is why many solar installation companies have provided a host of financing options.

Whether it is through loan options or PPA, most of the solar industry offers some sort of flexible financing option. It is unclear whether or not Poulin Design Center offers these types of financing solutions to clients looking to install a solar system. 

Limited Service Area

While Poulin Design Center is the top solar installation company in the state of New Mexico, it is also the only state the company services. Many solar companies are geographically focused, with some providing installation services in a few cities or throughout an entire state. Other solar companies have found ways to provide installation services to several states, regions, or even on a national level to prospective solar clients.


The Bottom Line

Poulin Design Center provides comprehensive solar and remodel services to residential and commercial properties in New Mexico. With two convenient locations, clients can play an active role in the design and customization of their home’s solar project. 

Even though Poulin Design Center was originally founded as a remodel business, the company has taken on the solar industry by storm. The team at Poulin Design Center took aspects from its experience in remodeling to the solar installation process, revolutionizing how solar is done in New Mexico. 

Prospective solar clients should seriously consider using Poulin Design Center for solar installation services. The company has the experience and equipment partnerships to ensure a proper installation and a highly efficient solar energy production system. 

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