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Polar Solar is a Los Angeles based company on a mission to protect the environment through smart energy solutions. It provides solar energy solutions to consumers located exclusively in California. Polar Solar is focused on providing a clean, affordable energy alternative through solar power. With all services provided in house and quality product, Polar Solar hopes to change the way the world fulfills its energy needs.

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The Good

  • Online Monitoring Provided
  • Warranty Available
  • Excellent Customer Service

Online Monitoring Provided

Polar Solar uses an online monitoring system called Tigo Smart. This app is available for download via any tablet, computer, or smart phone making it easy to monitor a solar system on the go. Tigo Smart monitors the solar system by checking for potential problems and sending alert notifications when problems are detected. It also monitors overall energy production of the solar system and stores historical energy data. This allows consumers to view how the system is functioning over time and quickly correct system malfunctions.

Warranty Available

Every Polar Solar installation comes backed with a warranty. Its warranty package includes a 10-year product/inverter warranty as well as a 30-year power/manufacturer warranty. Its 30-year power warranty is longer than most of the other solar companies we have reviewed. Most companies we have reviewed currently offer a 25-year warranty. This gives consumers peace of mind that their solar system will be protected for the first several years it is installed up to half the life of the average solar system.

Excellent Customer Service

Polar Solar has received great reviews via Facebook and when it comes to its customer service. Some reviewers particularly mentioned the meticulous attention to detail Polar Solar employees used when taking measurements and designing their solar system. Reviewers also mentioned they appreciated that Polar Solar "did what they said they would do" with the finished design of the solar panel installation and throughout the installation process.


The Bad

  • Limited Availability

Limited Availability

Polar Solar currently offers solar energy services exclusively to California residents. Potential customers outside of California will have to look elsewhere to find a solar energy provider who services their area.


The Bottom Line

Polar Solar is a company offering a quality product to California residents. It offers an excellent warranty as well as online monitoring of the system giving consumers peace of mind that their system will be protected for years to come. While it does offer some appealing services to consumers, it exclusively offers services to California residents making Polar Solar a potential option for a limited pool of consumers.

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Daniel Manning

We have looking into solar panels for our house and have checked various companies and then came across Polar. We were very impressed the minute we started talking to them. Michael founding partner and when he introduced us to Ida he's partner an head of sales. Whe took the time to review all programs currently available and what would suit us the best and after a few presentations we chose polar. You will not be let down and they answer every question you may have. They want clients not just customers for long term relationships so we decided to go ahead with the and there team.please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns we are so satisfied whit our decision.

3 years ago

star star star star star

Robert Garcia Northridge, CA

If you are looking for a solar company with superior quality and craftsmanship of their product(s), that comes with one of the best warranty on the market, with excellent Customer Service, and does everything by the book in a timely manner without waste your precious time? If your answer is YES, then please don't look any further than Polar Solar. First of all let me say this now, I'm not a person that loves to write reviews online. But I feel and think it's the proper thing to do when a company goes above and beyond for their customers. So, here is our story. We been living for Years now in Northridge area. A few years ago, we did a big renovation to our home. Our goals was not only to have a beautiful home but also a top-notch thermal insulation home which keeps the house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. We started to analyze our utilities bills to see how much we save. Please don't get me wrong, our electrical bill did go down a significate amount but in the same time it was going up. Our usage of electricity went down but the fees from the power company (LADWP) was going up rapidly. So, this is when we decide to take control of us generating our own power rather than to depend on someone else. At first, we didn't know anything about solar, so we started to call different solar companies (about 10) to get a free consultation. There was few things that we notices from each company that had some type of resemblances; Every time we met with each of them, they all I had something to say bad about each other. But when we asked them to show us proof (online or on paper), they couldn't back-up their accusation. They were assuming that their solar panel was the best in the market & no one else had that type of product. The funny things is, all of the solar panels from each of them looked the same, just different name brand. Some of the solar company companies didn't want to sell us a system but rather to lease one from them and pay a monthly fee and be connect to their grid. What is the point of that? You don't own your system ever and the only thing you accomplish was to leave your old supplier to have a new supplier. As for when it came to asking questions or concerns about the solar business or their product(s), it seems like their representatives didn't know shit. Most of them, where giving us generic sale pitches from a book. Lastly, every representative(s) we met, didn't want to give us time to think it over or lets us do research on their company or product. It's like they were vulture, putting the pressure on you to buy their product. About few weeks later, we met Mark from Polar Solar. When he came over, he was very polite & professional. We asked him all the questions & concerns that we could think of & he gave us a genuine answer without reading from a book manual. He totally took his time telling us how step by step about their products and about Polar Solar. I will say this, Polar Solar are a top of their game & quick in a professional manner when it comes to get everything ready to install your system. There was nothing for us to do except decide what day we want polar Solar to come to install the system at our house. Their customer service representative Patricia is extremely the best. Anytime we needed an update or any information regarding project or loan, she gave us an answer quickly and always in a professional manner. There was never a point where we felt lost or confuse of what was going on with our project with Polar Solar. They always kept us in the loop. When it came down to installing the system, the crew that showed up where very polite and professional. You can tell by observation, they took pride in their work. Quality, craftsmanship, & safety was top priority for them. They constantly did inspection on everything, to the smallest detail to make sure it was properly installed & working in perfection. We were extremely happy & satisfied on the entire process, from beginning to end with Polar Solar. Here is my question again to you my fellow consumers. If you are looking for a solar company with top notch quality product(s) with one of the best warranty in the market. Excellent customer service that will answer your call always or call you back right away to assists you with all of your concerns/questions and not give you any BS. Who does everything for you from the beginning to the end in a professional time frame without wasting your precious time? That takes safety, Customer Service, loyalty to the consumers, quality, & craftsmanship as a number one Priority in their business. Then please stop looking any further and call Polar Solar! You won't regret it making this call. I hope our story will help you to make the best decision and be extremely satisfied with their solar system. Thank you Polar Solar for all your help, making our transition to solar power smoothly without the BS, not wasting our precious time & always had us as your golden priority to be happy customers….…..

4 years ago

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John Merkley-Mulchahey Palm Springs, CA

A year and a half in and so far everything is great. No complaints and urge you to go solar. The one thing I found concerning is how many panels the salesman wanted to put on my house. We wanted 100% coverage. After doing the math myself, I determined he wanted to sell me eight panels we didn't need. We removed eight from the contract and my math has proved correct. The buyer should always beware.

3 years ago

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