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LAST UPDATED: February 14th, 2022

Plug It In Solar is a family-owned business that provides California homeowners with reliable and efficient solar services. The company was founded in 2015 and, throughout the years, has grown exponentially. Plug It In Solar is a full-service solar company, so it offers solar panel installation, solar battery installation, and other solar solutions. 

In addition to installing panels and batteries, Plug It In Solar aims to help educate the public on the importance of solar energy. The company's website contains helpful information on how solar is helping to reduce our impact on the environment and ways we can continue to save our planet. 

If you are interested in working with Plug It In Solar, the company offers a free consultation via phone or in person.

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The Good

  • Works with Name Brands
  • Clear Process
  • Financing Options
  • Project Gallery

Works with Name Brands

Plug It In Solar wants consumers to understand that it uses only the highest quality products. To ensure that clients are getting the best of the best, Plug It In Solar works with brands such as Panasonic, Tesla, LG, SolarWorld, and more. 

Plug It In Solar installs Panasonic solar panels. If you weren't aware, Panasonic's solar panels are known to have the highest efficiency conversion on the market. These solar panels also have a water drainage system that prevents your panels from accumulating water and eliminates hard water stains. Plus, Panasonic panels have a 25-year warranty on power output, parts, and craftsmanship. 

Plug It In Solar also uses SolarEdge inverters. SolarEdge's inverters are lightweight, small, and easy to install. Plus, all your data can be accessed through SolarEdge's online monitoring platform. This makes it easy for homeowners to view panel performance, detect issues or damages, and troubleshoot. SolarEdge inverters come with a standard 12-year warranty — however, you can extend it to 20 or 25 years. 

Your home's location, size, and sun exposure will determine how your solar system will be installed and which products will work best for your situation. That said, you can trust that Plug It In Solar's technicians and installers will choose panels that will maximize your solar energy production. 

Clear Process

Plug It In Solar claims that most solar projects only take about two to three months, which is standard for the industry. 

The company clarifies that you'll need to provide your electricity usage for the past year to start the process. Once that information has been collected, Plug It In Solar will begin obtaining all required permits, designing the system, and informing your utility company of your decision to go solar. Now, this step may take anywhere from a few days to weeks, depending on the size of the system, which city you live in, and your current utility company. 

Next, Plug It In Solar will install your panels. This step should only take a day (especially for a system that is smaller in size). However, larger solar systems can take up to four days.

The next step is the inspection from building and safety. Your system will have to be approved, and the approval must be sent to your utility company. Plug It In Solar explains that this process can take up to four weeks, but the average time most homeowners wait is two weeks. 

After a solar meter is installed, you can monitor your solar system. 

We appreciate that Plug It In Solar was honest in answering how long homeowners can expect the process to take. Many solar companies will only include how long it takes to install the panels (which is only one part of the process), leaving consumers confused when it actually takes a couple of months to get the entire system up and running. 

Financing Options

Plug It In Solar provides several financing options for its clients. The company works with Salal Credit Union that offers flexible solar financing loans. 

Plug It In Solar also works with the ELN or Energy Loan Network. This lending company works with credit unions that offer loans for solar installations and energy solutions. 

Or you can work with Property-Assessed Clean Energy. PACE solar loans are paid back as an additional payment on your property taxes. These loans are funded by your city or state. PACE loans may be a good option for you, especially if your credit score isn't the best. 

There is also Spruce Financing. With this option, there are several financing options, including PACE, PPA, and solar loans. 

Lastly, there is the HERO loan program. This is one of the most popular energy loan options in California. Property owners pay the loan back once a year for a fixed term with a HERO loan. 

No matter your financial situation, Plug It In Solar seems to have something for everyone. If you're unsure how you want to go about financing your new solar system, we recommend contacting the company and speaking with a specialist. 

Project Gallery

Plug It In Solar has a fairly extensive project gallery on its website. Here, consumers can check out past projects on residential and commercial buildings completed by Plug It In Solar. We here at BestCompany always appreciate a project gallery as it allows potential buyers to get a feel for the company's work. 


The Bad

  • NABCEP Certified
  • Limited and Unclear Service Area

NABCEP Certified

Plug It In Solar's website does not state whether the company (or any of its staff members) are NABCEP certified. While being NABCEP accredited or certified is not required of solar companies, it indicates that the company can take on more complex projects and go above and beyond customer expectations. 

Limited and Unclear Service Area

Plug It In Solar's headquarters are located in Van Nuys, California. However, the company's service area covers the Los Angeles area and select cities in Southern California. Plug It In Solar's website also mentions plans to expand and offer its services to clients in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

As far as its service area, we would like to see Plug It In Solar provide a little more detail for consumers. We feel that the company should provide a list of cities in which it operates. This information is important because many homeowners will only want to speak with a company that services their area and not spend time talking with a company that can't help them.


The Bottom Line

Plug It In Solar is an excellent option for California homeowners and businesses interested in going solar. The company is a full-service solar company and offers everything from solar panels to solar pool heaters to inverters, batteries, and more. The company prides itself on providing clients with only the best products in the industry. It works with several name brands such as Panasonic, SolarEdge, SolarWorld, Tesla, LG, etc. 

There are also a number of warranties on all the products, including a 25-year warranty on all Panasonic solar panel installations, a 10-year Tesla Powerwall unlimited warranty, and more. 

The company doesn't have the clearest service area, but we recommend giving Plug It In Solar a call if you are in Southern California or the Los Angeles area. 

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They did a great Job, from 18 panels i get No bill and credit every month I, i get about 800KWT a day very happy with the result, they promised and delivered. one time i called in for monitoring issue they took care of it quickly! It was lot of money but will go even by 5 years! I do recommend them for delivering satisfied customer!

6 years ago