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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Premier Aesthetix Installation and Construction (PAIC) was founded in 2020 to provide homeowners with customized renewable energy systems to maximize savings and clean energy usage. The professionals at PAIC are trained and experienced to help clients navigate what can be a difficult process. The PAIC team has proven it can take the red tape out of the solar process so customers can utilize dependable solar energy resources. 

The backbone of the PAIC service is to ensure that all necessary information is properly relayed to interested solar clients. For many prospective clients, the unknowns regarding installation processes and equipment choices cause confusion resulting in cold feet over a solar system purchase. PAIC assists clients through this initial informational step by providing all pertinent information upfront and addressing all questions and concerns a client may have. 

Each client will receive a tailored solar package, which includes the equipment, design, and mounting required to maximize energy conversion. Former PAIC clients have expressed genuine admiration for the services the company provides and have been satisfied with the results. 

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The Good

  • Consultation Options
  • Expanding Service Area
  • Qualified Financing

Consultation Options

A number of solar installation companies offer some sort of complimentary consultation. Many of these are short conversations are held over the phone. PAIC, however, offers the following consulatation options:

  • In-home consult — These typically last one hour and are the most thorough in terms of information and analysis provided. 
  • Online zoom consult — These meetings generally last a half an hour and address any questions or concerns prospective clients may have. 
  • Phone consult — These conversations can take place anytime, anywhere and usually last one hour. 

By offering a range of consultation options, PAIC remains committed to its promise to provide proficient and detailed information. 

Expanding Service Area

Generally, solar installation companies will offer services solely in one state or targeted cities within a state. Very rarely do solar installation companies find ways to expand across state lines. 

Even though PAIC is a relatively new operation, the company has already expanded its services to cover two different states. Currently PAIC has installation operations in Texas and Oklahoma. 

Qualified Financing

In addition to providing clear information to interested solar consumers, PAIC is dedicated to making renewable energy more accessible. In order to do this, PAIC works diligently to help customers obtain proper financing. 

Many solar installation companies will offer financing programs to clients or provide resources to them to independently obtain financing. PAIC will walk clients through the application process and ensure that a number of options are made available. This allows homeowners who previously believed solar energy to be out of reach due to budget restrictions the flexibility to make this dream a reality. 


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Equipment Information
  • Warranties Offered
  • Experience and Accreditation

Undisclosed Equipment Information

Potential solar customers have common questions, including what brand of equipment a solar installation company has access to. Many solar installation operations will partner with or become an authorized dealer of tier-1 solar equipment. Solar companies often make this information public as prospective clients are interested in what equipment could potentially be installed on their property. 

PAIC clients will have to wait until the consultation portion of the process to find out specifically what equipment brands are available to them. The company has not publicly disclosed what equipment/brands it uses for solar panels, inverters, or battery system. 

Warranties Offered

Warranties are a standard offering within the solar industry for a number of reasons. First, solar systems are a substantial financial investment. While this investment often pays off in the long run, it is initially quite steep. Because of the financial investment, clients want to make sure that equipment will function as designed. Due to the complexities of solar system connections, warranties are also offered to cover any sort of workmanship mishaps that may cause problems over time. 

A vast majority of solar clients will have access to one or all of the following warranties: equipment, production, and workmanship. Specifics regarding warranty details are often made public as researching solar clients are invested in protecting their financial investment. Unfortunately, PAIC has not disclosed any warranty specifics nor has the company made it clear whether these forms of protection are even available to its client base. 

Experience and Accreditation

PAIC is still relatively new to the industry, having been founded in 2020. While that does not mean PAIC is not qualified for solar installation projects, it may just mean the team has not encountered specifics within a particular project that a more experienced company has. 

In addition to being new to the solar industry, PAIC has not yet obtained any sort of NABCEP certification. This certification is not required, but is viewed as the gold standard within the solar industry. Many solar installation companies will at least have one professional that has obtained their NABCEP certification, but PAIC does not. 


The Bottom Line

PAIC provides comprehensive solar services to homeowners looking to utilize clean energy while reducing monthly energy costs. As a company that prides itself on transparency , PAIC offers three options for the complimentary initial consultation to accomodate the clients’ needs.

The company is expanding its services and offers solar solutions in two different states, something many solar companies have yet to achieve. PAIC also works tirelessly to make solar accessible for prospective customers. A major hurdle for those interested in solar are the steep associated costs. PAIC will work with consumers to obtain affordable financing. 

Despite offering a transparent and individual service, there are a number of drawbacks associated with the PAIC platform that prospective clients should be aware of. For a company that prides itself on being transparent, the PAIC website does not offer many upfront details, reserving that information for the initial consultation. This is disheartening for those in the initial research phase as equipment specifics and warranty details are not publicly disclosed.

In comparison to its competitors within the industry, PAIC is relatively new to the installation market and the company has yet to obtain NABCEP accreditation. 

Clients looking for a customized solar package that will be thoroughly detailed throughout every phase of purchasing and installation will likely benefit from what PAIC offers. However, those wanting a more experienced operation will have to turn to an alternative provider. 

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Jwofford Houston, TX

Worst company ever. From the beginning this has been a disaster. In the contract it states they have 3 months from contract signing to when the panels would be installed. We waiting the 3 months with nothing. After we told them we would seek legal counsel they finally showed up to install the panels. We had 4 different crews work on our panels. Each one had something bad to say about the other crews. The 3rd crew that was at my house left open electrical lines in my attic, good thing the system was not working at the time as it would have burned my house down. Never had an inspector look at the work, as we live in the county. So not even sure if the work is done right. Since we have had the solar we are paying double in electricity. We have to pay for the solar panels and since we are a co-op electric company, they sell us back our electricity for wholesale price. So not only and I paying for the panels, I am still paying for electricity. We now have a system that is not working, it will work for 1 hour and then nothing. Trying calling Paic and it’s always the run around, if they answer. I do not recommend this company at all. From poor customer service to expensive solar panels and still paying for electricity, this company is a joke.

10 months ago