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LAST UPDATED: September 8th, 2021

For the past several years, as solar power has increased in viability and visibility everywhere, Osceola Energy in New Mexico has been at the forefront of the movement to go green and go solar. The company, headquartered in the largest city in the state of Albuquerque, allows customers to purchase a solar energy system as a way to power their homes, save on utility costs, help the environment and increase the value of their property. The company stands by its work by offering solid warranties. Osceola Energy also gives customers access to tax incentives and other financial benefits.

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The Good

  • Education Galore
  • Comprehensive Package

Education Galore

Because solar power is still a relatively new solution for providing a home with its energy needs, Osceola understands the need to help customers understand how solar power works and how it will help them. The company does a tremendous job on its website of explaining the pros of going solar and even how the installed equipment will look and function on the hone. There are tools online to show customers how much their approximate monthly costs will be and how much they could potentially save each month by going solar.

Comprehensive Package

Each Osceola customer who goes solar will get plenty of bang for their buck. A solar power system includes panel, micro-inverters, racking, electrical wiring and connectors, disconnect and REC meter and an optional monitoring system. Labor is included with the total cost. All of these are backed by industry-common warranties. Plus, the company will make sure you have every ounce of information regarding tax credits and incentives.


The Bad

  • Lack of Coverage Area
  • No Leasing Option
  • Monitoring System Not Standard

Lack of Coverage Area

It's great to be a New Mexico resident, because Osceola Energy will service you well. However, if you live elsewhere, you won't be able to benefit from the company's excellent service. Osceola only does business in New Mexico. Its small coverage area puts it at a disadvantage from potential rivals, and it cuts down on prospective customers who may live in surrounding states.

No Leasing Option

Purchasing a solar energy system has distinct advantages, and Osceola knows this. However, not all customers have this preference. If you are a customer whose needs are other than purchasing the system, you will likely go somewhere else, because Osceola doesn't do solar energy system leases.

Monitoring System Not Standard

Many solar energy providers include an online monitoring system as part of the regular package. Online monitoring can give the customer peace of mind that the system is functioning at optimal capability. Osceola does offer such a tool, but it is optional and comes with an extra cost. To some, this might not be bothersome because certain customers will be willing to pay more for the system. However, if all things are equal between to competing companies, and one includes online monitoring as part of the regular package, it could put Osceola at a disadvantage.


The Bottom Line

Few solar power companies provide as in-depth information about their products and services as Osceola Energy. A customer or potential customer can have just about all the data he or she needs about the system. The company has a perfect BBB rating, a good reputation and has several years of experience behind it.

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Rishard Krehe Orlando, FL

Very knowledgeable in the field and ready to answer any question, customer service is excellent and they offer payment options to make your purchase easy and smooth. Would definitely recommend and would not hesitate to use them in the future.

2 years ago

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Clayton Luedtke Magdalena, NM

Purchased an off grid system from OE about 2 years ago. They will not make a service call on the system. Said they are to busy. Whatever you do, don't buy from this company.

4 years ago