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LAST UPDATED: August 6th, 2020

Founded in 2001, OneWorld Sustainable offers residential and commercial solar energy system design and installation. While headquartered in Georgia, the company also services residential clients in South Carolina and Florida.

OneWorld Sustainable also works in the Carribean to help people better manage their energy costs. It also partners with Bright Home Solar Energy to provide small solar PV systems to remote areas. These systems help make electricity more accessible in remote areas.

In addition to installing solar energy, OneWorld Sustainable supports solar energy education in local schools and offers work opportunities to college students interested in learning more and hands-on experience. 

OneWorld Sustainable has badges on its site from KIVA and PSR (Physicians for Social Responsibility). It is a NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) certified.

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The Good

  • Range of Projects
  • Simple Process
  • Regular Maintenance
  • PV Monitoring
  • Educational Initiatives
  • International Outreach

Range of Projects

OneWorld Sustainable has completed many solar projects throughout Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida. You can view a map of its projects and read customer testimonials on its website. 

Past projects include residential and commercial systems, grid-tied PV systems, roof-mounted PV systems, solar car charging stations, and large-scale ground mounted systems. It also installs education PV systems at schools.

Simple Process

To work with OneWorld Sustainable, you'll start by scheduling a site visit. OneWorld Sustainable will conduct solar irradiation assessments and evaluate local building codes when designing your system.

The engineering and design process centers on your building type, location, and chosen installation method. A team of engineers, electricians, project managers, trained installers, and office staff will coordinate your project. This multidisciplinary approach helps ensure that your solar system works well and meets your needs. 

You can have additional confidence that your system will work well because OneWorld Sustainable uses quality, cost-effective hardware.

Regular Maintenance

In addition to solar design and installation, OneWorld Sustainable offers annual or semi-annual maintenance. This onsite maintenance keeps your system in good condition and helps prevent future problems. Maintenance services include performance reports, anomaly alerts, real-time production monitoring, and historical data monitoring.

PV Monitoring

With OneWorld Sustainable, you can track your PV system with real-time and historical data. These monitoring systems are customizable to meet your needs. Monitoring your system will help ensure that you get the most out of your solar energy system.

Educational Initiatives

In 2003, OneWorld Sustainable created a solar installation for schools and curriculum to support solar energy education. The solar energy systems provide energy and education to students. After success in Georgia, the curriculum and installations have also been adopted in South Carolina. 

College students can benefit from hands-on learning by participating in field work during site preparation, staging, and installation.

International Outreach

OneWorld Sustainable also promotes solar energy as a cost-effective option for people living in the Carribean where electricity is expensive.

The company has also partnered with Bright Home Solar Energy to supply solar energy systems in Kenya and other countries in East Africa. These systems make electricity more accessible and support medical clinics, schools, NGOs, and families.


The Bad

  • Limited Availability

Limited Availability

OneWorld Sustainable primarily offers its services in Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida. If you live somewhere else, you will need to consider another solar company.


The Bottom Line

OneWorld Sustainable is an excellent solar company to choose if you're in Georgia, South Carolina, or Florida. It takes a multidisciplinary approach to solar energy design and installation, which means that you'll have a good system that meets your needs. OneWorld Sustainable also uses quality hardware, which gives you even more confidence in your system.

Where OneWorld Sustainable truly stands out from other solar companies is its investment in its communities. Its solar educational programs benefit middle school and high school students. Students learning about solar energy can see each part of a solar energy system and how it works together. 

College students benefit from hands-on learning by participating in all stages of the installation process.

Beyond education, OneWorld Sustainable partners with Bright Home Solar Energy in Kenya to supply solar energy systems throughout East Africa to benefit medical clinics, schools, NGOs, and families.

For its high quality work and investment in local and international communities, we recommend working with OneWorld Sustainable.

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