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LAST UPDATED: August 18th, 2021

Olympic Energy Systems is a renewable energy consultant group and solar installer in Washington and Ohio. The company is specifically recognized as a “solar panel mounting system manufacturer.” The group invented the “Tensioned Cable System” and works to provide renewable energy to customers for the lowest amount possible.

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The Good

  • Various Renewable Energy Services
  • Hourly Rates
  • Electric Car Charging Stations
  • Tensioned Cable System
  • Local Installers

Various Renewable Energy Services

In addition to solar, Olympic Energy Systems also offers a variety of other renewable energy services, including:

  • Standby power
  • Water pumping
  • Wind systems
  • Hydro-electric systems

Hourly Rate

Olympic Energy Systems’ consultants charge customers hourly as opposed to by project. This is helpful as customers pay only for how long they wish to work with a consultant and for which projects they would like additional support.

Electric Car Charging Stations

Olympic Energy Systems offers a solar energy system with electric car services available. 

Tensioned Cable System

Olympic Energy Systems uses a unique approach when mounting solar panels. The panels are held up on the roof by a wire that “clips” on the end of the roof, eliminating the need to penetrate the actual roof with nails or screws. The roof is protected and the solar panels are easily installed or removed.

Local Installer

Olympic Energy Systems uses local installers for solar installation and maintenance. This was a more recent move in efforts to keep costs low for customers while benefiting local companies. The only drawback to this is the distance in follow up or communication that happens between the company and the local contractors that can potentially lead to problems. 


The Bad

  • Broken Website Links
  • No Clear Pricing Information
  • Overwhelming Information

Broken Website Links

Almost all the links on Olympic Energy System’s website were broken and lead to nonexistent pages. This makes it difficult for customers to learn more about the products advertised or the links to other necessary information.

No Clear Pricing Information

Olympic Energy Systems lists some examples of past projects with prices; however the information is unorganized and difficult for customers to understand. Payment methods, like paying cash, using a loan or lease, or a PPA are not listed.

Overwhelming Information

Olympic Energy Systems provides customers with detailed information on solar installation and its products and services but in some cases there is altogether too much information. The tech-heavy jargon and extreme detail about installation turns customers away from understanding what Olympic Energy Systems can truly do.


The Bottom Line

Olympic Energy Systems is a solar panel mounting manufacturer and consultant for sustainable energy. The company works in Washington and Ohio and strives to give the customer the best price for all its services. 

The company offers a variety of renewable energy services in addition to solar including wind, water, and more. Olympic Energy Systems also invented the “Tension Cable System,” which allows solar panels to be mounted without damaging roofs. 

The company uses local contractors for solar installation and charges hourly for individual energy consulting. The company installs energy solutions for both homes and businesses.

Despite all these great perks, customers may find the website extremely difficult to navigate and understand. No pricing information is available and almost all the links are broken. We recommend talking to an Olympic Energy Systems representative over the phone or in person in order to understand if its services are a good fit. 

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