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LAST UPDATED: May 25th, 2023

Ohio Solar Alliance is a locally owned solar supplier working to provide residential solar clients with affordable options for installing a complete solar photovoltaic system. The company has been a disruptor in the Elyria area since it was founded in 2022. The team at Ohio Solar Alliance immediately started to make an impact helping property owners access solar power and save on monthly utility bills. 

From start to finish, Ohio Solar Alliance will handle every aspect of each solar project. The company has streamlined the process in the area ensuring relatively quick turnaround speeds and fast installation periods. The Ohio State Alliance specialty is its ability to install grid-tied systems allowing for net metering cost offset. The professionals at Ohio Solar Alliance are able to conduct both roof and ground-mounted installations. 

Ohio residents have experienced rising and unexpected utility costs on almost an annual basis. This is why solar has become more viable for homeowners throughout the state. Ohio Solar Alliance helps clients navigate the complexities of the solar market and designs custom solutions for each property. 

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The Good

  • Total Protection Warranty
  • Alternative Financing Solution
  • Complimentary Solar Analysis
  • Solar Partnerships

Total Protection Warranty

The key difference between Ohio State Alliance and its competitors is its total protection warranty offered to all clients that utilize the service. Most solar providers offer a 10-year workmanship warranty and a manufacturer backed 25-year warranty on either the equipment or the production. With Ohio Solar Alliance, clients will receive 30 years of total protection. The warranty covers the following areas:

  • Active monitoring
  • Parts and labor
  • Zero deductibles
  • Complete coverage

These warranties are also transferable so if the home is sold, the warranty will continue to protect the system throughout the lifespan of the terms. Additionally, the warranty will be honored by Solar Insure even if Ohio Solar Alliance goes out of business. This level of protection is rare and clients should take this beneficial features into consideration when making a purchasing decision. 

Alternative Financing Solution

Ohio Solar Alliance owns all of the solar equipment used in its installations. This differs from many providers in the industry as most solar companies act as dealers for particular manufacturers. That means that clients trying to finance solar equipment will have to do so through a third-party source or utilize lease or power purchase agreements to do so.

With Ohio Solar Alliance, clients can obtain alternative financing directly from the company. This allows for added flexibility and more affordable loans than what the rest of the industry is capable of offering making the product more affordable for Ohio Solar Alliance clients. 

Complimentary Solar Analysis

Some solar companies offer cookie cutter solutions when it comes to designing and installing solar systems. This can lead to clients not getting the solar savings they otherwise would have experienced with a perfectly tailored system.

With Ohio Solar Alliance, interested clients can take advantage of the complimentary solar analysis. In this analysis, clients will receive:

  • Design information
  • Equipment needs
  • Potential savings
  • Installation timeline

The analysis will essentially provide prospective clients with all necessary information needed to make an informed solar decision. It will also allow for customized design efforts to start taking effect. 

Solar Partnerships

Ohio Solar Alliance has partnered with a number of reputable solar product manufacturers. The company sources panels from a number of providers, including Trina Solar, a company nationally renound for high-efficiency solar panels. Ohio Solar Alliance also works with SolarEdge and Enphase to supply its solar inverters, and Ironrigde for its roof mounting equipment. All products come wtih robust, competitive warranties.


The Bad

  • Service Area
  • Solar Experience 

Service Area

Most solar companies are locally owned and operated entities. Solar companies work to bolster the community in which it operates and help property owners save on costly utility bills. Ohio State Alliance is one of these local providers serving the Ohio area exclusively at this time.

Despite most companies following this model, other solar providers have found ways to expand their service area to help more clients access solar power. This expansion allows for broader reach and influence, something that Ohio Solar Alliance cannot provide at this time. 

Solar Experience

Solar has increased in popularity in the last decade with the onset of tax incentives and other financing programs. As a result, solar installation companies have popped up all across the country helping people access a more clean and sustainable form of energy. Solar installation providers existed before these programs, but there was a surge of installation providers with the introduction of these federal and state programs. 

Ohio Solar Alliance is one of these newer companies, jumping into the industry as it continues to grow. The company was founded in late 2022 and has completed a number of projects. However, Ohio Solar Alliance does not have the experience or time in business that other solar providers do. 


The Bottom Line

Ohio Solar Alliance offers end-to-end solar services for residential property owners in Ohio. Clients that decide to use Ohio Solar Alliance for solar installation can expect quality services and features as part of the operation.

The company offers a total protection warranty that covers an industry-leading 30 years on nearly every aspect of the solar system. Ohio Solar Alliance owns its equipment outright which allows it to provide superior loan solutions to clients wanting to go the alternative financing route. All interested clients can utilize the complimentary solar analysis feature to determine if solar is a viable solution or not. 

Despite offering a number of quality services and features, there are limitations interested clients should be aware of when picking a particular solar company. The service area is also restricted to the state of Ohio only. Lastly, Ohio Solar Alliance has only been in business since September of 2022, so there is not a lot of experience or former clients to evaluate to determine customer satisfaction. 

Solar clients wanting complete protection of their solar investment will likely benefit from the services provided by Ohio Solar Alliance. There are also alternative financing solutions available directly through the company instead of a third-party service. 

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Barb Barr North Ridgeville, OH

Wow!! What a great company. I have never dealt with such a professional person in my life. Mike was very thorough explaining all the details to me about solar. I recommend this company to anyone in Ohio who is interested in solar.

10 months ago


Review Source

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Jeremy Vinasco

I am very pleased with how simple this company made the whole process of getting solar on my home. Mike explained everything in a great way to make sure I understood all the benefits and now having the solar installed since last year I can confirm it is all true. 10 out of 10 experience!

10 months ago

star star star star star

Juanita Beverly Broadview Heights, OH

I got a few bids and none were as informative as Ohio Solar Alliance. Mike even gave me a folder with literature about the warranty and the spec sheets of all the products used.

10 months ago