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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

For over 15 years, the experts at Obsidian Solar have worked to install efficient solar systems across the state of Texas. Since then, the company has completed over 200 successful installs and has grown the company to over 55 team members. 

The main mission behind Obsidian Solar is to help every homeowner and commercial property realize the limitless boundaries of solar energy. Regardless of house size, income, or location, Obsidian works with prospective clients to get a quality solar system installed and operational.

Obsidian Solar handles both solar panel installation and maintenance services to clients and works diligently to help its customers save as much money as possible while utilizing clean, green energy.

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The Good

  • Your System Goes Where You Go
  • Travel for Installation
  • Financing Options Available

Your System Goes Where You Go

Not only will Obsidian Solar customize and design a solar system to fit a residence or commercial building, the company also offers “moving services.” Obsidian Solar clients that decide they would like to take the system to a new residence can take advantage of this service offering. Obsidian Solar will handle the installation, de-installation and re-installation process on a new property. Most solar providers do not offer this service. Once a solar system is installed, that is where that solar system will remain until panels need to be replaced.

Obsidian Solar allows for the system to go where customers go. This flexibility allows for some peace of mind on behalf of the customer as they will not have to worry about making the investment on a home they are not entirely sure they will still be living in for decades to come.

Additionally, Obsidian Solar will handle repairs and remodels of both the solar system and the roof in cases where that needs to be taken care of. Since roofs do not last as long as solar systems, Obsidian Solar handles roofing needs. The company is best equipped to handle this as it knows how to properly handle a solar system while working on roof damage or repairs.

Travel for Installation

Obsidian Solar is headquartered in Texas. Most of the company’s business is also conducted within the state of Texas. Obsidian Solar service areas include Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, and Austin.

While those cities are where Obsidian Solar conducts a vast majority of its business, the company also claims to be able to provide solar services “to other cities and states within the United States of America.” This is an extremely rare offering as most solar providers limit services to one state or region. By offering nationwide services, anyone could feasibly enlist the help of Obsidian Solar.

Financing Options Available 

One of the biggest core pillars of the Obsidian business model is the fact that the company is willing to work with anyone. That means small to large sized homes are included. It also means that budget and financial limitations can be worked with. Obsidian Solar offers customer consulting and financing options to prospective clients.

While the company does not specifically state what kind of financing options are available to clientele, Obsidian Solar has made it clear that its services are flexible when it comes to money streams. Other solar companies offer financing options as well, but Obsidian seems to go the extra mile in making financing work for its customers.


The Bad

  • Roofing Company Turned Solar
  • Undisclosed Partners

Roofing Company Turned Solar

Obsidian Solar originally specialized in the roofing industry. The company repaired, replaced, and conducted maintenance on residential and commercial properties. Naturally as solar became more accessible, the company transitioned into offering solar system installation.

While utilizing a company that knows the ins and outs of the roofing industry can be helpful, it is important to to note that it is not where the business originated. Most of the biggest players in the solar industry have been working in the solar space for decades.

Undisclosed Partners

A major drawback of the Obsidian Solar model is the fact that clients do not know who they are working with. Obsidian Solar claims to help with financing, but fails to disclose what financing partners it works with or if the company itself offers the financing.

Additionally, Obsidian Solar claims to use the best equipment available on the market but does not state what kind of equipment is used for solar panels, inverters, or batteries. Not knowing this information limits knowledge surrounding other key components such as workmanship warranties, manufacturing warranties, and equipment function warranties.


The Bottom Line

Clients of Obsidian Solar have been satisfied with the work that has been done to turn residential and commercial properties into energy efficient users. That being said, there are too many unknowns surrounding the Obsidian Solar service and product to wholeheartedly recommend service. Most solar providers publically provide a great deal more about overall business practices, equipment, warranties, and certifications. Obsidian Solar simply does not.

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