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LAST UPDATED: March 1st, 2022

Nu Solar Power is a growing solar company headquartered in Houston, Texas. The company quotes, installs, monitors, maintains, repairs, and even relocates solar photovoltaic (PV) systems for its customers in Texas, Virginia, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. Nu Solar Power is a relatively new solar installer in the industry, but its team of installers has over 20 years of solar experience — and the company is still expanding. 

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The Good

  • Free Consultation (In-Person or via Zoom)
  • Move and Repair Solar Systems
  • Roof Expertise
  • Loans and Leasing Options

Free Consultation (In-Person or via Zoom)

As a business that serves multiple states, Nu Solar Power is able to provide the initial free consultation remotely, via Zoom. For all other steps of the consultation and installation, Nu Solar Power will send a team out to the property. With a remote consulting option, customers can meet with a Nu Solar Power representative conveniently. A remote consultation also creates an easy, low-pressure environment for the customer. 

Move and Repair Solar Systems

Many potential solar customers are afraid to install a system in case they move out of the home in the future. Nu Solar Power is ready to take care of this problem. Nu Solar Power offers moving services. Nu Solar Power will carefully uninstall the system, transport it to the new location, and reinstall, for a fee. Customers do not have to start from scratch on solar power each time they move. 

Roof Expertise

Nu Solar Power provides roofing as a service to its customers. With roofing expertise, Nu Solar Power is able to install solar systems on shingle, metal, tile, or flat roofs. Any damages or needed remodeling of the existing roof can be taken care of before solar installation — and Nu Solar Power can do it all. 

Loans and Leasing Options

Fewer and fewer solar companies are presenting leasing options to customers. Nu Solar Power finances projects through either loans or leases. Of course, customers can always purchase the system upfront as well. Most Nu Solar Power financing options require $0 down and have interest rates as low as 0.99 percent. Terms of these agreements can be anywhere from 5 to 30 years.

For exact pricing, a customer would need to request a quote from a Nu Solar Power consultant. However, on the company’s website, there is an embedded solar calculator that customers can use to estimate the cost of installing solar in their area. This calculator takes into account location, leasing versus loaning, tax credits, etc.


The Bad

  • Limited Information About Products

Limited Information About Products

The company’s website is a fantastic resource if one is hoping to learn about the benefits of solar installation. There are detailed blog posts about tax incentives in different states, and many general solar questions are answered in the FAQ section of the site. What the website lacks are specific details about the company’s product offerings, specifically information about panel and inverter manufacturers and the warranties on these projects. 

As a blanket statement, the company claims that all products have at least a 25-year warranty. This implies that the company works with multiple manufacturers. Specific details about Nu Solar Power products would be beneficial for potential customers to know as they compare solar companies. 

From existing customer reviews, we can gather some information that is absent from the Nu Solar Power website. However, we recommend always checking with the company about specific details.


The Bottom Line

The Nu Solar Power website is transparent about licenses and certifications. Additionally, the website provides lengthy explanations of basic solar concepts, reaching customers where they are. These examples indicate a decent level of credibility and professionalism.

Nu Solar Power has some unique services — such as system relocation — that make the company stand out. These services could be exactly what you need, which might make Nu Solar Power the perfect choice. As always, we recommend solar customers receive quotes from a few different companies and compare for best value. 

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