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LAST UPDATED: August 19th, 2020

NRG Clean Power was founded in 1987 and has locations in California, where it is headquartered, and in Texas. Its mission is to provide clean, sustainable, and efficient energy to its customers in order to create a more energy-efficient world for everyone. The company is family owned and does more than just install solar panels. It is a total home performance company that installs and maintains solar, HVAC systems, and roofing made by industry leaders. 

NRG Clean Power also offers energy efficiency upgrades to home or business owners looking to lessen their energy consumption and make their infrastructure more environmentally friendly. The company has earned the prestigious Diamond Certified Award twice to date.

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The Good

  • Energy Efficient Upgrades
  • Customizable Plans
  • Virtual Solar Consultations
  • Sustainability Minded
  • Good Advice on Company Website
  • Friendly Staff

Energy Efficient Upgrades

NRG Clean Power is unique in offering energy efficient upgrades to its customers. While other solar companies focus exclusively on installing solar panels, NRG Clean Power is willing to work with its clients to fit their energy needs, whether that be through solar panels, better quality roofing, energy saving windows, or other means. NRG Clean Power is willing to meet its customers where they are and help even those who are already fairly energy efficient become even more so.

Customizable Plans

NRG Clean Power designs each energy system to meet the specific needs of the client. If solar panels don’t work with the certain type of roofing that a customer has installed, the team at NRG Clean Power will work to develop an energy-saving plan using other means. The company carefully calculates the needs of each individual client to provide a personalized, efficient, and practical energy plan.

Virtual Solar Consultations

Instead of offering only in-home consultations as is the case with some other solar companies, NRG Clean Power also offers virtual consultations. Customers who are interested in this method can simply upload their recent utility bill to NRG Clean Power’s website and then select the option for a virtual consultation. The estimate from NRG Clean Power is offered free of charge and can be done completely online, without a consultant ever stepping foot in your home.

Sustainability Minded

NRG Clean Power, as its name suggests, is committed to clean, green energy and sustainable practices. The company believes in a future where clean energy is the norm, not the exception or something only for those who can pay for it. 

Good Advice on Company Website

NRG Clean Power has provided a number of resources and things to consider when determining what energy plan will be most efficient for you and your needs. This information can be found on the company’s website and can be used as a guide when customers are looking to become more informed about clean energy before making any purchase decisions.

Friendly Staff

NRG Clean Power prides itself on its customer-oriented employees and approachable staff. The company strives to have a personal feel and to communicate with both professionalism and friendliness at all times.


The Bad

  • Makes No Mention of Patents Held
  • Not Full Service
  • Prices Not Disclosed on Website

Makes No Mention of Patents Held

While some solar companies are quick to point out their unique patents held, NRG Clean Power makes no mention of holding patents on its equipment or processes. Patents can help a company differentiate and diversify because they mean that company provides something that no other company can. 

However, in the case of NRG Clean Power, most of its actual equipment comes through other companies, and thus, the company acts more as the middle party between energy efficient hardware companies and the customers.

Not Full Service

NRG Clean Power contracts a lot of its work out to other companies. While this is not always a negative thing, it can be hard when problems of maintenance arise, because as the customer, you don’t know whether to turn to NRG Clean Power or to the company from which your equipment came from. 

Also, when you work through NRG Clean Power, you choose your own solar panels or other equipment after reading through the recommendations you received and getting an estimate. For customers who aren’t necessarily educated in what the best options are, it may be easier to use a company that is full service so that everything comes and goes through just one place.

Prices Not Disclosed on Website

NRG Clean Power does not disclose any pricing information on its website. While this is partially due to the fact that each customer’s financing situation will be unique, knowing upfront the price of solar panels, inverters, etc. can be an important part of a customer’s decision.


The Bottom Line

NRG Clean Power is a trusted brand that has been in business for a long time. Its track record is proven, and the friendly staff is hard to pass up. If you’re not willing to put in the work to research the right panels or determine what your pricing options would be, then NRG Clean Power might not be for you. Otherwise, if the company services your area, it’s definitely worth giving it a try.

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