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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

NewGen Energy has helped agriculture, commercial, non-profit, and residential clients obtain customized solar solutions and access clean, renewable energy. With NewGen Energy, clients will receive 45-day solar installation, extended warranties, equipment monitoring, and annual energy savings. 

NewGen Energy handles the entire solar process from concept to completion. Professionals will collaborate directly with clients, open communication lines, and make solar independence a possibility.

The company is based in Northern California where many of the NewGen Energy projects take place. Since its founding in 2017, NewGen Energy has helped clients save over $20 million in energy costs.

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The Good

  • Installation and Design
  • Financing Options
  • Equipment Partners
  • Energy Storage

Installation and Design

The installation and design process is a key element that sets NewGen Energy apart from the rest of the industry. While many installation companies will handle the solar process from start to finish, many will drag this process on for several months before the system is fully operational. NewGen Energy has the entire project done in 45 days. Elements that set NewGen Energy apart include the following:

  • Turnkey installations
  • Customer centric designs
  • Engineering
  • Permitting
  • Project management
  • In-house installations
  • Utility interconnection
  • Regular project updates
  • Asset management

Financing Options

Solar is an investment, and a pricey one at that. On average, a residential client can expect a system and installation to cost anywhere from $15,000–$25,000. While some solar customers can pay the hefty upfront charges to own the system outright, not everyone can.

In these circumstances, solar installation companies typically offer one or two financing alternatives. NewGen Energy understands that each financial situation is different. The company offers five different financing options to help clients access renewable energy.

Cash Purchase

In a cash purchase situation, the system is completely owned by the client. Savings are maximized in this scenario and include the following:

  • One-time cost
  • Maximum tax benefits
  • Accelerated depreciation
  • Low interest financing available 

Power Purchase Agreement

In a power purchase agreement, the system is owned by someone else. Details include:

  • Fixed rate for energy for 20–25 years
  • Options to purchase system at year 6


The lease option allows for the client to own the system. Financing specifics include:

  • Low or no upfront cost
  • Fixed lease payments
  • Variable tax benefits depending on provider

Agriculture Financing

This form of financing offers special incentives for agriculture clients. It includes:

  • USDA grants for alternative energy
  • Farm Bureau/AG credit available

Public Financing

This form of financing is available to public agencies, water districts, schools and other public entities. It includes:

  • Government-subsidized loans
  • Tax-exempt leases
  • RES-BCT financing for projects up to 5MW

Equipment Partners

The partnerships solar installation companies make with solar manufacturers is critical for overall energy success. Some systems and brands are better in certain circumstances than others, so having access to multiple manufacturer’s equipment provides an edge for a solar installation company. NewGen Energy is one of these companies. With several equipment partners, clients are guaranteed to have a system perfectly tailored to their property. Equipment partners include:

  • SMA
  • NantEnergy
  • Stem
  • CSUN
  • Canadian Solar
  • SunGrow
  • SolarEdge
  • Sunnova
  • Enphase
  • Tesla

Energy Storage

In addition to installing complete solar systems, NewGen Energy also provides energy storage solutions to its customers. Having an energy storage system installed in a home or office building can further extend electricity savings. PV systems will produce electricity that offsets all or at least most energy charges.

That being said, demand charges are not always completely offset by PV systems. With an energy storage system installed in addition to a PV system, clients can increase utility bill savings by decreasing demand charges and protecting against impacts of changes in utility rates and tariffs. Not every solar installation company installs energy storage systems (ESS), but NewGen Energy installs compatible ESS with PV solar systems. 


The Bad

  • No NABCEP-Certified Professionals
  • Limited to California

No NABCEP-Certified Professionals

The North American BOard of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is the certification leader within the renewable energy space. In order to be NABCEP certified, installers need to possess the knowledge and skills necessary to consistently meet the demands of renewable energy projects. Professionals can be NABCEP certified in the following areas:

  • PV Installation Professional
  • PV Design Specialist
  • PV INstaller Specialist
  • PV Commissioning and Maintenance 
  • PV Technical Sales
  • PV System Inspector
  • Solar Heating Installer
  • Solar Heating System Inspector

While it is not required to be NABCEP certified to install solar systems, it is highly recommended and a vast majority of solar installation companies employ at least one NABCEP-certified professional. However, NewGen Energy does not have a NABCEP-certified member on staff. 

Limited to California

Many companies in the solar industry tend to be loca, meaning companies restrict service to a relatively small geographical area. Typically, solar installation companies will service the state it is headquartered in or highly populated cities within a state. While there are some solar installation companies that service multiple states or a region of the country, most focus on one specific area. NewGen Energy restricts its services to the following areas:

  • Northern California
  • Great Sacramento Area
  • Central Valley
  • Bay Area

NewGen Energy will service up and down the state of California on a referral basis, so any California resident or business could utilize the company’s offerings. 


The Bottom Line

NewGen Energy provides warranty-backed solar installation services. With custom installation and design, multiple financing options, and energy storage capabilities, the company offers a competitive service within the solar industry. 

Even with a service area limited to northern and central California, NewGen Energy does accept referral projects across the entire state of California. Any California resident or business can take advantage of the NewGen Energy service, but those outside of the state lines will need to look elsewhere for solar installation services. 

While relatively new to the solar industry, NewGen Energy has created a seamless process and has developed quality equipment relationships to provide a high level of service to its clients. Prospective California solar customers should consider using NewGen Energy for solar installation services.

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